[Feature] List of Chinese Sports Drama+1Jdrama


With Whirlwind Girl airing now, I decided to do this special post. This new feature list is all about sports dramas. First, these are dramas I am mostly familiar with. As I mostly watch Chinese dramas, there probably are Korean, Japanese and even Chinese dramas out there that are not included in the list. So, maybe this can be an intro list to people curious about sports dramas. Sports dramas are always about cooperation, hard work/training, friendship and team spirit.

The first is the 2008 TW drama Hot Shot. The casting includs Show Luo, Wu Chun and Jerry Yan. It is interesting to note that all three male leads are pretty active in Mainland entertainment world right now. This drama is about Basketball.

1 2 3

Next is one of my childhood dramas: Moero Attack or 排球女將. Although it is a Japanese drama, I watched it with Chinese dubbed voices. I know China made an adaptation of this drama later on, but for me the Jdrama version is the best one. It made me cry like crazy and really, it is THE drama where you can really see the hardship and perseverance of sports. The girl basically goes from a country girl to an Olympics athlete. Really worth watching her journey.

4 5

The 2015 Cdrama about taekwondo doesn’t need much description. It is a fun drama full of handsome male idols and a very cute strong minded female lead. Whirlwind Girl is airing now and you can read more on our blog (recaps and released stills).

0. 4 56 59

One of my favorite: Prince of Tennis. The drama is great and we have already done a review on this blog. I just want to add, if you think the drama will not be the same as the manga, then you are right. The two are very different. There are more emphasis on friendships and romance and pass a bit less time on the competitions. However, it is fun to watch, gorgeous to look and really you fall in love with each teammates. Also, the CG effects are really not that bad! :3

6. 6 7 8

Last, but not least is Go Goal Fighting! This soccer (football) drama is a fun one and it has a real life couple as lead: Hu Ge and Maggie Jiang. Just for that, I think it is worth watching :3 As the drama is not broadcasted yet, we can just imagine that it will be good! ^^

9 10 11 12

2 thoughts on “[Feature] List of Chinese Sports Drama+1Jdrama

  1. Go Goal Fighting! looks promising. But Hot Shot is the best drama ever!!!! It’s a must watch and I’m recommending it to everyone!!! (Haha okay, I am a delulu fangirl right now) Okay, maybe Hot Shot won’t be suitable for people who don’t like over-dramatised dramas but if you take it with a pinch of salt and accept the fact that it’s a drama and will never be reality, the drama’s a great watch! Plus all that handsome faces and crazy skills. Easily my top most favourite drama😀


    • archidisign says:

      Yes! I really hope Go Goal Fighting to be aired soon! I think it was supposed to be aired last year, but we are now in 2015 and it is still not out :’D Haha! I watched Hot Shot and loved it too! I was fangirling over Show Luo for such a long time. It is so much fun and the exagerated acrobaties end up working really well. One of my favorite (TW) dramas too!

      Liked by 1 person

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