[Variety Recap] Run Brother 3, Run For Time, Happy Camp with Victoria


Hehe, variety shows are back to the spotlight and I thought for this week only, instead of doing a recap for Run Brother, I will do one for all the popular variety shows of the week (especially since I love all the guests ^^)~~

Run Brother 3 with Singers! (Ep.3)

It is definitely an improvement compare to the first two episodes and I had so much fun watching it! All the games were super fun and despite the fact that the final mission is anti-climatic, it was definitely a solid episode! The guests are Momo Wu, Xiao Yaxuan (Elva), and Chopstick Brothers (the duo behind this summer’s hit: Little Apple). They are divided into two groups: Men in Black ( Elva, Deng Chao, Chopstick Brother, Luhan, Wang Zulan) and Blank Space (Momo Wu, Angelababy, Li Chen, Chen He, Zheng Kai).

For the first game, they must choose two members to write on the glass and the rest of the members to protect the glass. If the name of a player is written on the wall and not erased for at least 3 seconds, then this player get eliminated. The Blank Space team makes the mistake of choosing the two girls to write on the glass. For that reason, the Men in Black easily wins. As a punishment, Chen He is dropped off the game.


For the second game, they have to guess the title of songs that are read out to them or partly played. During the first half of the game, Men in Black successfully answers most questions and the points are 4 VS 1. Luhan is particularly amazing as he is able to guess old songs from the 90s, sometimes, just while listening to the music. Then, suddenly, Blank Space team gets the upper hand and start winning at each time, thanks to the quick agility and thinking of Zheng Kai. As a conclusion of their defeat, the MIB decides to drop Wang Zulan. Side comment, but Angelababy is super good at dancing *.*!


Last game, find three objects in the shop in the shortest time and come back to the initial point. However, the players must pay attention to the staffs in yellow suits who holds a camera, as if they get their picture taken, they receive a penalty of 5 seconds each time. Blank Space wins and one ot eh Chopstick Brothers is drop out.


Final mission: a music competition! Both group must since a song and the best of the two group wins Run Brother trophies. The Blank Space team obviously have more actors and less singers, however, their dance moves and their enthusiasm is enough to warm up the spectators! However, it is the professionalism and the amazing singing ability that win the crowd over… ultimate winners: Men in Black!!!


Run For Time Ep. 2


So many members!!! Chen Xiang, TFBoys, Ada Choi, Wang Likun, Jia Nailiang, Tian Liang, Xie Na, Du Chun, and some others I don’t really know… :3

I was really surprised to learn this variety show received more tags and research on Weibo compared to RB3 last Friday (both where aired around the same time) and decided to check for myself what it is about :P…. It is quite good and very refreshing! Check the episode below:

The concept of the game is a little complicated. In total, there is about 20 members on each episode. They form together a group and must work together in order to complete the missions given to them by a group of futurist people. The missions are connected to fictional characters who need help in the city. Each time they complete a mission, their points will increase. These missions are set in a time limit of about 40-50 minutes and are designed to be completed in group. Each episode has about 3 missions. However, only the top ten members (not only of this episode, but of all this season) will get the change to affront during the final mission. Therefore, yes, it is a group game, but it is important to think about how you can keep the edge compare to everyone else. Also, staying active in the mission and continually finding clues help getting more points. They also have to pay attention to the bodyguards, who can take them out if they are spotted.


My favorite contestants in this episode were the TFBoys! They are all super young but I was pleasantly surprised to discover they are very brave and athletic. All three members are among the most active contestants in today’s game!

Some of the  men who stood out in this episode. Tian Liang did a good job solving most of the puzzles, Chen Xiang‘s struggles where adorable, especially with the yogurt lady, and Jia Nailiang seems to have an amazing personality!

Some of the girls! Xie Na was hiding during the whole game and when everyone got eliminated, decided to pass to action. She successfully completes the last game by herself and wins the most points. Ada Choi helped a lot too and seems to be the most connected among the contestants. Wang Likun (she was gorgeous!) stayed in a hiding spot, but helped Chen Xiang and Jia Nailiang at occasions.


