Chen Xiang and Rachel Mao on Happy Camp


Love love love everywhere! 8D This week, three couples came on the Happy Camp. We have two married couples: Chen Xiao Chun (HK actor and singer) and his wife Cherrie Ying (HK actress) as well as Yang Yun (Chinese gymnast) with her husband Yang Wei (Chinese gymnast). Each couple has a son and they still seem very in love. That’s great! However, this post will be about my new sweetheart couple, Chen Xiang and Rachel Mao (Mao Xiaotong). Cuteness overload. ~~ This article will be exclusively on them :3

The say episode:

Cute cute cute!! My new favorite couple in the Chinese entertainment world. Happy I can finally ship a real life couple and hope they will last forever!! They look so shy to appear on the same show together, especially Rachel Mao. However, I checked afterward and they actually both also starred on another variety show called 男左女右 (Men on the left, Women on the right!) It was recorded in 2014 February 14th. At the time, they just finished filming for Return of the Condor Heroes. I don’t know if they started dating then.


You can check the episode here:

Here is also a cut of the episode where Rachel Mao acted especially cute:

They also starred in the same drama called Lady’s House with Ma Tian Yu!! Can’t believe I never noticed before. Both played the second leads. I realize how both of them never had a lead role in a drama yet…😦


Now back to our current episode. These pictures are from the introduction of the episode. They look at each other with such a big smiles!! :3

2 14 9 1 3

For one game, each guest must bring a cloth for their partner to put if they lose. Chen Xiang chose the gorgeous Snow White dress for Rachel and she chose him the Prince Charming costume. Here they are wearing the say costumes. Don’t they look like the perfect couple?

5 7 8

Some other moments during the show. .///. They are so cuuuuteee! Chen Xiang was so into this game.😛 This episode also made me rediscover the great voice of Chen Xiang. *goes download his songs*

6 4

Here are some extra pictures of Rachel Mao :3 Do you know she is starring as the ‘Empress’ in Yun Zhong Ge right now?😛

10 12 13

5 thoughts on “Chen Xiang and Rachel Mao on Happy Camp

    • archidisign says:

      Haha. It is true! I actually loved all the guests too! But I was too lazy to recap and too excited to share the cute couple’s pictures :3


  1. I watched both the Happy Camp and the other variety show, last night. So when everyone was sleeping, all you could hear was me squealing loudly on the side. Anyways, this couple is my new favorite couple, and I hope they’ll end up like the other RotCH couple.


    • archidisign says:

      xD Me too, I felt so happy while watching them. However, I feel like they are too young to get engaged/married. As long as they have a long lasting relationship with guest appearances on drama/variety shows together, I will be a very happy fan :3


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