Xinhua News: Chinese College Graduates Have Difficulties to Find Jobs

I love to follow the entertainment industry of China as I think it is a great way to relax, have fun and discuss with other people who has the same passions as me. However, I also think it is important to look at the more intellectual side of China, more at its economic and politcal scenes too. As we covered so much Best Get Going this year (a drama about recent college graduates working hard at their internship), I thought it would be interesting to also share this new article by Xinhua. Xinhua writes news about the Chinese culture in English and I think it is a great way to read and learn about this beautiful country. As for this news, I am a 100% supporting these new graduates to go for new creative ways to find experience and learn about themselves before going to the workplace. With the current bad economy around the world that seems to hit Europe and Asia quiet hard, it is a good thing that these students can go beyond the traditional idea to find desesperately a placement and instead look for other options. Just like in Best Get Going, at the end of the day, working for yourself is the best. Going for the easy way is not as easy as it seems…

Here is the full article:

3 thoughts on “Xinhua News: Chinese College Graduates Have Difficulties to Find Jobs

  1. mic says:

    real world really sucks. it’s all about whether you’re willing to settle for less, b/c even if you aren’t, someone else would surely do that. I say as I’m still looking for a job after I quit working at a racist place.


    • archidisign says:

      Good luck!! I hope you find a job soon. I wonder where you live, but in general, I think it is still very important to find a job you like. When I started searching student work, I was like ‘any work will do’. And found myself working in fast food which I hated to death. A 4 hours shift felt like a whole day and I was miserable. Now, I am really way more picky when I search for a job. Really, don’t settle for less even if it takes more time before you find something you like.
      Racist people sucks! I am quiet lucky I never got into such situations though hehe


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