Drama Adaptation of Novel Zhu Xian


Here it comes! Another period novel adapted to your small screen pleasure ^^. This one is about wuxia, martial arts so I am actually happy about it. I miss a good wuxia drama in my life this year!! It appears that there may be an online translation of the novel so it must have a good fanbase right?

Anyway, it will tell the story about Zhang Xiao Fan, Lu Xue Qi and Bi Yao. Hehe, based on the male lead’s name, I really want Zhang Danfeng to play him. ^^ Since I am not a good summary writer in any way, please refer to their wiki page or facebook page to learn more.

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There are no casting news so far, but with the announcement of the project coming soon, netizens had already started casting their favorites. It seems like the favorites actors are Li Yifeng, Angelababy, Yang Mi, William Chan, Yang Yang, Ying Er, Luhan, and Sun Yaoqi.

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The novel was also adapted in a video game and here is the photoshot for it!

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