[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 15-16

56We are back at JM and the interns all get new tasks to do. How well are they going to manage the new responsibilities? This week’s episodes are a bit long and ends on a sad note. Be ready! On a sidenote, Best Get Going is getting very good ratings in my opinion right now (considering the feroce competition right now!). Good luck to this gorgeous drama! ^^

  • Cast:

    • Zhao Li Ying as Song Nuan (SN)
    • Zheng Kai as Zhang Sheng (ZS)
    • Cai Wen Jing (蔡文静) as Zhou Ge Ge (GG)
    • Zheng Jia Bin (郑家彬) as Zhao Xiao Chuan (ZXC)
    • Che Xiao as Hao Min (HM)
    • Vanessa Wang (王祉萱 ) as Gao Wen Ruo Han (WRH)
    • Fu Jing (付静) as Ning Ba La (NBL)
    • Meng Rui (孟瑞) as Chen Hua (CH)
    • Xia Qian Qian (谢茜茜) as Zhong Ling (XL)
    • Wang Mao Lei as Huang Xiao Feng (XF)
    • Other nicknames:
    • MA as mean assistant (name is Huang Moa Ren)
    • MSD as mean sales director
    • IL as Indifferent lady/also a director
    • CEO as CEO

Episode 15

Episode starts with GG wanting to call ZS to ask him out for lunch. However, before she can make the call, MA calls her up to give her a new mission: she will go travel with an old lady (the wife of a high exec who recently died). Also, WRH will be working under the IL too now so she will be closer to ZS and SN. GG tells SN to take care of WRH and make sure her and ZS do not become an item.

57 59 60

GG goes on the trip with the old lady (not so old in my opinion, in her 40s). It is tiring as she has to bring her luggages for her and go feed her cat.

At the office, WRH is giving gifts to everyone to buy their support. As for ZS, she prepares a bento for him made of the suspicious fish from episode 1. ZS doesn’t want to eat since he knows he is allergic. At that moment, SN arrives and eat everything. When ZS tells her what it is made of, she goes puke in the washroom. SN calls GG to tell her she deviated the first flirting attack.

54 56

ZS says thanks to SN (since he too doesn’t want to be stuck with WRH) and offers to pay lunch for her. SN seeing WRH arrives accepts the invitation to eat together. The three eats together and ZS takes care of SN. SN calls GG and GG is like: ‘Don’t get too close to him!’.


28 2926

On the way to work, ZS meets his gaming friend who tells him by his face that he is obviously in love. ZS be like: “Who I am in love with? SN? Tss. Impossible.” As for ZXC, he tries to take vaccation for some gaming event, but when he hears the opportunity to work with GG, he decides to stay.

35 36

At JM, a female employee is getting married and everyone has to give 50rmb as congrats money. ZS wants to pay for SN, but she says no. So WRH assumes ZS is paying for her instead and offer to thanks him… Seen that, SN yells at ZS to go see IL. xD


GG is suffering like crazy as the ‘maid’ of the old lady and is super happy to see ZXC arrive. As the old lady doesn’t want to be served by a guy, they try to do all the tasks with ZXC hiding.

At work, SN is trying to take videos of ZS so that GG can see his face (omg fangirls can relate to the need to see their idols on cam, right? ^^). The interns are organizing a gathering between them. SN doesn’t want to go, but is forced to go by GG. ZS hence also decides to go. LOL that scene was funny.

10 1211

At the gathering, the interns are playing games. WRH is using all opportunities to get with ZS and SN tries her best to seperate them. At one game, WRH has to chose a person to hug: she wants to hug ZS, but ZS eats so much BBQ skews that she can’t. xD

13 14 15 16 17 116 119 121

While waiting for the bus, ZS offers the ride to SN can’t refuse since her bus just passed and there is no taxi coming by. SN still feels mad about him and later GG how will she be able to forgive him.

22 24 25

Next morning, ZS is waiting for SN at her door to give her a ride again. SN’s dad tells him to go away. ZS hence decides to kidnapps SN’s dad’s bag. SN’s dad tries to hit him, but is unsuccessful. SN is aftraid to be late so leaves with ZS.

5 6 8 9

During the day, ZS sees SN’s dad alone outside and decides to follow him. That’s when he finds out that the dad actually doesn’t have a job.

46 47

Episode 16

ZS tries to comfort the dad, but telling him that his parents also started at low level before having their own company. His dad also died because of overworking. ZS promises to not tell SN and offers to lend some money (but dad refuses the money).

GG and ZXC come back from the horrible trip with the car key as asked by the company. MSD is congratulating them. MSD offers a ride to ZXC on the car they just got back. However, ZXC tells him that the reason they got the car back was because the husband of the old lady died on this car. Ohoh… MSD gets mad at them for bringing back a bad luck car and tells them to go give it back. CEO later tells MSD that he should believe in science instead of this nonsense.

151. 151

GG and SN are talking together about this whole situation (having to give back the car) and comes up with a plan. GG wraps herself in paper so that she looks injured everyone. SN tells it is because she was playing with her phone and fell down the stairs. MSD is obviously like yeah, please bring her back home or to the hospital. It is funny to see everyone freak out at her outfit. IL says she looks like Michelin xD Meanwhile, at the JM, ZXC gets the good news: he doesn’t have to bring back the car. However, he is too late to tell this to GG who left…


ZS realises that the two girls are faking it. All three goes party at a club.