Overall, I enjoyed this episode a lot. It is not your usual variety show where you are just laughing and relaxing, but one where you sweat as you watch the contestants fight. There are some funny moments but as the title say, they must Run for Time!

Happy Camp with Victoria

Not much to say about this episode, since I did not enjoy it as much as I was expecting. However, here is a gallery of this episode ^^! The games were all very fun and physical, but due to the lack of jokes and the great amount of accusation (in order to find the spy), I found the episode more stressful than funny. Victoria was particularly quiet this episode, since there was a lot of guests more talkative than her and as she declares herself, she was too nervous to be lighthearted for the games. As for who is the spy, I will not spoil, but you can catch the episode on the link I posted below:

Some more gorgeous pictures of Victoria, the hightlight of this episode😀

18 thoughts on “[Variety Recap] Run Brother 3, Run For Time, Happy Camp with Victoria

  1. archidisign says:

    I tried to watch Run for Time and didn’t really like it. It felt like I was watching people playing video games. I would rather play games myself than to see others do it, even if they are celebrities. Not a fan of the concept. I was also disappointed by this week’s Happy Camp… :S I prefer the usual concepts!!
    The first game sounds really similar to a game I saw on Running Man😛 I love it!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      BE careful, because Archidisign didn’t like it at all😛 I guess everyone’s taste is different ^^ Tell me what you think!!


  2. HJ says:

    I was purely watching Happy Camp for gorgeous Vic face and her facial expressions lmao. They played this spy game because 3 of the guests were promoting their upcoming movie which is about detective and mystery. The other guests were all suspicious that Vic is the spy lol but she was actually honest throughout the show. She said she just really didn’t want to be voted out and she simply kept wanting to play the games. that’s why she tried so hard in every game lol
    But I saw the rating weibos and it seems Happy Camp did really well in ratings this week. I saw 2.3 which is higher than last two episodes.

    I think Vic was more reserved because she was only a “special”guest. Whereas other guests were there to promote their new movie and variety show, Vic really was just there to play rofl This is her 4th time on Happy Camp already, but she has yet to go on to really promote her acting project.
    However, Beautiful Secret PR weibo said that the cast of Beautiful Secret will go on Happy Camp soon to promote the drama since it will be airing on HNTV in December. So I think when that time comes, she will talk more and actively promote her new project🙂


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hehe, it was adorable how she did her best just because she didn’t want to be eliminated ^^. OMG, I am so pumped up for all the end of year projects! There is so many A-list movies to come out and a ton of dramas too!😀


  3. mic says:

    didn’t watch run for time yet but this ep of running man was enjoyable. luhan probably would have gotten more right if he stood closer to the mic. rofl at the getting supplies section b/c the chopstick bros & deng chao were soooo bad at it.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      😄 HAHA, especially when the camera lady intentionally captured Deng Chao in her frame ^^ It was a good episode and I enjoyed it, but I hope they spice up the future episodes because some of the running gags are getting old… Also, happy to know Luhan is minglng with the crew ^^


      • mic says:

        yeah i hope they do something new b/c the ep is long and can feel even longer when it’s forced. this ep is much better than the first 2. they started subbing this show on their channel too so maybe they will put more effort in making it fun.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thank you! Wang Likun was awesome in that episode, and I liked her braids :PP Sadly, we don’t follow much of her works… but I watched Ex-Files and she was really good in it!


  4. ssmileforlife says:

    Oh I’m sorry again I didn’t know there is another admin in the page. I didn’t notice it. T.T I’m foreign. I’m so happy read updates about C-entertainment in English.🙂


    • archidisign says:

      Haha. We are two admins🙂 When you comment on an article, you can be sure we read it😉
      You are welcome and we love your feedback!


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Hi there! So sorry the blog ate up the comment.. I wasn’t able to find it in the spam folder either😦
      I would say write on something that is hard to find information and interact with the readers🙂


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