[Movie Review] Break-Up Guru 分手大师 2014


In Break Up Guru, Yang Mi (Tiny Times, Palace I, Ancient Sword) teams up with Deng Chao (Run Brother, American Dreams) in a partnership more complicate than it seems.

Synopsis: Deng Chao plays a Break Up Guru, hired by a rich man to get rid of his long time girlfriend, played by Yang Mi.

TDLR: I loved this movie so much! It does not have a lot of content but is still hilarious. Definitely a very enjoyable movie for the summer. However, it is silly and the lack of content during the second half of the movie is predominant…


My Review:

I give this movie a 8/10 since I loved it. Yes, it is lacking in a lot of domains but the excellent comedy and great dialogues compensated those flaws for me.

A lot of people are saying this movie is too foolish and has too much nonsense content. You know those “One Man Show” of Broadway that no one really want to see? Well, this movie is pretty much that, except it is for Deng Chao. The actor declared in an interview he had a total of 28 different outfits and portrayed a black, a woman, a professional ballet, a basketball-er, an old man, etc. The second half of the movie was extremely boring as nothing new happened and the whole story ended on a low note. Such a waste for a good movie in my opinion…


Acting wise:

I applaud the acting of Yang Mi. She plays a character completely different from the ones she usually does (Tiny Times, You’re My Sunshine, Gong) and totally did justice to it. She is hard to satisfy, serious in her work, not feminine at all, and extremely sincere with everything she does. Her chemistry with the male lead, Deng Chao, is also perfect and by watching the movie, you can really see they had a lot of fun during the filming of the movie. Loved her.

As for Deng Chao, his character kind of made the movie into what it is supposed to be. He is funny, spontaneous, crazy, and insanely creative in his daily life. I only saw one other project of Deng Chao before this movie (The Four I and II) so it was extremely shocking for me to see a completely new side of this amazing actor! He does look a little old to be paired up with Yang Mi but his jovial expressions and happiness make you forget the age difference.



The editing was awesome too: not over the top, vivid colors that catch the attention and good settings for each scenes. Considering Deng Chao directed this movie himself, I am really proud of him! The final project is awesome and I am moved by his hardwork. Compare to a lot of modern movies, Break-Up Guru does not look have a heavy and oppressing setting: it is a lighthearted comedy and I have an overall good impression of the editing.

Story line:

The story line is not bad at all. The start is very fun and creative but the ending is kind of a let down. I don’t want to elaborate too much on the story line since I don’t feel like spoiling you guys, but as some people said, the movie is “silly” and full of “foolish” elements. Therefore, it is not a masterpiece, but more a good movie to pass time…

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