Entertainment Update: He Jiong Dating Wang Jing, Michelle Chen+Yuan Shanshan, Angelababy Wedding Preparations


@_@ I don’t know how I squeezed in the time to follow the C-entertainment these days when I have to study all day everyday. Assignments and self study are no joke these days and I always feel tired. Any other college kids in the same boat? Here is a quiet recap of what happened this week.

He Jiong was caught… with his girlfriend/soon-to-be-wife? With years of rumors saying our favorite male TV host may be gay, we finally have the news that… he may be dating someone too! Rumors say that he is dating Wang Jing (I am not sure who she is). Apparently, media say they were caught going around looking to buy a house together, in preparation for married life and… an upcoming baby? @_@ Once again, I am so confused by this news! Anyway, it was time He teacher finds a love interest too. And for sure, Congratz!!

From what I understood: He Jiong and Wang Jing have being married for ten years and it is a known fact in the show business that he was married. Wang Jing is also a TV host and helped him to publish multiple books. However, thanks to the high status of He Jiong in the entertainment circle, no media outlet released the news to the public. So, the fact that they were caught means that the media got He Jiong’s approval. People are speculating that they are annoucing their relationship because a) She is pregnant or b) to stop the Zhao Liying/He Jiong rumors.

ps; It is interesting how all of Zhao Liying’s onscreen partners are finding love this year (Chen Xiao, Zhang Han, Zheng Kai and now He Jiong). Haha. My fan heart is just sad my bias’ name is used right and left to create media attention.😦 Anyway, back to the entertainment news now!

If you are curious, here is a ranking of the TV shows so far. Nirvana in Fire is the winner, but William Chen is getting the most attention!😉

10 11

source for more data: 01

Last week’s Idol Up was super cute. They celebrated the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival by preparing mooncakes for elders. The weren’t any competition game and everyone just looked their best. My kind of episode! :3 Here are some character posters for the say episode.


Oh and of course, there was the big Zhao Liying and He Jiong scene where they faked a kiss for the camera.


Michelle Chen and Yuan Shanshan (two Yumama products :P) shared a photoshot with Jia Nailiang for the TrendHealth Breast Cancer special issue. There are even nude pictures of the two actresses…. Quiet shocking, but since it is for a good cause, it is all good I guess!

Huang Xiaoming and AngelaBaby‘s wedding is coming in less than two weeks. It will happen on October 8th, 2015 and all the C-entertainment outlets are buzzing about every little details for the big social event, including who will be named Maid of Honor or Best Man. We will have to wait and see the pictures to know the answer I guess. HXM offered to his future wife a gorgeous big ring, confirming once again that they are living in a fairytale.

28 3029  31 32 33

There is a new Journey to the West movie adaptation Surprise starring Bai Ke, Ma Tianyu, Bolin Chen, Kimi Qiao and Tong Liya.

Chinese Paladin 5 is still in production and more stills/BTS were shared to the public:

The drama Legend of Ban Shu from Yu Zheng Production team released an official trailer. It seems like it will air this October 2015. I have no time to watch it, so I will add it to my list of to watch soon.


Finally, we have the drama Tai Ji Men starring Zheng Jia Ying, Tang Yi Xin, Lin You Wei, Yuan Bing Yan, Bai Bing, Ying Hao Ming, and Huang Wen Hao.

On a sidenote, there are rumors saying that Yu Zhang will produce the thriller drama Memory Lost and he intends to stare Jin Dong and Yang Rong… Once again, let time tell us if this rumor is true or not.

6 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: He Jiong Dating Wang Jing, Michelle Chen+Yuan Shanshan, Angelababy Wedding Preparations

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    So happy you wrote this article! I have officially lost touch with the C-Entertainment world :”D… I am still skeptical about He Jiong dating this woman for then years 0.0 but if he officially announce it on Happy Camp, I will accept his words…😛 Otherwise, surprised to see YZG is so low in the ratings… And finally, OMG, that ring looks huge 0.0


  2. Melody says:

    Thanks for the update! I’m so hooked on Up Idol too, it’s so funny!🙂 I guess the only guy who hasn’t been caught yet is Wallace Huo. xD I’m shipping them together in my lala land.


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