September 2015 Air Dates for Dramas

1Here we go for a very very busy September! There is just too many dramas to watch and I don’t think I will be able to survive this crazy month. Anyhow, here is just a partial list this time of the good dramas that will be airing and will star our favorite Chinese actors!😀 Enjoy!Chinese drama_Song in the Clouds_Angelababy_Du Chun_Lu Yi_Chen Xiao_大汉情缘之云中歌 _杜淳_陆毅_陈晓_Seoul In Love Now Blog_Poster

Yun Zhong Ge 大汉情缘之云中歌 on 13/09/2015 (starring Chen Xiao, Angelababy, Yang Rong, Lu Yi, Du Chun, Bao Bei Er, Zhao Liying)


Running After the Love 大猫儿追爱记 17/09/12015 Starring Hai Qing, Chen Sicheng, Jin Rong, Zhu Zhu


Nirvana in Fire 琅琊榜 on 19/09/2015 (starring Hu Ge, Liu Tao, Wu Lei)


Duo Qing Jiang Shan 多情江山 in September, second half (starring Gao Yun Xiang, Hou Meng Yao)


Legend of Zu Mountain 蜀山战纪之剑侠传奇 on 22/09/2015 (starring Zhao Liying, William Chan, Nicky Wu)


Memoirs in Jiangnan 碧血书香梦 on 26/09/2015 Starring Zhang Meng, Han Dong, Wei Zi, Wu Qian


My Miracle Boyfriend 我的奇妙男友 09/2015 Starring Jin Taihuan, Wu Qian, Cheng Mengchen

4 thoughts on “September 2015 Air Dates for Dramas

  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    Have you discussed Memoirs in Jiangnan before? I couldn’t find anything about it which is a shame as I like Han Dong; he’s a fine actor.


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Thanks Creidesca!! I was also confused, but this drama indeed seems to already been broadcasted under the name A Scholar Dream of Woman and first aired on 20/7/2015. It will also be rerun on Shenzhen TV in the second half of September. The drama has a total of 47 episodes and tells the story of a Jiangnan woman who marries into a rich and powerful family who owns a silk factory in order to discover the mystery behind her father’s murder. I am not sure if I am going to write an article about this @humbledaisy1 since all the stills have been released for a lonf time, but maybe ^^


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