Beautiful Secret Releases Official Trailer


OMG, the trailer was released four days ago and I had no idea!! I am more and more worried for our Vic Omma, she is doing so many things at the same time! The drama is definitely better than I expected ^^…



Love love the trailer! The plot is very stereotyped, but by only watching the trailer, I am liking all the characters and actors.  The acting of Victoria is very nice and she looks gorgeous in every scene. My only complaints for this project where about the plot, so it is nice to see it is not as far strecthed as I was expecting it to be :D…

The characters:

Victoria (Song Qian) as Mei Li, a lovely young girl in a joyful family. She works hard to help her family as a delivery girl:

Peter Ho as the CEO Guan Yi, a selfish and charismatic man interested in the talents of Mei Li:

Some interactions between our main characters:

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Zhang Xianzi as Xu Ruolin, the (adopted?) daugther of Mei Li’s real mother, a famous idol who loves

Wei Qianxiang as Cheng Weifeng, a doctor the little sister of Mei Li has a crush on. He is the “big brother” of the Jiang sisters

Ivy Deng as the little sister of Mei Li, a cute, hardworking and bubbly girl who wishes to become an idol:

Li Ying as Wang Xuan, the biological mother of Mei Li:

The lovely family of Mei Li (adoptive VS rich superstar mom)


6 thoughts on “Beautiful Secret Releases Official Trailer

  1. archidisign says:

    It sounds so fun, but also so similar to the 2012 drama Victoria starred in before, When Love Walked In. Everything looks so predictable, but it all seems to work. I think I am gonna give it a try when it airs.


  2. HJ says:

    Haha, I was waiting for you to post this🙂
    Yes, it’s very full of cliche plots but I think it will appeal to “aunties” in China. And that’s great because what Victoria lacks right now is public viewer audience recognition. Can you believe it’s already been 3 full years since her first drama? I don’t think you can find any actress in China other than Vic,,, who has nothing airing for 3 freakin years and yet her popularity still rises steadily and gets casted into bigger projects every time lmao.

    I read from one of the admins Baidu SongQian Bar weibo….that Beautiful Secret will air sometime in December as soon as Benny Chan drama finishes and HNTV plays another drama before Beautiful Secret.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      xD really, it attracts autie views? Hehe, I feel old now. December is kind of late, but at least it is in 2015 (not too bad :PP)…. I miss Song Qian on variety shows, I heard she will appear on next week’s Happy Camp😀 So excited!!


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