Period Drama Entertainment Update: The Gods, Border Town Prodigal, Classic of Mountains and Seas


Hehe, here is recap of most of the period dramas that are either promoting or filming right now. There are still a feel missings, but I will try to write a full article for those ones! There are so many stills that came out and I was quiet excited to share them with you. After all, my biggest love in C-entertainment is… Cdramas😛

Let’s begin everything with a snap picture of Zhang Han for Braveness of the Ming!


Border Town Prodigal keeps filming and releasing stills. The drama is starring Zhu Yilong and Zhang Xinyu as the main OTP. It seems like all the attention are put on Xinyu though. The drama is the adaptation of the first novel from the Xiaoli Feidao series.

Next, we have the real life couple Zhang Han and Guli Nazha starring in the Classic of Mountains and Seas. The stills are quiet nice, but I wonder why the hell Wu Lei has such a horrible costume? Producers must be crazy ._.

Next is a group picture for Chinese Paladin 5. Yes, I always try to put Guli Nazha news together ^^


We also have another project where Wu Lei is playing a support cast ^^. Yes, I am talking about Nirvana in Fire which will start airing in September. It has a very impressive casting, including Hu Ge and Liu Tao. Hu Ge is quiet busy as The Disguiser is also airing right now on Hunan TV.

The drama the Gods with Wang Likun and Luo Jin also released more stills. I watched the trailer and I am a bit pulled off by the storyline. Luo Jin is going to play Yang Jiang (Er Lang Shen) AKA my favorite Chinese god. However, in this case, Wang Likun will play his sister and Daji, the fox demon. I am really puzzled as how they are going to adapt the story to make the nice sister and Daji become one person. I will hate it very much if they change the myth too much..😛

Finally, here is a collection of Hua Qian Gu fanart that I have accumulated recently. I love how talented those fans are. Meanwhile, I am still wondering how to use the basic photoshop features.

12 20 25 29 30 31 32 33

Another crazy beautiful Fanart: We are talking about Ma Tian Yu in upcoming drama Ice Fantasy. Ice Fantasy will star Ma Tian Yu, Feng Shaofeng and Victoria Song from F(x) for an adaptation of a novel of the same name by Guo Jingming.

2 3 5

3 thoughts on “Period Drama Entertainment Update: The Gods, Border Town Prodigal, Classic of Mountains and Seas

  1. Ann says:

    The drawings/pictures (not sure exactly what they are) look so much like Zhao Liying. So beautiful. And Hu Ge looks dashing. Not sure what it is, but something about nazha rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s just that I really dislike these modified noses that end too short and the nostrils are just always flaring >< reminds me of horses rearing forward and charging. Why does the guy in Chinese Paladin have purple hair?! I've never any of the Chinese Paladins, but looks out of place


    • archidisign says:

      I call them fanarts, but it would be more accurate to call them digital art drawings I guess😛 They are all so gorgeous and look so much like Qian Gu and the other characters. So pretty!! xD Nazha does look a little bit fake from certain angle, but I feel like she has a very top model image. One thing that bugs me about her is that, once Zhang Han said his ideal type is a nice and innocent girl. That description does not sound like Guli Nazha. Maybe appearance are lying to us and we don’t see what ZH sees? Chinese Paladin is all about weird haircut I guess? Yang Mi’s character in CP3 and Nazha’s character in Xuan Yuan Sword both had really crazy ondulated hair, which doesn’t match at all with modern times!


      • Ann says:

        That’s true, even though nazha comes off fake to us, she may be genuine to Zhang Han. Although I have no bias towards him either. I don’t find him attractive from any angle. Plus, not gonna believe what celebs say anymore, especially ZH. Didn’t he claim he would never let Zheng Shuang leave him, and if that ever happened, he would do anything to get her back + then turned around and pursued nazha LOL it’s kinda funny to read these articles now. These digital art drawings must be hard to do… I can’t even use photoshop either😛 such dedicated fans though!


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