First week of September Update


Haha.. I am still writing an article even if I should be studying? Don’t repremend me please. I take your wishes about school with a thankful heart and I am definitely going to work really hard. I read and took notes for four straight hours ok! 8D However, it was too tempting to go on weibo and youtube to see the news and … there are a few big ones that I thought I really should share with you guys!!!

Nini and Feng Shaofeng: Back together?

After three months of breakup, there are a lot of rumors now saying the two actors are back together. Reports say they saw the two at the same airports and one day, Nini’s car was parked at FSF’s house! :O Also, it is important to note that Feng Shaofeng did a cameo in Nini’s summer drama Bride Wars. Considering Angelababy’s beau Huang Xiaoming also did a surpsie camoe, I am thinking that the two actresses are competing to show to the world their love partner!!😀

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Jian Jiangfu will end his contract with Tangren:

WHAT? Wow, I have the feeling that Tangren is the Chinese equivalent of Korean label SM. They produce well loved and high quality dramas since forever. Even if I am not a bias bias fan, I like how they put quality upfront and create dramas without too much controversies. However, in the past three years, a lot of the artists they made popular left their side: Yuan Hong, Ling Gengxin, Ying Er and even Sun Li! The left artists are Liu Shishi, Hu Ge, Guli Nazha, Hu Bing Qing and others I am not familiar with. The good thing is that with Chinese Paladin 5, Qin’s Moon and Green Hill Legend, Tangren will be able to introduce new artists.

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JNL’s contract was supposed to end in 2018 so it is definitely to have a lawsuit for this whole mess. JNL posted on his weibo a thoughtful message confirming he intends to leave and Tangren replied by posting his contract with the ending date. Oh Oh! I am not a huge fans of people leaving before they end their contract. I was less understanding when it came down to Kris Wu, Luhan and Tao because they did it in the middle of promotions and left the other 9 members with no way to escape. Whatever you say, the popularity of EXO suffered greatly from this scandal. JNL however is doing it as a solo artist so I will try to be a bit more accepting. However, it is important to say that me too, I did quit job before the job really ended. What I mean is, although I am judging, I can understand that what they are all doing is just the way modern society works now.

Ma Ke in the Sequel of Hua Qian Gu:

Hahaha. Who says you can say bye to Hua Qian Gu? It is not the end for us as there is a modern sequel. Haha, nope, I am not watching. With the desaster that was Bubujingqin after Bubujingxin, I say there should not be another sequel! At least Ma Ke is in it so maybe it will be watchable. The drama Hua Qian Gu had a lot of imperfections so I am just assuming worst for the modern version…

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On a side note, I totally loved the last episodes of Hua Qian Gu and cried a lot while watching them. Beautifully acted, great setting and lines that made the final scenes even more dramatic. The plot twist was also great (spoiler: I did not expect the massacre to be an illusion). Although the drama started slowly, I don’t regret watching it one bit. It was fun to watch and I was able to fangirl over new actors (ZDF and MK). Wish them all the luck in the world. And hope the next big drama will not be cut as much as HQG was on Hunan Channel.

Finally, some picture news:

We have the gorgeous Liu Shishi in a photoshot! I just added her because I feel like I didn’t cover her projects all summer!!😦

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Also, here are two new posters for the drama Ice Fantasy from Guo Jingming!

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15 thoughts on “First week of September Update

  1. Alt says:

    Liu Shishi looks gorgeous here. I have noticed her because I read she went to the same dance university as my bae Song Qian lol (Also I like Gao Yuanyuan’s looks). I am a complete ignorance on c-entertainment stuff and only recently starting to pay some attention to it simply because SQ is advancing into it haha


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD C-Entertainment is actually really interesting, especially if you watch dramas! However, kpop>cpop in my opinion. Victoria goes on a lot of Hunan TV variety shows, went on Noona Over Flowers and Grandpa Over Flowers (Chinese version). Otherwise, I am anticipating her next dramas and movies to come out ^^


      • Alt says:

        Thanks for reply lol Your response is always positive.😄

        Because earlier, while googling on c-entertainment stuff, I stumble upon some other one, two english language blogs dedicated to c-entertainment. They seem to have their own frequent visitors. But what startled me was that both of the authors of those blogs were quite anti toward any Song Qian related projects like Ice Fantasy, My Best Friend’s Wedding etc (“that girl… grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”, “I feel very underwhelming”, “why her?”, “noooooooooooooooo” and such). And even the commenters sound the same. I got an impression that most of them are also fans of other chinese actresses. It seems, they don’t like it when a newcomer like SQ gets casted into such big projects. Apparently they blame SQ for getting big offers using her fame and connections. But is it wrong? Yes, SQ is a newcomer. But not an ordinary newcomer. She already has an established fanbase. And yes, she is making connections and getting offers using her fanbase and fame because for entertainment people those are factors of marketability. But so do Luhan, Kris or Tao, other newcomers. Yet they, those fan girls, have absolutely no problem with that (“anticipating it!”, “looks cute and promising”, “looking forward to it”, “yes yes yes” and such).

