Entertainment Update: Above the Clouds, Les Interpretes, Dad 3

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Haha, I roflmaoed so hard when I saw this picture… x) I am not even sure if I am anticipating Above the Clouds or going to hide myself from it ^^… This week, some random facts and tons of new drama/movie stills!

Above the Clouds with Chen Xiao and Yuan Shanshan:

Talking about shocking pictures of guys, here is a gif of Hu Ge for his next drama Good Time (BTW, Nirvana in Fire just ended, did anyone watch it?). In it, he cosplay as Marilyn Monroe:


Just A Smile is Alluring with Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang:


Love my if You Dare with Wallace Huo and Sandra Ma:

Les Interpretes with Yang Mi:


Also, there is a new army slash idol drama coming up. It stars Dilireba from Diamond Lover and Ma Ke from Hua Qian Gu, both new actors that gained tremendous popularity in 2015. Both have very puppy faces, so it should be a lighthearted drama. The stills look really nice:

Bonus picture of Yang Rong in Yun Zhong Ge:


The Last Women Standing with Eddie Peng and Shu Qi:

The Witness with Luhan and Yang Mi:

New movie Surprise starring Bolin Chen and Ma Tianyu released even more hilarious posters:

Deng Chao’s new MV (it seems to be for a movie but I am not sure which one). The song is about Deng Chao confessing his wrongdoings to Nian Nian (the character Sun Li, his wife, played in Zhen Huan Zhuan):




The kids from Dad Where Are You Going 3:

Angelababy is becoming quite a controversial topic. Days after her high profile marriage with Huang Xiaoming, she had to do a clinical examination to prove she has never done plastic surgery. It seems to be necessary for her case against a particular PS clinic in China. This is not supposed to be a huge deal. However, because these two events have happened in the same week, Angelababy is now nicknamed the Chinese Kim Kardashian (extravagant lifestyle + plastic surgery)… which is kinda unfair for her in my opinion. What do you guys think?


Talking about Angelababy, here are some behind the scene pictures of Run Brother 3! Remember, the new episode is coming out on Friday THIS week!! :)) Also, it seems I was miss informed on my last Run Brother article. The first guests are going to be Ruby Lin, Huang Bo.

We all know Li Bingbing is an ageless soul and new pictures from her photoshoot for Elle November confirms our opinion:

4 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Above the Clouds, Les Interpretes, Dad 3

  1. archidisign says:

    I feel bad for Angelababy and no, she has a totally different image (at least in my eyes) compared to Kim Kardashian (she did not film a sex tape nor show her life 24/7 on a variety show). I love her, She should not lie though, because it is so obvious she got work done.
    I wonder if Michelle Chen is jealous of the close friendship Chen Xiao has with Yuan Shanshan. Compared to MC, I think CX and YSS fit more. My personal opinion of course :3 Chen Xiao is so perfectly fit to cosplay. xD Hope this will not be another of Yumama’s fails.
    Finally, I am excited for Ma Ke and Dili Reba’s collab! It reminds me a bit of Destinated to Love You. Please don’t be too cheesy. *_*

    Liked by 2 people

    • archidisign says:

      I think it is rumor so far, but it is true xD. They didn’t confirm yet, but they seem quiet serious about their relationship. Chen Xiao had no problem talking about her on Happy Camp this week and he totally looked in love.


      • CxDx says:

        Lol wow how fast if they are getting married, sounds sweet. Lol all of ZLY costars are in stable relationships now. Except WH, which I am shipping them ever since watching HQG and now the kiss scenes are released xD


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