[Movie] 前任2 Former 2 With Amber Kuo and Zheng Kai

  • 704_1601076_250321
  • Cast: Amber Kuo, Zheng Kai
  • Release Date: TBA

This project wrapped up filming at the beginning of June (12th June). Featuring two actors recently gone popular (Zheng Kai thanks to Run Brother in 2014 and Amber Kuo to Tiny Times in 2013), this movie definitely has my attention. Produced by the Huayi Brothers, 前任2 is the follow-up of 前任攻略 (2014). The previous movie featured Zheng Kai, Han Geng, aand Wang Likun.

The two supposedly has a great relationship during the filming and Amber Kuo declared this was the happiest collaboration she ever had in a movie. AWWNN

704_1587167_720326 704_1601072_332827 704_1601076_250321 704_1614440_841003

4 thoughts on “[Movie] 前任2 Former 2 With Amber Kuo and Zheng Kai

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I am still waiting for more pictures to be released but I am also really excited! I watched Ex-Files recently and I loved it a lot🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yes!! Did you watch any of them? None of her projects really attracted me so far, but I am anticipating LORD and Former 2 (Aka Ex-Files 2)😛


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