[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 9-12


This week, it is the battle between the three male leads: who would you chose?

  • Hu Bingqing as Wei BaiCao (BC)
  • Yang Yang as Ruo Bai (RB)
  • Wu Lei as Hu Yi Feng (YF)
  • Chen Xiang as Feng Ting Hao (FTH)
  • Bai Jing Ting as Yu Chu Yuan (YCY)
  • Zhao Yuan Nuan as Feng Ting Yi (FTY)
  • Vincent Jiao as Qu Xiao Nan (QXN)
  • other nicknames:
  • SCL: Super Coach Lady

Episode 9

BC is being beaten hard by her opponent. She doesn’t attack at all and lose penalty points. During the break, she tells RB it is because she doesn’t have time to adapt to her opponents even when she can see the move coming. RB says one should not be focused by only stratedy. During battle, the best is to go by intuitions. After the break, BC easily wins against her opponent (I am legit surprised by her learning skills, if only I could learn so fast :’D ). Opponent’s team is in disbelief.


When celebrating, all teammates are excited, but they do remember RB’s word that this is not the end, just the beginning (since RB himself did not win yet). Teammates are like who cares, we already have 2 wins so even if RB disciple loses, we are still winners. YF reminds everyone that taekwondo is also about pride, about respect to the opponent. BFF says he looks manlier when he talks seriously (is that another ship coming? :3 ). YF says he is tired.

In the hall, FTH meets a past opponent. The opponent says that after losing to him he had to shave his head. How dare FTH forget him then? FTH doesn’t want to fight against him and runs to the girls changing room where he meets BC. BC bites him thinking he is going to bring her bad luck again.


BC cannot believe FTH is FTH the taekwondo superstar , hence FTH says he is the ennemy of FTH. BC believes him and go outside to tell the bald opponent to leave. They fight and BC easily wins. BC and FTH runs away together. FTH wants to invite her to eat, but BC gets suspicious of him. FTH says his name is FTH and so is the bald opponent. Hence, that is why the ‘superstar bald FTH’ wanted to bully him… xD

However, BC’s teammates arrive and tells her the truth. BC gets mad at him and tells him that he was playing her all this time. He has no true honesty or taekwondo ethical principles. BC leaves, but FTH has to stay behind and take selfies with fans.

Meanwhile, BFF is going back to watch RB take a shower 8D she says since she has a beauty mask, nobody will be able to recognize. However, RB appears behind her and she realizes she was looking at YF taking a shower all along. RB punishes her by telling her to do 200 jumps.

32 39


BC wonders if she should go tell YCY she won her battle. BFF does a super long dialogue to encourage BC to go see YCY and confesse her love. BC doesn’t want to and runs away. The next day, BFF goes to see YCY and tells him BC was really hurt during the competition and tells him to go find her at the restaurant.

FTH tries to call BC. He wants to find her and sees YCY going into the restaurant. He follows him inside and see the two (YCY/BC) together. Small skinship as their hands touch each other. FTH looks so mad!!! YCY and BC makes noodle together, without realizing that FTH is looking.

8 9


BFF and BC talks together. Meanwhile, FTH is having a night out at being sad while drinking wine with girls. He sets his mind to take away whatever YCY has. FTH tells the girls he is going to have a girlfriend soon…

The next day, we have FTH… coming to their dojo to serenade BC. He sings so well (not surprised since Chen Xiang is a singer!) *_* FTH says the cheesiest line ever ‘Don’t be mean to my heart or else it is going to break’. RB tells him to leave the dojo now (jealous?)


At the practice, FTH sends cherry pedals flying down form the sky for BC. There is a message on the sky saying BC is the most beautiful girl he has ever known. Everyone is in awee.


BC goes to tell him to stop. FTH tells her it is his freedom to chase after her. YCY sees that and goes ask FTH if he is serious. FTH says why is he caring. If they are really competitionning against each other, so deal with it.

BC hears others say she is only one girl among others and she has nothing special. BC hears and get sad. She goes seat in a park.

Episode 10

YCY goes see BC to consider FTH since he is a actually a good and warm kid. BC doesn’t want to since she likes YCY. The next day, at the competition, BC is doing well. BC wins. Her old teammates see her and get a bit jealous. The daughter of QXN is also playing, but her teammates are not encouraging her. She nearly loses, but thanks to BC (and her team) cheering for her, others including her original team also starts cheering for her. BC gives advice to her about the timing to attack. She succeeds to win. (what about all the points difference from before though? I don’t know well the taekwondo rules, but is really KO a person enough to win? like they forget about the points difference? Someone tell me!)


Actually, it was RB who told the other girls to help BC encourage her. Because after all, that is the whole spirit of taekwondo. Afterward, BC and Guan Ya (QXN’s daughter) talks together. BC starts nagging about life stuff (example: eat meat AND vegetables, sleep well, etc). GY says she knows all that, and after thanks for everything.


