[Not C-Ent] Best Get Going Impacts Society


After watching more than twenty episodes of the Chinese drama Best Get Going (The Interns) of Zhao Liying and Zheng Kai, did you start to feel bad for these interns? After all, they do have really heavy tasks to do for their internships. For a shitty salary, they must follow each instruction given to them by the company just to have a chance to have a legit permanent job offer later on. With the increase of ratings for the drama in the past days, there are more and more c-netizens that come out to say that they too want an internship.


This short text says:

This is the most surprising way I saw from students asking for internships. There is a saying that ’90s kids know to play better than city kids’. Recently, a very surprising wave of these students are asking internships through messages like ‘I will not ask my godfather for an internship’, ‘I am a small chest seeking for internships’, ‘I am ready to wash feet for an internship’, etc. From research, they actually find out that this whole movement’s source is from Jiansu TV’s now airing drama Best Get Going! with Zhao Liying and Zheng Kai as well as a current promotion from [environment internship program].

Article keeps on going to say that each year, more than Eight Millions graduates come out from college looking for jobs. These 90s kids should be the future workforce, the pillar of society and should obviously get work experience as fast as they can. However, because of society’s lack of placement positions, these kids cannot get those precious jobs. Hence, interviewed kids in this article I read says they are using such a tactic to show their creativity and hope to get the attention of the recruiters. They understand people are not hiring for creativity, but really, they just want to be noticed. As 90s kids, they say they find themselves to be one of the hardest generation to find job.


Will not let Godfather beg for an internship for me


Went to the clothing storage shop UNIQLO, asking for internship.


I will clean feet for an internship


I will move bricks for an internship


I have a small chest, seeking internship


I will play drinking games with you, seek internship


Opinion: I am legit sad and happy about this news. I am happy because this means the drama has a bit of impact on society. It also gives motivations for these graduating students to put themselves out there and really start working hard to get that precious work experience. However, a part of me is also sad to see that even with such poor conditions, these students are still fighting to get that internship. Really, this just shows how society right now is messed up. I feel like these kids are basically selling their souls and pride for that ‘precious’ internship.

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