The Three Heroes and Five Gallants with Chen Xiao, Yan Kuan and Zheng Shuang


Three Heroes and Five Gallants is a period drama that has a great casting (Chen Xiao, Yan Kuan and Zheng Shuang!!)! However, we definitely can’t say the same about the production quality or even, the costumes. 

It is produced by Beijing Tianxing Yiyuan Co. so I am really wondering why is the quality so low… It was filmed in Wuxi in 2014 and let’s hope it will get a release date sooner than later. The story is based on a novel called The Seven Heroes and Five Gallants and it is going to be about the right hand men of Justice Bao.


Chen Xiao is back in Ancient dramas!

Based on a story written by Shi Yukun. Our main cast will be portraying The Five Gallants who helps Bao Zheng solve cases during the Song Dynasty. Chen Xiao will be playing Bai Yu Tang, a prideful and handsome young lad who has a inferiority complex towards Zhan Zhao (Yan Kuan). Both boys are also fighting in the love front for Ding Yuehua (Zheng Shuang).

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