[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 35-36


Tomorrow is going to be the last day for the drama as the episode 37 is the last one. We are starting to get some closing in the episodes 35-36 and so far, nothing bad happens yet. So let’s keep enjoying while we can.😛

  • Cast:
    • Zhao Li Ying as Song Nuan (SN)
    • Zheng Kai as Zhang Sheng (ZS)
    • Cai Wen Jing (蔡文静) as Zhou Ge Ge (GG)
    • Zheng Jia Bin (郑家彬) as Zhao Xiao Chuan (ZXC)
    • Che Xiao as Hao Min (HM)
    • Vanessa Wang (王祉萱 ) as Gao Wen Ruo Han (WRH)
    • Fu Jing (付静) as Ning Ba La (NBL)
    • Other nicknames:
    • MA as mean assistant (name is Huang Moa Ren)
    • MSD as mean sales director
    • IL as Indifferent lady/also a director
    • CEO as CEO

Episode 35

GG and ZXC are both getting yelled at by MSD and MA: the police came to talk about the thief/kidnapping situation that happened during their last business trip. MA is mad because they put the products in danger =_=. MA says it must be GG’s fault since ZXC is an example employee. ZXC gets mad and says that MA should not yell at the interns (especially girls) all the time. They fight. CEO says both MA and ZXC are at fault and they should get seperated. MA will get a 1 week at home punition while ZXC will be send to Chongming to work.

58 59

MSD and IL celebrates in the dark, in his office, their wedding anniversary. IL wishes he could pass more time with her and ask him who he would chose between her and his maybe CEO position. Then, he gives him an ultimatium: either he lives his position or they get a divorce.


MSD goes drink outside and is not able to pay because he didn’t bring money. GG passes by and pays for him. They have a nice convo about feelings and he tells her to go for whatever she wants. GG asks successfully to be send to Chongming too.

55 56

GG talks to her mother about her plans. Mom doesn’t want her to go since it would be bad for her internship. GG says she wants to go because she doesn’t want to stay alone here, she doesn’t want to end alone. Her friends give her purpose and ZXC, is her future. She loves him and even if he never wants house/material goods, she will still be happy with him. Mom finally let her go, but she says in the future, she will definitely regret her choice.


ZS hears that Mr.Wang was the reason their proposal with the client didn’t work. Mad, he goes to his house to beat him up. He stops however when he realizes that Mr.Wang’s son is there, crying.

45 46 50

A bit later, all the employees come together to go face the interns, ready to beat them up. However, there SN talks to them, saying that they are just lazy and scared. They are ruining every opportunity for the office to get better. Because of this, interns like themselves can’t properly have respect for them. Hearing that, Mr.Wang stops her subordinates and say they will not beat them up since they will just dirty their own hands.

47 48

ZS, SN, GG and ZXC are together thinking about how to solve the problem. At that moment, SN does bring up a good point: what they should focus on is the motivation for Mr.Wang and the other employees, what would make them want to work more.


Episode 36

Quatuor are working late together. GG prepares noodles and of course, ZXC gets the biggest proportions.

38 39 40

While they eat, they see Mr.Wang and his son outside. The quatuor joins them and sees how important his son is important to Mr.Wang.


SN ang ZS go to find a reputed pediatric hoping that he would help Mr.Wang’s son. They go take the Dr’s car and wash it. They succeed in their ruse and the doctor indead accpets to diagnose Mr.Wang’s son. The doctor recommends for the kid to have lots of physical activity that may make him happier.

34 35 36 37

The next day, the son disappeared and all the employees are looking for him. Turns out it was the quatuor who took him to help him play with mudd. They have fun playing. However, when Mr.Wang sees them, he is super mad at them for kidnapping his son. However, he soon realizes that his son likes playing with the quatuor and actually enjoy it. They go all again to play in the mudd.

32 61 62 64

SN’s dad is working hard at the bar and asks the band there if he can join them until one of their members come back. He gets a complete Rock’n’Roll makeover. The next day, his wife doesn’t recognize him and nearly called 911.

24 (2) 6026

At work, finally there is some minimum improvement. Mr.Wang and two of his employees do indead come back to work. The quatuor tells the numbers to Mr.Wang to help his realize that if indead the office do get deals, then his salary will also go up.

SN’s parents come visit and GG and ZXC leave to let them be by themselves. GG tells ZXC the big news: ZS wants to propose to SN today. ZXC is in choc.

