The Rise of a Tomboy Part 3!


Hehe, you know I am really excited for this movie. They released new stills today and those pictures really brightened up my day! The pictures mainly stars Zhao Liying with her second male lead, Korean actor Jung Il Woo.

As I realize we wrote a lot of special article for this project, all new upcoming stills will just be added to this one. Here is the same synopsis as before:

  • Cast: Zhao Liying, Zhang Han, Jung Il Woo
  • Release date: TBA

Synopsis: The female lead is a tomboy trying to find the formula to love, only to discover true love comes in a heartbeat.

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I just realized that Jung Il Woo is the scheduler in 49 days! Hehe, he was quiet handsome back then so I am excited to see how his collaboration with my Goddess will turn out.

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