Variety Show: Idol Up and Chef Nic! (yes, another ZLY post)


WHAT???? Read the post to know who is that guy!

Zhao Liying is the busiest c-entertainment girl right now. As she is staring on Idol Up, you would think that is enough. Beeeep. She also guested on Happy Camp and Chef Nic.  Although both episodes didn’t air yet, I still wanted to share the pictures of our girl. BTS pictures coming! Also, I don’t write recaps for Idol Up, but I still want to share with you guys this week’s episode. So, here is a short, in point, list of the moments that caught my attention on Idol Up. On a side note, I love how Zhao Liying is becoming more confident and more happy through each of these show appearances.

I think Zhao Liying fans are going to like this post ^^


First, we have Happy Camp. The Legend of Zu (Nicky Wu, William Chan, Zhao Liying) casting came on the hunan channel to promote their iQiyi show. The episode looks like a lot of fun, with a cute dance and … a cute kid!

Next, Chef Nic! The show is the show of Nicholas Tse (HK actor, Spirit of the Sword). The show has some main casting such as William Chan and Ma Su. The upcoming episode will have Zhao Liying as guest. I am curious how Liying will behave on a cooking show…😛 This looks fun as it seems like Zhao Liying and William Chan are true friends know and they are not awkward around each other (unlike how it was with Wallace Huo when they were filming…)

Finally, we are talking about Idol Up! I won’t cover everything, so here are my personal highlights:

  • I love how the younger girls such as Zhao Liying and Ouyang Nana are bounding so well together. In the middle of the night, they started dancing/jumping on the bed like they were clubbing (on the Big Bang song Fantastic Baby). Xie Na and Ada Choi also joined in a few minutes later, even if they were worried for their sleep/bed xD.
  • Han Ge (? not sure if it is his name = the second male MC) is really cementing his reputation as the man who can do everything perfectly. It seems like Brigitte Lin likes this type of man a lot xD (although she is married of course!) However, I feel like he has absolutely no special MC skills at all and hence, it feels weird that he is everyday job is being… MC of a variety show. The good thing is that this proves that he got to where he is through hardwork right? He is trying so hard to do well in every technical thing, but doesn’t seem to be able to join into the fun activities smoothly at all…
  • He is always making the breakfast for everyone and it feels like he is bragging in some way about his cooking skills. Han Ge is however a great man (I think?) so I am not trying to hate. But I would love it a 100% more if the girls could bound through cooking breakfast together instead of seeing them eat his food and just praise him everytime. Just my thoughts.
  • The episode the behind stories of the famous couple of the show: Xie Na, Athena Chu, Ada Choi and of course Brigitte Lin. It is fun to see that everyone seems to be trully in love with their husband.
  • Ning Jing was on the hospital bed and was not able to participate this week. She still chatted with the girls on an app and tried to look as energetic as she could. I love how courageous she is trying to be ^^
  • The main goal of the episode was to help the show director to propose to his ten years girlfriend! Let me share with you my thoughts on the subject ^^

First of all, I am not a huge fan of public proposal. I think it is really putting the girl on the spot and forcing her to say yes. Because, after all, if she says no, she would be called a b*tch. Second, the proposal in itself was so beautifully shot. It must be the most romantic proposal ever with memories, music, dance choreagraphy and everything else. WOW. Third, I am happy that those two were able to end up together. Based on what was shown on the screen, they are college sweetheart and after ten years of dating, are finally getting married. From graduating college to big deals at a big TV channel producer AND still being able to be together. This is beautiful. The couple is not especially good looking (the girl doesn’t even wear makeup) and it is so great to see that still, they find each other and are happy with who they are (and how they look to show themselves on TV). Beautiful x 1000

  • In the episode, the most popular girl is … Ada Choi! So happy about this ^^ This girl is beautiful, funny and gorgeous at the same time. I love her reaction (she just kept her mouth open in disbelief and then jumped in excitement). Congrats girl!

