Child Romance with Wu Lei and Jiang Yi Yi


If you follow Chinese dramas world, you must have realize that two rising child stars are taking more and more importance for the last few years. I am talking about he child actors Wu Lei and Jiang Yiyi. Raised under the spotlight, both have a great portfolio. Jiang Yiyi worked in a lot of period dramas, including some of Yu Zheng’s most famous ones. At only, 14 years old, she has one of the longest dramawiki page I have seen. As for Wu Lei, at 15 years old, he has played a lot of comical characters and even recently got to play as the male lead for a new drama.

Jiang Yi Yi played in Yi Tian Tu Long Ji, Mei Ren Xin JiTang Gong Mei Ren Tian XiaThe Emperor’s HaremTian Ya Ming Yue DaoBeauties of the Emperor, SwordsmanLan Ling WangThe Romance of the Condor HeroesWhirlwind GirlSong in the CloudsBan Shu Legend.

Wu Lei played in Whirlwind Girl, Return of the Condor Heroes, Nirvana in Fire, Classic of Mountains and Seas, Pal Inn, etc. He also apeared multiple times on variety shows such as Happy Camp, Laugh out Loud and Smart 7. He is a Hunan fave!

Those two have been seen filming together since childhood and it is cute to see them look so couple-ish on the set and off set. There are rumors they may be dating, but since they are underage, I guess nobody is trying to push too hard for them to be together … ^^ My say is, as long as they are happy, then it is all good. Hope no paparazi follows them and destroys their teenager romance hehe.

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5 thoughts on “Child Romance with Wu Lei and Jiang Yi Yi

  1. llmoreno says:

    ohhhh i didnt know they are dating !!!! have a nice relationship babies
    they looks so cute together🙂 The Romance of the Condor Heroes
    maybe they are together or fans ship them because when you search for wu lei, angelina is there too
    hunan fave !! thats amazing because its not bad being the favorite of one of the biggest broadcasting channel in China right?


    • xD Not sure if they are dating, but the media always like to put their names together. I know! those cutie pies. They had their first kiss together in Return of the Condor Heroes! Probably a scene added for the fans of the couple😛 Exactly! Hunan really loves Wu Lei especially because he went on Happy Camp a few time now and was a cast member of a show about elementary school students I think.


      • llmoreno says:

        thats so true, they keep mentioned him when she was on a show, they even show their kissing scene and ask her who is him? who is him ? poor them now they know how is kind of having boyfriend/girlfriend in entretainment even if they not sad for them they only 15 or 16.

        the wu lei show is smart 7 or something like that ??? everything what help him to be more popular im happy for him


      • Haha, the media is having such a treat with these two. But I agree, it is unhealthy to treat those 15-16 yo in such a way on TV. Well, at least they are at the age to fall in love, but also to see through the media’s tactic. Play along nicely, dear kids!
        I think so! I really don’t remember the name @_@ Yop, he is on 24Hours right now!


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