Drama Just One Smile is Very Alluring Releases Stills


The drama that will star get fans both happy and sad. This is the drama adaptation of the novel of the same name by Gu Man, Just One Smile is Very Alluring. I am sure the novel has a crazy fanbase (since Gu Man is a very popular author with the mando readers) and that exact same fanbase is ready to take down/hate on that drama as soon as it airs. Because, apparently, not many fans are satisfied with the casting of Zheng Shuang for the female lead roles. However, I also have no doubt that fans are also extremly happy to see the face of Yang Yang starring in yet another alpha male role. The story will talk about modern geeks bounding together and… falling in love. I am a fan of Gu Man, so I am definitely going to watch it. ^^

The first stills were released recently so enjoy!😀 They look like perfect college students and really not like… gamers! xD

12 13 14 15 16

11 thoughts on “Drama Just One Smile is Very Alluring Releases Stills

    • intellectualkitten says:

      I really want to watch this drama! With all the hype surrounding Yang Yang, I have never watched a drama of his >< This is definitely on my watch list!!


  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    I’ve read the translated story and liked it very much – the cast is secondary to keeping the humor and the pacing of the novel intact. Cute photos!


  2. ah…. they looks suit each other.. not bad.
    i might having problem in get into feelings while watching this drama, because when i read this novel, i have been imagining kris wuyifan as xiaonai and hani (exid) as weiwei.. i even secretly pray that the casting team would offer kris the role.. but.. well.. maybe they need better actor and yangyang is lovely.

    but this still… set my heart at ease.. at least they looks good together.
    i hope they do film the ‘virtual’ world with yangyang and zhengshuang instead of 100% rely on CG.


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