[Movie] Fading Waves (Mr. Six) with Li Yifeng and Kris Wu Holds Conference


  • Also known as: Mr. Six or 老炮儿
  • Cast: Feng Xiaogang, Li Yifeng, Kris Wu, Zhang Hanyu
  • Release date: December 24, 2015

Synopsis by Wikipedia:

Fading Wave tells of an old 50-something-year-old street punk called “Lao Pao Er” who has reigned over the Beijing streets as the neighbourhood kingpin for many years. One day, when his mischievous son causes a dispute against a much younger drag-racing street punk, he steps up to help defend him. “Lao Pao Er” then discovers that the younger generation of gang members have already named this drag racer as his successor, and he no longer holds any ground in the street world.

My opinions:

Woah… Li Yifeng and Kris Wu in the same movie? I can already hear the fangirling of Chinese netizens! This movie sounds very interesting and considering the male lead is Feng Xiaogang, it will be a great blockbuster success. I don’t really know any work of Zhang Hanyu (even thought he was a she, OUPS @Chance) but he will also be filming The Great Wall with Chen Xuedong, Eddie Peng, Lin Gengxin, Zheng Kai, Lu Han and Andy Lau… O.O Talk about major exposure!… The story line seems really interesting too, semi artistic, so I am really excited for its release. It seems Kris Wu has a good acting skills in it!

The press conference pictures:

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704_1696758_890462 704_1696760_268663  704_1696774_807678

Official Trailer for Feng Xiaogang:

More stills from trailer:

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6 thoughts on “[Movie] Fading Waves (Mr. Six) with Li Yifeng and Kris Wu Holds Conference

  1. Chance says:

    Zhang Hanyu is a guy. The official English title is Mr. Six and it’s premiering on September 12th at the Venice Film Festival as the closing movie (the local release date is still December though). Here is the first trailer for Feng Xiaogang’s character – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wD6XuZE8pNQ

    Kris Wu has received praises from both Guan Hu and Feng Xiaogang and considering how hard to please Feng Xiaogang is, that says a lot.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thanks Chance! I loved the trailer, it looks so awesome and FXG’s voice is so nice to hear (different from the well controled and idol voices ^^). And lol, I can’t believe I thought ZHY is a girl, thanks for catching that up (i suck, sniff)😛 I am using Fading Waves because a lot of people are still using it, but seriously thanks for all the additional informations, gonna add them in the post ^^


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