Li Yifeng Special: Mr. Six, Fall In Love like a Star, Sparrow


Sorry for the lack of article people :”D I still have a lot of incoming midterms and assignments next week, so we will see how many times I can come here ^^ A lot of stills and teasers were released for Li Yifeng this week, so I am gonna do an article just for him😀

First is his movie with Yang Mi called Fall in Love like a Star aka 怦然星动. I posted the trailer below the stills and you guys should definitely give it a try. The acting of Yang Mi seems to have improved and they look really lovey dovey together. While, I am not expecting a memorable movie, the project looks very nice! It will come out on the 03/12/15.

Trailer including OST:

Official trailer:

Next is his project Mr. Six with Feng Xiaogang and Kris Wu. The movie tells the story of a mob head, played by Feng Xiaogang, and his dangerous encounter with a younger mob clan lead by a silver haired man, played by Kris Wu, when he must protect his only son, played by Li Yifeng, from greater danger. The movie looks like a masterpiece and since I strongly believes in the acting skills of FXG, I am definitely gonna watch it! It will be released on the Eve of Christmas, 2015.

Finally, there is his drama called Sparrow. Despite not knowing when this drama will be aired, it has already received a huge fanbase. Sparrow is a spy drama where Li Yifeng plays a double spy during the Republican Era. He will star alongside Zhou Dongyu, Li Xiaoran, and others.

More Stills:

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