        This kind of double standard puzzled me at first. Then I realized that this is exactly like in kpop. In kpop, fandoms of certain artists hate and dislike newcomers. Esp if they think a certain newcomer can become a “threat” to their favs in the future. Same behavior is common to c-entertainment fans, looks like. On top of that, they are biased for male newcomers but against female newcomers. Sigh…

        Sorry for my little rant lol


      • intellectualkitten says:

        First time I hear about people not liking Victoria! I know she has a lot of fans in Korea and China, so it surprises me c-international fans would be unhappy to see her in C-entertainment. I am myself a fan of Toria, so I am always excited to hear she is having new projects. Her acting is not too bad in Walking into Love, but feel like Cocoon Town will be a fiasco. A lot of people are supportive of Luhan/Tao/Kris getting into the C-industry since they are pretty much banned from the K-industry and as fans, they have to be supportive. On the other hand, Victoria has a feet in both boats and they may feel she is getting too many gigs? I dont know 8D…


      • Mia says:

        Hey alt, ive seen some of your other posts. I know youre a fangirl of song qian, but you are very hateful about other actresses. I have seen your comments about zhao liying having a tragic face, weird eyebrows, and stupid facial expression reminding of pantomimo on other sites? i dont understand why you hate her so much or what is fuelling your anger towards her. It might just be that youre provoking fans of other more popular actresses, not everyone will like the same actresses so please respect other people. You obviously dont like it when your favourite actress is hated by others, but at least theyre not being mean about it. Song qian hasnt proven herself as an actress yet, so yea, people might be opinionated about her getting roles up until she establishes herself. Its the same with almost every actress, lots of people hated on zhao liying before too and i guess you still hate her, but being rude and provoking others wont help. As a fan, you should really focus on supporting your own idol. I havent seen people putting down song qian because shes getting big roles, other actresses have their own roles. People will have their own idols, please dont put others down just because you support Song Qian. I dont see the double standard youre talking about, in general, song qian is already more accepted and lucky than most. I also dont think song qian is a threat to anyone, but you constantly attacking zhao liying is kinda disturbing. I have never heard of song qian before, but youre making me feel like i shouldnt like her after i read your comments comparing song qian to zhao liying. I actually like zhao liying and its hurtful to read all these things you write about her. Why are you saying her face is tragic over and over again on different sites, i just dont get it


      • Alt says:


        1. I am not a fangirl. I am a fanboy.

        2. “… but you are very hateful about other actresses.”.

        Lies. I was only hateful about Zhao Liying.

        3. ” I have seen your comments about zhao liying having a tragic face, weird eyebrows, and stupid facial expression reminding of pantomimo on other sites?”

        True. I did say those words. In response. Because some Zhao Liying fan girls did say hateful things about Song Qian first. So I responded. It’s called symmetric response even though it’s stupid and childish. This is something I learned from kpop – “you bash my bias, I bash yours”. When you meet immaturity and stupidity, accept it and do the same in return.
        Since I witnessed c-entertainment fans are nothing better than the horde of rabid fangirls of kpop, that the hate-dislike-bash game rules are the same, I am just playing along the game. Personally I have nothing against ZLY simply because I know nothing about her. But I am just playing the “let’s-bash-the-fuck-out-of-her” game you rabid fangirls like to play all the time.

        4. ” You obviously dont like it when your favourite actress is hated by others, …”

        And YOU too, don’t like it when someone is hating on your favorite actress. Right?


        Stop making up irrelevant excuses. A bashing is a bashing. Negativity is negativity. Cursing is cursing. You bash because you wanted to bash. You curse because you wanted to curse. You are being negative because you wanted to be negative. Those fangirls wanted to bash hence they bashed. They wanted to hate. Hence they hated. They wanted to curse. Hence they cursed. It’s a choice. Same with me. I wanted to bash, curse and hate in response. Hence I did it. There should be NO EXCUSES!