21 2220

SN’s dad and ZS talk together over drinks and dad accepts this wedding. He does tell ZS to take good care of her, especially considering that they are both young. ZS swears on his mom’s name that he will always take care of SN.

14 15

At work, every employee works together to clean the place. Also, Mr.Wang and SN goes together to the customer to apologize and hope to get the deal back on track.

11 thoughts on “[Recap] Best Get Going 加油吧实习生 Ep. 35-36

  1. Ann says:

    She’s my ultimate favourite too. Don’t know why, but I just love her. Her TV shows are my favourite. They’re all kinda different. I only recently started watching them, but I already like her more than any other actress (tbh, I hardly watched C-dramas before). I know Zheng Shuang, Tang Yan, Yang Mi are really popular… but I am never interested in watching them in things. I tried watching a few like the legend of ancient sword/perfect couple. Is it just me or do they look like they’ve gotten plastic surgery? They have such unnatural expressions (or over-acting?). They’re super pretty in stills/pics though.


    • archidisign says:

      I love her because she has a fresh face and all her projects turned out great! I don’t know why, but I find them different too (must be the power of love -> for my bias! xD). I have been watching idol Chinese dramas for a while now and I really love Liu Yifei and Liu Shishi too. Tang Yan is really pretty, but she always chose projects where her character annoys me a lot.
      Zheng Shuang and Yang Mi definitely got a lot of plastic surgery (along with Fan Bingbing and Angelababy). ZS’s plastic surgery is really bad thugh. When I first started watching dramas, I didn’t like seeing ps on actors, but now, I don’t really care as long as it is not too uncomfortable to watch. That’s why I can’t watch the Hawick+Zheng Shuang combo = the visuals weirds me out.


      • Ann says:

        Haha I think she purposefully chooses different roles. I like Liu Yifei and Liu Shi Shi too! They have natural, fresh looking faces too. Really, Angelababy? Yea, I definitely can see that ZS’s plastic surgery went wrong. Don’t understand the need to get ps though since she was with Zhang Han before ps… and wasn’t afterwards. I totally agree with the Hawick and ZS combo. Too much ps. Don’t know why but it really bothers me… like Yang Mi’s nose is really short where her nostrils always look like they are flaring + then, her forehead does not move. It’s so strange to look at. I think Yuan Shan Shan’s ps was also really bad, makes her face look bloated.


      • archidisign says:

        Haha, are you implying that the plastic surgery repulsed Zhang Han away? Without a doubt, I would chose Zheng Shuang and Yuan Shan Shan as the two with the most obvious (failed) surgery. And Angelababy got like so much ps on her face it is a bit crazy I think. However, the results are sooooo good on her it is like… unfair? xD Maybe she is the one that inspired ZS and YSS to get their face done…
        I am not a pro at ps detecting yet though so I still like Yang Mi’s look so far. However, I don’t really think her acting is that great and after trying Tiny Times, I don’t think I will easily pick her projects as the ones I would love to watch.


  2. Ann says:

    LOL just noticing that after the ps, Zhang Han left her ><. Haha I actually like Angelababy though. She seems genuinely nice, fun, and cool. And her ps makes her look so fresh faced and beautiful. I just googled pics of her before ps, and it's such a transformation! She looks so much better. And her face doesn't seem frozen or paralyzed at all (now). Yea maybe you're right… it's probably more that Yang Mi's acting is not great versus her face. Either way, I am glad ZLY/Liu Yifei never felt the need to get ps.


    • archidisign says:

      Yop! It is so sad! ZH really liked her a lot too. However, since she left ZH (and got ps) she got so much more projects handed to her so I guess career wise, it is a good choice. But I, like you, like her fresh face from before so much more!! Angelababy is a gorgeous person and hers personality on Run Brother is great. Yop, I think she is one of these who actually benefited from the ps process (and a part of me she inspired a lot of others to also go through the same process).
      Me too, I am wishing really hard that LYF (who by the way doesn’t even need ps) and ZLY (who seems to not like ps anyway) to never go under the knife!!!


  3. Ann says:

    Yea, but I think Zheng Shuang always received a lot of job offers. She just gave up a lot for her relationship with Zhang Han. She could have had lots more success if not for him, and not gotten the plastic surgery… From what I’ve seen, she’s always had the public support. And, a LOT of devoted fans! Thought her before face was beautiful, really no need.


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