Tao (Huang Zitao) Drops “Yesterday” Audio for his Mini Album


Tao from EXO has officially left SM, for the best or the worse… only the future will tell us. For now, the ex-EXO member has dropped the following songs: “T.A.O.”, “Yesterday”, and “One Heart”. The songs are really good and have a kind of Kpop vibe to them… which sets him apart from the other Chinese singers.

Tao is a coach on the show “Let’s Sing Kids” and is gaining quite a lot of fame from it.

Thhe song “T.A.O.” is having its own MV. I find it funny how the first lyric is “I believe my choice of leaving is right”… Considering the song’s name is TAO, I find it very offensive to his past SM members:

Here are the links:

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