UPDATED Entertainment Update: HXM-AB’s Wedding, Ice Fantasy, Fall in Love Like A Star


More stills, more news this week🙂 So many eye candy from Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy’s Wedding <3… Also, more stills from Ice Fantasy

The most anticipated character posters for Ice Fantasy are finally released! The star Ma Tianyu. He looks like he is coming out of a fairy tale, definitely wowed by the final pictures :)) Still waiting for Victoria’s >< Below are some interesting trivial infos about the movie:

  1. Zhang Meng declared during the Press Conference that Victoria’s performance changed Guo Jingming’s sexual orientation to straight (note: this is a joke, she means how much of a sex appeal Victoria is xD)
  2. GJM declares he is not confident enough to direct Ice Fantasy

More pictures for the hyped wedding of Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy. A lot of articles are coming out everyday about this so I am just going to translate the main idea….:P

  1. The parents of the groom are already in Shanghai (where the ceremony will take place) and already hope for grandchildren xD
  2. The theme of the wedding will be based on Roman culture
  3. The bride maid will be……. Li Bingbing! LBB is well known in the showbiz as a friendly figure that everyone likes. She seems like a very genuine person, so I am happy by their choice. On the other hand, Chen Kun will not be a guest…
  4. The approximate number of guest is two thousands 0.0
  5. Some sources declare Angelababy is very busy professionally these days and HXM was the one planning the majority of the wedding….. x)


More pictures of the ceremony:

The many many guests:


Pictures of the ceremony part 2:

Yang Mi attend the Paris Fashion Week for the Chloe Show.

Drama Flying Daggers with Yang Rong, Hawick Lau, Guigui and Kenny Kwan finally release legit character stills (the old ones wer way too lazy to be called legit!)

New stills for Fall in Love Like a Star starring Yang Mi and Li Yifeng releases stills:

Gao Yuan Yuan and Ma Tianyu are doing a movie called 君子道 together! I am not sure about the story line, but here are the BTS pictures:

Finally, some cute pictures of Lay, Amber Kuo and Zheng Kai for Ex-Files 2🙂

Zhao Liying spotted flying to the set of the movie adaptation of the variety show Go Fighting!, confirming her participation in this highly anticipated project.

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