Now, girls, let’s talk about the juicy stuff!! Zhao Liying and her female ships. WHAT? You can ship Zhao Liying with other people than Chen Xiao, William Chan, Zhang Han and Wallace Huo? Yes Yes and yes!! The girl loves to take selfies with her friends and to make it look like they are kissing. Here is a collage to show you that yes, Zhao Liying is not a cold girl and also has a lot of friends in the show biz! There are the girls from Best Get Going, Boss&Me, Legend of Zu, Idol Up, Our Ten Years, and more! ^^

Want even more juicy stuff??? Well, here we are! You know, every variety show needs a ship. And it is hard to do it, when the show has ten girls and two old men, right? Well, that doesn’t stop the Idol Up producers! They thoughts were probably like: Why not ship the only single guy left with the it girl of the moment? Yes, I am talking about… He Jiong and Zhao Liying! Dun dun dun dunnn! Yeah, I am disappointed we didn’t think about this ourselves xD! Anyway, the two of them will be sharing some kissing time next week it seems and the pictures are leaked out! What do you think? This episode, Zhao Liying asked He Jiong if he would be interested to date someone like her… They also shared the same car to commute to their Idop Up activities. See the cute ‘couple’ picture.

ps; By the way, I don’t know if you girls caught it, but Hua Qian Gu was all over Hunan variety show this summer. The countdown: Twice on Happy Camp ond Three times on Laugh Out Loud. I am not going to cover those though… since that is more like a Zhang Dan Fang feature post xD

14 thoughts on “Variety Show: Idol Up and Chef Nic! (yes, another ZLY post)

  1. I love this post! Thank you for sharing all the juicy photos and news! I never thought Liying would be that friendly with her female co-stars. This is definitely something all of her fans should know. Aside from the bluntness and awkwardness, she does get along with many other girls. I notice the that she’s way more giddy and comfortable on Up Idol. Her career is going extremely well. All her fans should be really proud! As for the pairing with He Jiong.. I think they are purposely doing this LY’s been involved with so many of her male costars lately. There a short clip circulating on Weibo of her and a mystery man, but was soon taken down.. Therefore, i think they’re trying divert the gossips by partnering her up with He Jiong. He seems a little too feminine to me.. Almost gay, so i doubt any of this is real.
    PS, i wish they had done this with a male guest star.. He Jiong doesn’t seem to suit LY that well.


    • archidisign says:

      Haha! welcome! Took me all night :’D I needed my c-entertainment fix of the week.
      That’s because selfies is becoming a real mandatory thing for her now it seems.😄 But this makes the cast look so much more cozy and familiar with each other. If fans are like us, they must be so so so happy! ^^ She is starting to get some real genius funny moments on Idol Up and I love how out going she is starting to become.
      He Jiong is straight… I think? I am not sure if he ever got into any relationships before, but I know him and Xie Na are like the work wife/husband relationship. I am not so sure shipping them is a good idea, but for sure, it is just for fun so I am thinking to just go with the flow. Haha. This is definitely NOT a couple I want to see transferred to real life.
      They don’t have enough male guest to start shippings so I guess the producers didn’t have a choice, but to couple those two up? If there was, I wish she could be shipped with someone like Qi Ji!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. intellectualkitten says:

    That ship is just wrong ._. I always knew variety shows are scripted but this is just weirdly unacceptable. I guess the views will tune in, but not for the right reasons (btw, a lot of rumors about He Jiong been homosexual and I believe it is the case, so this feels really wrong for me :”D).

    Otherwise, love the pictures and excited to see ZLY on Happy Camp next week ^^


    • archidisign says:

      Next week is supposed to be Tang Yan… I don’t know how long we will have to wait for ZLY’s Happy Camp episode!😦
      Ship is not a real ship. It is more like an Amusement park pirate ship? Like scary and funny at the same time ^^


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Just saw the trailer for TY’s episode… it looks really good so I won’t be too mad the one of ZLY is not released yet😛
        (but they kissed no? so it is still weird ><)


  3. I hope the Happy Camp edition of the Legend of Zu cast will be available soon. Have been scouring through YouTube to no avail, so far *sighs*. Anyway, why not make a Zhang Dan Feng feature post?🙂


    • archidisign says:

      Hehe. I could, but the episodes had been aired for quiet some time now (and I of course watched them all ^^) Maybe one day when I feel like going back and track down some DongFan daddy moments, I will write a full article about him😛


    • archidisign says:

      😦 sorry! I am so busy with school work that even following the Chinese Entertainment world seems like a luxury (need a high GPA in this harsh world..). xD The sad thing with C-shows, they don’t have enough international fanbase to translate them…


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