[Recap] Best Get Going (Interns) 加油吧实习生 Ep. 1-2


Do you think I am crazy? Because that’s how I feel too… I am like on three dramas right now (Hua Qian Gu, Whirlwind Girl and Best Get Going!), all airing right now and now I am trying to actively recap two of them. Best Get Going! is the drama I wanted to watch the most and the one I wanted to recap the most and I am not going to bail out now. It started airing on July 17th and you can expect approximately 2 episodes every day. Of course, my recapping speed is veryyy slow so let’s say this is a long term project😉 This drama has my Queen Zhao Liying as well as the ever charming Zheng Kai. Let’s see how their chemistry is on screen! 

Hope the August airing schedule will be very low key though… I do want to point out that the drama Xian Xia Sword is also out (so far 2 episodes were broadcast). I definitely don’t have the time to watch it now, but I will definitely check it out by the end of this year! You can read more about this exciting xian xia drama here.


  • Zhao Li Ying as Song Nuan (SN)
  • Zheng Kai as Zhang Sheng (ZS)
  • Cai Wen Jing (蔡文静) as Zhou Ge Ge (GG)
  • Zheng Jia Bin (郑家彬) as Zhao Xiao Chuan (ZXC)
  • Che Xiao as Hao Min (HM)
  • Venessa Wang (王祉萱 ) as Gao Wen Ruo Han (WRH)
  • Fu Jing (付静) as Ning Ba La (NBL)
  • Meng Rui (孟瑞) as Chen Hua (CH)
  • Xia Qian Qian (谢茜茜) as Zhong Ling (XL)
  • Wang Mao Lei as Huang Xiao Feng (XF)

Episode 1

Drama stars with college students being happy because they are finally graduating college after four years. Our two main girls, Song Nuan and Zhou Ge Ge are both majoring in Chinese Modern Language. Their friend Ning Bala comes to tell them to sign on her T-shirt and the girls are happy to do so. Oh lovely simple college dorm life! Their other friend Gao Wen Ruo Han comes back after PS to redo all her face. The girls are all amazed by her new look and courage to go through the surgery.  WRH says she has no choice if she wants to find a job. This society is all about the face.

0 1 3 4

That day, a CS major boy student is confession his great love to Ge Ge. The whole dorm comes out to see the show and encourage him by bringing out candles (do they really do that in real? me wanna see!) People are singing and touched by his confession.
6.5 6

However, GG does not care and pours water on his face, making him look really pitiful.



The guy was Zhao Xiao Chun. He is one of our male lead’s friend and was once his tutor. Our male lead Zhang Sheng says he is dumb because nobody confess without making sure the girl likes the guy back first. He tells him, first he needs to make his name known to the girl and he has the perfect plan for that.

SN is awaken by the phone and is the only one not lazy enough to actually go answer it. On the phone, someone tells her that ZXC wants to jump and kill himself. Everyone at the dorm goes look at the show… again. Only SN is concerned by his safety and GG is too scared to show her face.
11. 11

ZS arrives at the scene in his great sport car and purple suit. He says that the guy who wants to jump is a loser and he doesn’t care about him. However, he himself is the heir of a huge business and is currently hiring. He may offer a position to the students here if they come to the try-out. It is going to be fair competition. Everyone except SN is charmed by his great marketing skills and leadership. ZXC is of course super mad at ZS and hits him really hard (since he can’t destroy the super expensive car).
15.1 15.2

At school, SN’s parents came to see her. Apparently, her father got surgery for cancer and they tried to hide it from her so she would not be worried.

Meanwhile, GG’s mom is trying to go through the back door to secure an internship for her daughter at ZS’s company. She goes buy high quality fish and disguise herself as a cook to go to ZS’s house and offer to cook it for him. She also fake leg handicap to look more pityful. GG doesn’t think it is a good idea. SN tags along under the request of GG. Of course, ZS is mad since they basically are not aloud to come into his house without permission. He says he is going to call the police.

Oh yeah, he was swimming (because you know, we need male lead abs on the first episode!)

GG and her mother lock themselves in the kitchen to prepare the fish dish while SN is in the living room making sure ZS can’t get into the kitchen or even call the police. She says if he touches her she is going to scream. ZS is dumbfounded since this is his house! LOL

17 18 20 21

When the dish is finally cooked, ZS doesn’t want to eat it, but GG’s mom says she will only leave if ZS eats it. ZS asks SN to eat because he is suspicious some poison may be inside. SN eats it no problem. When ZS eats it, he has an allergic reaction and had to be brought to the hospital. SN’s parent comes and blame GG’s mom for the incident. All are worried their daughter won’t be considered as interns anymore.

Mom on both sides try to take care of ZS (as it would help the situation lol). Seems like ZS can’t take this anymore.

