Drama Update: Chinese Paladin 5, Princess Weiyoung, Clouds, Hua Qian Gu


Hi guys! I really wanted to share a lot of news with you, but sadly I don’t have the time to write a proper article for each of them. Hence, here is right now, a shorter version with gorgeous stills of some of them. ^^

First, we have Tang Yan and her Princess Weiyoung team. They just released the official stills for her character and OMG she looks so gorgeous *_*


As the Chinese Paladin 5 series is filming right now, we have here a short clip of Jin Chen with our hero Han Dongjun interacting together behind the scenes. They played together in Wuxin so it is good to see that they kept a strong relationship since their past projects.

Here are the more pictures of the female leads of the show, including Guli Nazha and Jin Chen.

1 26 27

Park Min Young’s Braveness of the Ming also released a still of her in character.


Chen Xiao shared a lot of selfies recently from the set of Love in the Clouds with Yuan Shan Shan. Although I am less and less interested by this drama (sorry, I am just not a YSS fan), I still thought I would share these pictures because he looks really … funny in them! xD

2 3 4

We also have God of War Zhao Yun that released more Yoona stills:

Finally, I know this is not per say news, but it is about Zhao Liying so I had to add it to my list.😛 As you know already, both Zhang Danfeng and Zhao Liying played roles in the New Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Well, turns out that finally after so many years of filming, our two actors are finally sharing an onscreen kiss!! I know Danfeng is married for already a decade now, but I still wish for him and Liying to star as OTP in a series soon.

21 22 24

Also, it is a great moment to celebrate a new ratings records! Turns out that Hua Qian Gu officially set the highest viwest count for a drama on August 18 with the episode 46. With 12.8 billion times, Hua Qian Gu just became the most watched online drama in China of all time, beating previous champions Empress of China and Ancient Swords. Congradulations to 千骨 !!

23 28 29

7 thoughts on “Drama Update: Chinese Paladin 5, Princess Weiyoung, Clouds, Hua Qian Gu

  1. lia says:

    Wow. Hua Qian Gu must be raking in a lot of money with its popularity. Will they extend the drama because it is such a massive hit??


    • archidisign says:

      I am not sure! Chinese dramas are prerecorded and they already set the drama at 50 episodes. If there are more than fifty, it only means the broadcasting channel is cheap and trying to cut the drama into smaller episodes and put more advertisements in between. Personnally, I am just excited to see Qian Gu go bad soon! 8D


      • Ann says:

        Apparently, the cut/broadcasted 46 episodes of Hua Qian Gu is only equal to 40 episodes uncut (some broadcasted episodes are only 30mins long). So there are sites are saying that Hunan TV is extending broadcasted episodes to 58 instead of the original 50, but that will mean we won’t be able to see the ending until Sept 7th😦 really want to see what epilogue will be used! Oh, and Wallace Huo and Zhao Liying will sing “Cannot Say” together in Sept too!


      • lia says:

        I think that’s what everyone is waiting for, waiting for Qian Gu to transform into her true form. Hoping we get A LOT of scene of her being badass.🙂


  2. Congrats HQG!! Everyone is really into this series lately. I myself have been obsessed since episode 1. I really want to rewatch this series when it finish airing. Hopefully they have the uncut version somewhere!


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