Entertainment Update: Zhang Meng, Hua Qian Gu, Romantic Royal


Maybe this will be the last entertainment update (and Cdramadevotee post) before a very very long time. As school started, it means going back to our horrible textbooks and notes, forgetting the great Chinese Entertainemtn industry for a long period. Here are a few last pictures and news before I take my personal leave.😦

Today is the final episodes for Hua Qian Gu. It means so much to me to see it end as it really means the end of the summer. Here is a gorgeous fanart of Qian Gu. I feel like the fanarts for this drama are like breathtaking beautiful! #inlove


Right now, Liying is working on another high profile project Rouge (at least in my head it is a high profile one ok!) with the very handsomely built Lu Yi. Lu Yi may become a hot shot very soon since his project Yun Zhong Ge will start airing next week.


So far, Zhao Liying, Nicky Wu and William Chan’s drama Legend of S will also be airing soon. The 22nd of September on IQiyi, with VIP pass …

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The drama Royal Romance or 多情江山 is a period drama set in the Qin Dynasty, palace. It starts people I am not very familiar with: Gao Yun Xiang, Hou Meng Yao, An Di, Wan Zi Liang, Xu Qi Wen, Liu Yue, Xu Sa, Gao Ren, Chen Xi Bei, and Qi Hang. I saw the trailer and it looks quiet good. The male lead looks so much like Mickey He I feel. I will start airing on 17th of September. Good luck!

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Braveness of the Ming with Park Min Young and Zhang Han may not have an air date yet, but it is ready to wrap up filming set. Here are some BTS pictures.

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Zhang Meng recently did a gorgeous photoshot for a video game. If only she had such a great costume when she filmed the 2014 Tian Long Ba Bu. She really does look like a fairy from heaven and I thought it was Liu Yifei at first.

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Li Yifeng’s drama Sparrow also released a dream like good looking poster. Now, I am really curious how the project will turn out!


Finally, here is Kris Wu Yifan being (half) bald. I seriously like this look on him!

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8 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Zhang Meng, Hua Qian Gu, Romantic Royal

  1. creidesca says:

    Gao Yun Xiang looks no where like Mickey He. He was the male lead in Loving You, Countless Ties but his half-bro (played by Kenny Kwan) managed to get the girl! And wow, didn’t realize that he’s married to actress Dong Xuan.


    • archidisign says:

      What, he is married to Dong Xuan? The lucky dude! 8D I just searche a bit and he is actually in a lot of projects I heard of! He is in more mature projects (a lot of projects with Sun Li it seems) so I didn’t really watch any of them yet. However, really? I think he looks a bit like Mickey He, especially the chin and mouth part! :O


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