        6. “People will have their own idols, please dont put others down just because you support Song Qian”.

        This is exactly what I wanted to say to those fan girls who started it first. But I know they won’t understand it. So, if I give you the username of a certain fangirl, will you directly address her and say the same exact words?


      • Alt says:

        7. “I dont see the double standard youre talking about”

        I DO see. The double standard do exist there. Should I copy past here how those bloggers write about SQ-related projects and KrisLuhan-related projects respectively? Mind you, I am talking about the blogs and their readers.

        8. “i read your comments comparing song qian to zhao liying”

        Lies. I never compared SQ to ZLY. Stop making up things, hon. But I did interact with some ZLY fangirls who bashed my favorite celeb first. It was the same experience I felt when I first got into kpop – fans of debuted earlier artists unwelcoming and disliking new artists. The same attitude apllies to c-entertainment fan girls, as I saw.


      • archidisign says:

        Hi Alt! I am going to join in about this whole conversation as I find it very interesting.😛 As I am both a fan of Zhao Liying and Song Qian (Victoria), I can guarantee you that you don’t need to chose between them: you can like them both! It is true I have seen some hate about Victoria recently from Chinese fans, but I believe it is mostly because of the whole Chinese new thinking ‘We hate SM for hurting our EXO oppas’. Some think badly of Victoria for staying so loyal to a Korean label (enemy). Of course, there is also the whole thing about her getting easily casted in a lot of projects (but I don’t see this that often since people know that she has talent!).
        As for the International fans (Chinese entertainment side), I think it is common for those blogs/commenters (including me) to be less open about a Korean artist coming to work in China. And don’t get us wrong please. I can’t say for the others, but I feel this way for most Korean artists coming to China for the money when they are not even ready to learn about the culture (the example I have in mind is Rain Bi and Kim Kibum). Of course, this does not apply to Victoria specifically, but this may create a little bit of confusing about why she suddenly became so much more active in China than in Korea. However, I believe she has a great personality and great talent (MC, singer, dancer, even actress). It is just a matter of time before everyone accepts fully. Until she has a hit in China, for sure not everyone will be a 100% positve about her. She is in a new entertainment circle so she needs to earn that respect/admiration first.
        Now, I also want to talk a bit about the whole Korean vs Chinese (international) fandom thingie. Do note that unlike kpop fans, C-ent fans is made of a way smaller group of bloggers, commenters and just plain watchers. Also, Cfans are way more passive than the Korean fans (they mostly comment) and it is normal. Most C-ent that I am following for example is about acting stuffs so really, there isn’t that much merchandise to buy, and not that many music shows to vote for😛 There is way less fanwars between the actors too. I am not saying C-ent fans are perfect, but I think there are less hate (and I hope it stays like that). Which is why I feel uncomfortable with you using Kpop fanwars tactic to argument. As you pointed it yourself, it is very childish. I hope you will be able to be more mature than those ‘childish’ fans and argument with logic/fair statements, without insulting others. And if you see someone hate on you, be the better person and ignore it.
        Thanks for sharing your thoughts and I am happy to see you are starting to watch more Chinese shows! Hope you will be able to enjoy them ^^


      • Mia says:

        Not only me, but some other people who arent even fans of zhao liying have seen your comments about zhao liying on articles just about her and not talking about song qian. No one provoked you. If you dont like someone, you dont need to curse them constantly for no reason. Better yet, dont read about zly if its gonna make you angry. I just saw on another site that others have noticed that you do this often and for what reason? song qian wasnt even mentioned in the articles or comments, please leave zhao liying alone. I dont see why we can all like who we like without being hateful to others


      • intellectualkitten says:

        @Alt: I also love Victoria so I can understand your adoration for her. However, I don’t think you can ask everyone to be as supportive. Hope you can discover the acting of Zhao Liying soon because she is an amazing actress🙂


      • Alt says:

        Did you read what I wrote? Did you understand it?

        Use your logic and think about why would I even bash her out of sudden when I know nothing about c-entertainment?

        It was NOT me who started this. It was ZLY fan girls who instigated this negativity. I am just following the “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” principle. That’s why I single out her and bash. It is a REACTION. In reality I don’t care about her, I don’t know about her but I just bash her because I wanted to bash because her fans bashed my fav.

        See the logic?


    • archidisign says:

      Haha! Thanks a lot for the support for both the blog and my studies ^^ Some news about college life: I am already dying with the number of long assignments and readings I have😦 This is going to be a painful semester😥


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