Entertainment Update: November Air dates, If Love Like This, Legend of Mi Yue


This entertainment update will cover the airing dates for November (really not that many shows), some casting news/released stills (like always) and some Zhao Liying gossip news (not THAT interesting either). It is a slow start for November­čśŤ

I thought it wasn’t worth it to write a full post for the November air dates… We will have a relaxing drama month for November. There aren’t any BIG projects airing during the month, except maybe Legend of Mi Yue at the end of the month (November 30th, 2015). We have two easy for the heart modern dramas without a precise airing date: Return of Happiness and The Love of Happiness (with William Chan).

The Legend of Miyue with Sun Li, Liu Tao and Jiang Xin released more stills.

The drama┬áThe Woman Above the Bread Tree┬áwith Tang Yan, Sun Yizhou, Zheng Kai will also have its TV debut on December 1st, 2015 (I think it was aired previously online, not sure…).

Liu Shishi and Tong Dawei are currently working together for a new drama called If Love Like This. I hope they will change the title. The story is about how two widowers (the OTP) recover from the suicide of their husband/wife and fall in love with each other.

Two new posters of Hu Ge for his new drama Resume, a drama about the workplace in the Financial Industry. It will probably be airing for 2016.

Hu Ge recently went to the Wenrong Awards Ceremony to receive his award for Best Actor. Congratulations!

4 5

He also went to the 10th Asian TV Drama Conference to receive his contribution prize in Japan.

1 2

Zhao Liying and Lu Yi at the Press Conference for Rouge.

Here are also some bonus pictures of her on the set:


Talking about Liying, some nice fans photoshopped her into a gorgeous Demoness for Halloween. As always, I had to share:

1 2 3

Zhao Liying (Hua Qian Gu), Wang Kai (Nirvana in Fire), Maggie Jiang (My Best Ex-Boyfriend), Zhang Rui (New Huan Zhu Ge Ge), Wang Xiao Chen (Good Time) and Zhang Ruo Yun (Legend of Nine Tails Fox) are in talk for the newest adaptation of the Chinese novel Romance in the Rain. Such a great cast if it does happen!


Talking about Liying, you know I always want to cover everything that happens to this cutie pie! :3 Well, some big news happened on Weibo! WOOOT? She is dating… still nobody. xD On October 16th, she posted a quick thank you message to everyone who wished her a happy birthday on her weibo. On October 31st, Chen Xiao actually liked that post. The media covered that IMPORTANT information and said how Chen Xiao likes Baozi faces actresses. xD Of course, there are also comments trying to ship CX+ZLY back together and saying Michelle Chen is going to be jealous. After all, he liked a post 15 days late, meaning he had to go through ZLY’s weibo page, right?


I know everyone would want to know this information so I had to share it 8D Now that Chen Xiao is taken, I will not ship him with Liying anymore. All I wish for Chen Xiao now is for him to chose more interesting projects!

The drama Hot Girl between Dili Rebat and Ma Ke released more stills! This looks more and more promising.

There is a new variety show called Run for Time which will be airing on November 6th, 2015. The concept of the show is still very vague, but it looks like another Run Brother spin-off. They will have a background story (the Xi Shi Legend), lots of guests and running to do. From the stills, I recognize the participation of Yu Zheng, Zhang Meng, Ada Choi, Hawick Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Jia Nailiang Zhang Liang and TFBoys. There are a lot more (16 guests) = this is a big scale project for sure! For the premiere, they will be focused on the Xi Shi Legend and some stills were released.

4 5 6

Talking about Hawick Lau, his drama with Yang Rong, Flying Daggers, released extra stills:

Other project to release stills was Qin’s Moon:

8 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: November Air dates, If Love Like This, Legend of Mi Yue

  1. Cat says:

    Wow. Great update. I like most of these new shows. Planned to but now will def watch the new legend since now i know it also has my girl from NIF. I like Liu shishi’s new drama. The photos for daggers has nice costumes and qin’s moon looks pretty. Hope they will air relatively soon and not a few years after. Do you know why a lot of times they film and then doesn’t air until few years after?


    • archidisign says:

      xD I think it is going to be as good as Zhen Huan Zhuan (not sure they can surpass the original though..)
      I sadly don’t know exactly how the dramas are chosen, why some are pushed back and which one gets aired first. From what I understand, the drama is first produced. Then it starts releasing stills, trailers and do press conferences. Then, a TV channel or a web distributor may buy the drama to air it. So, it is super important to have an impressive production/casting team (so that they get the attention of the public and secure themselves an air date). Since the drama land in China is so saturated, some dramas don’t get an air dates at all. Also, there is a regulation process with SARFT which checks if the drama has a proper Chinese value (i.e. do not bash the government or Chinese history). With so many steps, a lot of dramas get pushed back. There are a lot of exceptions though so we fans can just cross fingers and hope for the best!


      • Cat says:

        Ah, thank you for the insight. I’ve always wondered how come some shows just disappear off the radar after post-production. Now I know. Hopefully the shows I am keeping tabs on will air!


      • archidisign says:

        Yeah, I also noticed some of these cases that were totolly not explained! For example, The Four was filmed in 2013 and was immediatelly bought by Hunan because of its stars full cast. They even went on Happy Camp back then. However, it suddenly disappeared and only aired this year 2015. The same thing will probably happen with God of War Zhao Yun with Lin Gengxin and Yoona (they are also bought under Hunan right now). I bet there are so shaddy bad people behind the scenes who doesn’t want us to watch the dramas on time!­čśŤ


    • archidisign says:

      @_@ Really? That would be so cute. I feel like that would be like her coupling with Zhang Han. If it is true, I hope it is for a modern drama


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