He later tells his friend ZXC that he will never hire those two girls: GG and SN. ZXC is jealous GG came to his house to cook fish for him xD. He shows off his new office that he rented for his new company and tells ZXC he will be the CEO and him, the president. Of course, the plans doesn’t work as ZS’s mom comes back to shut all his projects down. She says he is not aloud to use the family business’ name to play around. ZS tells his mom that in her eyes, whatever he is doing is wrong.

Episode 2

On campus, SN sees that the CEO of a VERY big company is coming to give a speech about his new book (or another product). Everyone is excited and wants to go see. However, this company had already made the decision to not hire any interns this year.


The girls are talking about how cool it would be to work for JM (the big company). WRH says she heard Bill Gates’ assistant got the job by saying she wants to work for him in front of a crowd. The four girls decide they want to try out.


GG instructs everyone to yell sentences to attract his attention during the speech. SN will say ‘I love You’ because she is the most innocent looking one between them.

However, during the speech, the choreography did not work and only the first part of I love You was said… Really awkward for SN. Luckily, the CEO of the cie is amused by the gesture and asks GG and SN to come up stage and talk a little bit. GG asks why they are not hiring and everyone here wants to have a shot to success in life. SN tells him she doesn’t really like him xD

Then, SN says a very nice speech and I want to translate it. Here it is:

College was four years. We have high hopes for the future. Our parents also have high hopes for us. We cannot be like we used to be, just enjoying student life and studying books. We cannot except to always spend our parents’ money. We want to be independent, to be part of the work force. But this society isn’t giving us much chance. I am sure most students here are like us. Cannot depend on our parents to find a job for us. We can only work hard by ourselves. Even if this society is as cruel as our parents said, we are ready to take the challenge, to fail and work even harder. We just want to have a chance to try it. My father just got surgery and tried to hide it from me so I won’t be worried. I am sure most students’ parents are like mine. Hiding things so we won’t be worried. We want to show we have grown, that we can be one part of this society.

CEO, we want a job, we want to work for JM. Please give us a chance.

Everyone in the auditorium chanted out the last sentence hoping to get a chance (very touching). The CEO is also very touched. He says they decided at first based on needs that they will not hire interns. However, with the high demand and the touching speech, he decides to give out 20 interns positions for everyone to try. If you think you have the capacity, come challenge us.


Everyone at school runs the day of the recruitment to show their worth. Parents are also coming to give support to their children. The recruitment had different tests for the candidates like sell this pen to me, tell me why I should hire you, how important is love in the workplace, and other classic questions. NBL was asked to wear heels and show her feminine sides since she is always wearing guy clothing. She had a hard time adjusting.

5 33 34

Mean recruiter and his assistant look down on the interns and wonder why they have to hire people and work extra hours just so the CEO may look nice to some students. ZS comes and give a bad impression. (He also looks down on SN) Assistant says they will never hire him, altough they do call him back because he is the heir of another big company.


SN and GG are happy because they are going to the second interview. Sadly, their other two friends NBL and WRH did not make the cut.

70 71 72 73 74 75

During the 2nd interview, the mean recruiter was bored so his assistant came up with a ‘great’ new tactics to accept interns. They will make the students drink and the one who drinks the most win the position. (weird Chinese culture I guess). SN, GG and ZXC are all hospitalised. Their parents are really worried for them and say their are going to sue JM unless they give the intern positions to their daughters.
137 138 139

Good thing is, thanks to the drinking contest, both girls and the CS boy are accepted in the intern program.

Episode ends with NBL being in a boxing fight and trying to be nice to her opponent since she knows he may be able to give her a spot of internship at the company he is working for.


I am really liking the drama right now! This is ZLY’s big return in modern drama and our girl is nailing it hard! I think this drama is going to be like Shan Shan Comes to Eat on the addictive level, but it will be more educational and worth watching to learn about the hardships of modern interns. Just by the size of the school, you can see the harsh competition to become an intern in the Chinese market (keep in mind these are Shanghai students from a good school). I know situation may varry around the world, but currently, if you want a corporate job, it is going to be harsh and very competitive. Even in more developped countries. Also, the drama shows very Chinese traditional corporate minds. The ass kissing assistant, the hard core CEO, the desire to succeed in the workplace, the hardship parents has to go through (especially when they have no contact) to give an edge to their kids so they may succeed. The pression for the interns is definitely there and we can genuisly see how happy the girls are to be able to work for JM. Also, I want to mention two very true elements about Chinese interns: yes, they have to drink a lot and listen to their boss and yes, contact is very important to get your foot into a company.

Done! Hope you guys may watch it too!

7 thoughts on “[Recap] Best Get Going (Interns) 加油吧实习生 Ep. 1-2

    • archidisign says:

      Hi! I know viki is working on this drama now and the first few episodes (up to episode 5) are subbed in English. Good luck!


  1. I saw this drama on viki..but wasn’t subbed…but now that’ve found your blog. I will keep on reading until it gets subbed. So far, the premise sounds promising. Oh thanks for recapping.


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