[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 13-16


There are two words I hear the most when watching this drama: 1) BaiCao and 2) Jiayou (Fighting!). Seriously. I feel like the script writers for the drama had a really easy mandate this time. The vocabulary in general is really simple, and it is hard for me to say if I like this or not. On another note, did you guys catch the variety show this week (LOL and Happy Camp)? They were quiet cute! :3 I loved Wu Lei’s part!

Anyway, like with Best Get Going, I have decided to only tag recaps with the title of the drama (instead of putting all the actors’ names in the list too). 

  • Hu Bingqing as Wei BaiCao (BC)
  • Yang Yang as Ruo Bai (RB)
  • Wu Lei as Hu Yi Feng (YF)
  • Chen Xiang as Feng Ting Hao (FTH)
  • Bai Jing Ting as Yu Chu Yuan (YCY)
  • Zhao Yuan Nuan as Feng Ting Yi (FTY)
  • Vincent Jiao as Qu Xiao Nan (QXN)
  • other nicknames:
  • SCL: Super Coach Lady

Episode 13

BC is worried about competing with FTY since her last fight with her ended horribly. However, BC stays optimist because it is only by defeating FTY that she will be eligible to see her teacher QXN. She finds an excuse to go see YCY and luckily he was indead at his house door. They talk together and YCY tells her he believes she can win and offers her an elastic: he puts it on her hair. (lol, it is so obvious this ‘gift’ will not be useful to BC and only make her suffer later on…)

8 12

On the day of the competition, while the opponents are bowing to each other, FTY sees the elastic in BC’s hair. (yes, this is the scene that was foreshadowed in the first episode.) As FTY saw that elastic before at YCY’s house and at that time assumed it was a gift for her, she gets really mad and beats BC like crazy (as expected).

BC is totally scared and cannot make a proper move. During the break, RB talks to her and BC gets more confidence: she starts attacking more- even successful got 5 point from FTY. QXN comes to the competition to look at BC. Full of hate and jealousy, FTY says she will make sure BC understand their level difference. During the game, BC shows her strong spirit and stands back up again and again (especially after she sees her teacher in the audience). Even YCY, worried about her, comes to the match scene. However, as expected, by the end, FTY wins.

58 77 90 9833

BC is really hurt during the match. BC is being healed at YCY’s house and QXN’s taking care of her. When BC wakes up, she tells her teacher that next time she will do better. Her teacher says he is already very proud of her and is sure she will be a champion. BC begs him to stay: he accepts.

Next day, the teammates come back all very sad since their dojo lost in all three games yesterday. Apparently, RB wasn’t even able to compete for a few moves since he was deadly killed by FTH (lol, and we made such a big deal about BC? RB is the real poor dude in this competition!). Since he came back, RB didn’t speak one word: he is really mad (at himself or at FTH hum?).

10 11

At night, when BC went to the dojo to practice she meets RB. RB tells her to go out and leave him alone. BC first tries to get him interested into her training and then ask him questions about his passion for taekwondo. He is probably not just doing it to defeat FTH!

RB tells BC about his childhood. He really loves taekwondo and loves his dojo family, which includes him, YCY, the mother of YCY and his own mother. He is hence very proud when YCY won all these prizes and was considered a prodige. However, after a sad event (the accident of FTH’s mother), the family was not happy anymore. He was expecting to celebrate his birthday with him, but was waiting for nothing. From that day on, YCY stopped practicing and FTH made the dojo’s life miserable (by always winning all the prizes and defeating RB). RB really wished he improved, but this whole competition shows he didn’t.


The episode ends with the whole dojo with all the teammates including BC, BFF and YF coming together at his door to encourage him to come back practice. RB finally accepts and everyone’s happy.

Episode 14

Everyone in town are taking about the big training program organized by SCL. We everyone worried about the trainees nominees from Super Coach Lady. If the dojo can have all three best practicers chosen (BC, YF and RB), then their dojo would get a great recognization.

SCL is very friend with FTH and tells him beforehand who are the chosen trainees in town. With this information, FTH goes to see YCY. If he does not battle against him, then FTH says all of the dojo’s nominated trainees will not have a chance to participate. Everyone is trying to encourage YCY to accept the challenge, but RB comes in. He will not allow this from happening and if it is like this, then all of the Song Ban people would rather not participate in the training program.

49 55 56 6574

Flashback to when they were young: Even if FTH was jeolous of YCY’s talent, all three of them used to practice together and be friends.😥

Later, YCY confesses to BC that he is going to compete against FTH, but he will not attack once and only defend himself. Why does it sound like such a bad plan? :’D 


The next day, the person who shows up 30 minutes in advance is… Bai Cao. She says that if she wins against him, then he shall stop harassing YCY. FTH accepts to go against her, but not in a battle. Instead, they will compete to see whose kick is the best (by kicking down a vase. Although BC does not succeed, she does an amazing triple kick and impresses everyone.