While leaving the competition, BC meets FTH. FTH tells her he knows where QXN is. However, he only brings her to an arena where ‘I Love You’ is written on the floor. BC asks for her master and FTH tells her he can be his master since he is so pro at this sport. BC asks him if he really does not know where her master is. She is hurt he does not understand how important her master is for her. She cries and rejects his confession. She says she doesn’t see his passion for taekwondo and should not lose all his time on silly things like this.


When BC runs back to the dojo, the door is already closed. She tries to enter and receives messages from someone who opens the door for her. Without realizing, BC decides to go jump the wall insteed of going through the open door.

Next day, the dojo are waiting to know who their next opponents are going to be. As for FTH, he is looking at potential students with super lady coach. They stop at the name of BC.

Episode 11

FTY starts the intro. She says that since her mom’s accident, YCY is her most important support. As for YCY, he says she always saw her as his sister, however. Now, he realizes and she thinks of him as a potential boyfriend.


Super coach lady (SCL) gets mad by knowing BC is QXN’s disciple. SCL says bad things about QXN, saying he is the worst traitor ever. Teammates play taro/divination cards and they tease BFF and YF since she had seen him naked… xD RB comes back and tells the bad news: they will be against very strong opponents.



BFF goes watch BC and RB practicing together and gets caught by YF again. Thanks to the drama god, they are in a compromising posture. Good thing is nobody is watching them. They talk about how scary tomorrow’s opponents are and BFF goes to YF’s room. YF thinks she wants some action 8D but actually, it is to prepare more cheerleading material.



The next day, YF loses to his opponent and BFF thinks it is her fault since she overworked him. BC is not doing so well during her match either. SCL says RB is a good coach material. FTH thinks BC will win while FTY thinks she won’t. BC succeeds thanks to a super 360 degree big jump and RB’s advice. Everyone’s surprised.



The dojo goes celebrate together. At the restaurant, the team plays a game and… BC and RB will have to eat an cotton candy together. BC is so ashamed that she goes to the bathroom to wash her face and try to wake up from this situation.





The team goes to sing KTV and after to watch movie. RB and BC stays behind since BC fell asleep and RB doesn’t want to go. RB says BC is even more lazy then YF says she succeeded to fall asleep there. xD RB piggy back BC back to the dojo. BC in her dream says: ‘Teacher, wait for me to go to the final!’.

25 71

At the restaurant, FTY and YCY are eating together. FTY is sad he is never there for her birthday and she can’t pass more time with him. FTY knows YCY cares for her though. At that time, FTH arrives to organize FTY’s birthday next week. He sees FTY and YCY together and is not happy.


He says to YCY to leave. FTY doesn’t let him saying FTH is not able to let go of the past. She has been controled by her brother for four years and was never able to see YCY. This has to stop! FTY says he is egoist and is just doing that because he knows he cannot compete against YCY. Ouch. YCY says if FTH can let go, then he accepts to go against him for one last time.

Episode 12

They start fighting at the restaurant and YCY is strongly hurt since he does not attack. FTY goes between them and gets hurt. FTY asks FTH if he is happy now and she leaves with YCY. FTH looks at them leave and wonder why YCY is taking everyone away from him.


FTY is been taken care of by YCY. FTY confesses to him and says in her heart, there is only YCY. YCY rejects her and FTY thinks it must be because of FTH that they cannot be together.

At the dojo, RB is practicing very hard. BC is too ashamed to go inside, but YF encourages her to go in. YF, RB and BC practices all three together. Teammates are so worried since the opponents are FTH, FTY and another dude.


QXN is at the cemetery to commemorate his wife. He tells her that he got a job as a delivery man. He tells her both GY and BC are participating in this year’s competition and BC is doing especially well. He brought the newspapers about them. QXN talks a bit about SCL. Apparently SCL also named Xiao Ning is the sister of QXN’s wife. She hates him and says BC, since she is her disciple, will never be able to be a champion in taekwondo.

38 51 52

FTY goes to see her mother at the hospital. She tells her that she will be able to save her with YCY who is now a doctor. FTH arrives and FTY leaves immediately, not wanting to be close to him.

The trio are practicing for tomorrow and all look very stress, including RB. They go to sleep, but BC can’t fall asleep. She goes back to the dojo and sees RB. BC is stressed since she lost to FTY last time. RB tells her that they are indeed at completely different level. Flashback to when YCY won the championship but RB lost to FTH (and him saying he will make the Song Bai (their dojo’s name) suffer). BC and RB talks and decide that the goal is not to win, but to become stronger than before.


The next day, at the competition, cheerleading is going like crazy. Sadly, YF loses the first match. YF cries a bit and BFF gives him a kleenex/tissue. So cute! Next, it is going to be BC’s turn…

27 28

— End for this week —

WOW. Such a long recap! me need to go to sleep now! ciao ciao!

Bonus: What if Yang Yang did such a fan service? 2 YY? me likey!



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      Hi! Apparently, the song is called 《忘了牵手》by 牛奶咖啡. However, I did not find the song on youtube!:/ I think it is a new song for the drama. Maybe you can try to find it on a Chinese web site?


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