19 20 21

The next day, IL and MSD are mad at them. Apparently, ZS putted the pictures of them partying on his weibo and now all the company know they went out to have fun instead of working. They are so mad that now, both SN and GG are fired.

40 41

GG tells her mother that she is fired. Mother doesn’t get mad. She tells her her new mission now is to because the wife of ZS. LOL On SN’s side, her parents are mad at her. Father is like you have to take care of your job while mother is like stop hanging ou with GG (she has a point). Mom says SN can go work with father’s company. Father be like no, this would be corruption! Actually, it is because he doesn’t have a job now.

Father daughter moment as father tells her it is true that he also doesn’t have a job. SN says they should go back to the countryside. Father says no because they already said bye to all the people there. He says he is happy to be by her side in Shanghai and whatever it takes he will do to find a job and stays with her. SN also keeps her confidence up and says she will work hard as a middle-revenue daughter and try to stay at JM. Song Nuang’s name means that she is here to Song (offer) Nuang (warm) to everyone. SN is like she is so happy to be the daughter of her parents. Father is like whenever I lose hope, I think of you, SN. SN says she will make him proud.

3 4

At work, GG’s mom tells everyone her daughter will marry ZS. The execs of the company are worried since if ZS marries GG, then them firing GG’s mom would be bad for them. They decide to take out GG’s mom’s name from the black list for now.

At JM, ZS learns that SN and GG are fired. ZS goes see the director and the indifferent lady and tells them that if they have to fire the girls, they should also fire him.

1 2

ZS’s mom learns that some random girl is declaring to everyone that her son is getting married. Here we go: ZS’s mom wants to fire GG’s mom for the false gossip. And sadly, as expected, NBL is going to be in charge of firing again. She tries to tell the mom, but she doesn’t want to listen.


Meanwhile, at JM, SN and GG are back as interns because MSD is afraid something may happen to him if he let the whole situation get bigger (after all, he is also part of the problem; asking GG and ZXC to go give the car back). Anyway, the girls are happy to be back to work.


GG wants to invite ZS to eat and confess to him. SN is worried, but still let her go. At dinner, GG asks ZS how many girls did he date. He says: dated 4 who were after him, 2 he chased himself and 1 that he trully loved. He says he is in love right now and it is Song Nuan. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤

He says he can’t believe it himself, but now he likes her. Sometimes, when he doesn’t see her, he feels awkward. And he feels good now that it is off his chest.  OMG OMG OMG! This is really cute!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yeah, I am fangirling a bit now)

GG awkwardly leaves saying she has another rendez-vous with a friend. GG goes out and cries.


She stays to cry outside until night and is found by SN. GG yells at SN and says things like:

I really have to learn from you? Didn’t I tell to seperate WRH and ZS? Why did you seduce him? How did you do to make ZS so in love with you that he can say he loves you in front of you? You are happy now? You won. I really have to learn from you. How can I be as innocent as you? Does all guys like the innocent type? You already have the CEO and now you have ZS. You are sly and you are always thinking about others. Now, we are not friends anymore! Don’t call me by my name, we are not friend.

Other sentences similar to this… (wow… such a party pooper)

Bonus: Picture of ZLY and ZK on Run Brother last year!!! :3


15 thoughts on “[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 15-16

  1. I don’t like GG. I trying to understand her and her actions; but she isn’t a good friend🍋.
    SN is probably going to try and consult her. Girl she don’t wish you well. Reason she kept you around was because she thought you weren’t competition.
    As for ZS; I am loving his storyline progression🍬🍬🍬


    • archidisign says:

      GG is like … a basic bitch? Because she is so easy to judge everyone and hate on everyone and as soon as someone doesn’t do what she wants them to do, she will pick a fight. But again, this drama is trying to be realistic I guess since in real life, not all BFF are out there to protect you for everything that will happen. Me too, ZS is really becoming more likable (unlike in the first ten episodes!)!

      Liked by 1 person

    • archidisign says:

      Haha, so true! But I feel like SN will go back to GG as soon as she can because we all know how female leads always consider friendship before love v_v
      I feel like GG ruined the whole confession! I am so happy ZS likes SN, but I don’t feel like they will become an item before a looooong time.


      • Lizzie says:

        Am i just fangirling but does anyone think that even at his stage SN was starting to develop preliminary good feelings for ZS but held herself back because of GG?


      • archidisign says:

        Then let me fangirl with you!😛 This is totally the time when ZS becomes conscious he loves her and SN starts to have good feelings for him.


      • Lizzie says:

        Sigh – do love this OTP. I can’t stand HQG (despite ZLY and Zhang Dan Feng) so am thinking of watching Love At Second Sight for Ryan Zheng. Saw Rainie Yang in a T-drama with Joseph Chang sometime back and I thought she was okay. Love Joseph Chang though


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hehe, I was actually mad things turned out like this. Instead of a moving confession, SN now hears ZS loves her from a third person </3, which means no heart warming scenes :"D


  2. Lizzie says:

    Researching some bits now with English sub. Previously watching on iqiyi – hopefully the subbed version is the uncut slightly longer one!


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