8 3120 64 1979

YCY goes out to compete with FTH, but while they are speaking, the vase breaks down. BC succeeded and now, YCY does not have to compete. FTH keeps his words and leaves.

FTH goes to have a talk with SCL for another service. He wants to be sure BC will be on the training program list. However, SCL does not give him an answer (I bet she will let her in though…). The episode ends with the list of accepted students: BC is not on it…

Episode 15

BC is sad she was not chosen to be part of the training program. RB comes to see her and ask her if she wishes she was chosen. She says of course since it is the dream opportunity to improve. RB says he understands.


RB goes see SCL and tells her he is ready to give up his right to the training program if it means BC can participate. He gives her the video of her practicing and doing her triple kick to show that she is indead a good candidate.

BFF prepares a pork bone soup for RB, but it is YF who ate it.


At home, YCY receives a letter to tell him he was accepted at a US Med university. He hence goes to see BC with a gift (lots of med drugs lol) and say adieu for now. He says he hopes she will wait for him (lol, a confession?). BC goes out to buy a pen as a gift for YCY. As for RB, it seems like he still doesn’t know the incident between FTH and YCY’s mothers.

16 17

BC leaves the pen with a message at YCY’s house. However, FTY passes by before and sees the message. Mad, she tears it down and takes away the gift. At home, FTH and FTY has a siblings moment. FTH says he will let his sister go to see, but do tell her that she must be careful as YCY doesn’t love her (he knows YCY loves BC). They hug it out.


Because of her part-time job, BC misses the chance to say bye to YCY. She hence runs to the aireport. On the taxi, YCY draws a picture of BC: he is indead in love with BC. Tons of flashback of YCY/BC moments and of BC running in the aireport to see YCY. They miss each other.



BC do see FTY who tells her that YCY does not see her more than a talented taekwondo. She tells BC to go away and gives her back the pen. Awwwn😥

45 46

Back at home, BFF tells BC the good news: she can participate in the training program of SCL thanks to RB. However, BC is still sad because she thinks YCY does not like her. :'((


Episode 16

BC meets with Xiu Qin who talks her into accepting the training program and working hard in it. She says it is her dream and it is such a great opportunity that BC should not waste. Turns out it was again RB who was taking care of BC: he was the one who told XQ to go talk to BC.

38 39

Next day, they are all going to the training, including BFF who joined a less intensive class.

92 93

SCL tells them the numbers: for the next three years, from Monday to Friday, they will have to come exercise here four hours a day. At each half-month, there is going to be a test and whoever fails the test will be kicked out from the program.


*two years later*

BC wins the first prize in the female category (see how she changed from a white to a black belt in only two year? that’s what I call improvement!). Turns out QXN’s daughter is also participating in the training program since SCL is her aunt (we already knew though xD). BFF was also allowed to practice with the others. FTH gives the medal to BC.

72 734

At the office, RB goes to SCL to nominate once again BC to be part of the next big competition. SCL says no and she will let FTY go this year again.

At practice, BC’s stomach hurts. RB sees this and offers her water. At work, BC is working and doing her homework at the same time (since exams are coming soon). RB comes to the restaurant and helps her revise. He also helps her work. BC thinks: I must get the scholarship this year.

1 9 8781

BFF prepares soup again for RB, but then she learns that it was YF all along who drunk it each time. She goes to see YF and bit him up (in a humorous way of course).


Although everyone understands SCL will chose FTY to participate in the next competition, BC and RB keep working hard together to improve BC’s performance.

FTH comes to see BC as she owns him a service. He fakes that he is hurt and then reminds her to meet him tomr in the PM.


At home, FTH’s grandpa is complaining about his grandson to SCL and tells her if only his daughter was still there, then he would not be worrying so much about the grandchildren. The next day, FTH does a make over for BC (new haircut and everything). What is he planning?


6 thoughts on “[Story line recap] 旋风少女 Whirlwind Girl Ep. 13-16

  1. Dramafan1234 says:

    Thank you for your hard work. I know it is very time consuming and stressful writing a review or a recap.
    Ps: I have been blinded by Yang Yang’s cute looks…


    • archidisign says:

      Welcome! I know I am not doing the best recaps out there, but until there are full eng sub for the series, I think it is all worth it for the fans out there🙂
      ps; me too, Yang Yang is reallyyy good looking!


    • archidisign says:

      You are welcome! Feel free to use these (crappy) recaps while waiting for eng sub.😛 Hope it helps you to follow the story a little bit better


  2. Kuitair says:

    Thank you so much for the recap. There still are no coherent subs for most of these episodes and its already January 2016. Love the recap, really well done. I figure most of it out though I don’t really understand Chinese, but the recap really allowed me to affirm that I understood most of what was going on. Thanks again.


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, thanks a lot! I fear it wasn’t that great and I am happy to see at least some people are enjoying them ^^ It is not a very detailed recap, more like to help people like you to understand what was going on during those episodes!😉


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