Entertainment Update: Oh My God, Mr. Six, To Be a Better Man


Happy Sunday! A lot of projects released stills this week (I feel like a heavy promotion always makes the movie or drama less interesting once it actually comes out… is this just my opinion?) Oh well… For the entertainment update, a lot of casting news and stills!

First, some casting news!

Eddie Peng, Ni Ni, Zheng Shuang, Ou Hao, and Wenle Yu are going to star in upcoming movie Legend of Wukong… I know what you are thinking, China must be obsessed with Journey of the West! This must be the sixth movie in 2015 inspired by the famous story and I am not even sure I want to watch any of them… But hey, at least the stars of Fleet of Time are collaborating again!


Talking about these movies, The Monkey King 2 starring Gong Li, Feng Shao Feng, Xiao Shen Yang, Luo Zhong Qian, Guo Fu Cheng,  and Kelly Chen released a short trailer:

Curious about how Liu Yifei and Yang Yang will look in their next collaboration Three Lives Three World Ten Miles of Blossom Flowers? Well, here is a very nice fanmade video of themselves in period drama, looking as good as ever!

Wang Kai has been announced as the male lead of Nirvana in Fire 2! He attended the press conference on the 19th November and declared all the casting will be changed and there will be a completely new set of characters.


Wu Lei (Nirvana in Fire) and Xiao Caijie (Chinese Paladin 5) have been casted for the new drama 奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时, which can be loosely translated as The Journey of a Legendary Star. It tells the story of five rebellious teenagers during the Song Dynasty and their encounters with many hot blood situations.


New drama featuring the cast of Go Fighting!, To Be a Better Man released some official stills. It stars Sun Honglei, Lay, Jiang Shuying, Wang Yaoqing, and Guan Xiaotang.

Movie Oh My God went on Happy Camp this week-end and here are some official pictures of Chen Xuedong, Li Xiaolu (and her baby girl!!), and Lay:

And some stills, because… why not?

Mr. Six with Li Yifeng, Feng Xiaogang, and Kris Wu released more stills. Kris looks extremely skinny here. As for his fashion sense, let’s just say I will consider him as a fashion icon from now on…

Movie Fall in Love like a Star with Li Yifeng and Yang Mi released some stills:

I wanted to watch Border Town Prodigal for male lead Zhu Yilong, but it seems all the focus are on Viann Zhang. Based on the released stills so far, I am not too into the story yet.

There is new variety show with Li Yuchun and Shu Qi! X Fire follows the two stars as they experience new adventures in a kind of road trip format. Both are classy and beautiful women so this should bring a breeze of fresh air in the variety scene!

Movie Bad Guys Always Die is also set to premier soon!


18 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Oh My God, Mr. Six, To Be a Better Man

  1. Wow Wu Lei’s star will shine brighter, I wonder if he lead male or secondary? I love his bubbly and sassy characters so much. Looking forward for this show
    I completely became a fan of Chen Bolin’s chicks lol


  2. archidisign says:

    Mr.Six looks really good. Especially after Feng Xiaogang won a best actor prize recently for his acting in it! :3 curious to see how it turns out.
    Also, super excited to see Wu Lei in The Journey of a Legendary Star. Finally he is male lead (his second time actually). Hope this one won’t be too comical.😛


  3. cc says:

    Nirvana in fire without the same cast Is just not nirvana anymore… Even though completely different story and Wang kai still in but still… Hu ge, jin. Dong, fei liu, Chen long, the rest of the other lover boys… Won’t the same…. Nirvana is imprinted deep in me…


  4. Cat says:

    ZIL. ZIL. So many dramas in the can but none have a release date yet. Boo. Boo. I am reading Border Town Prodigal and it’s quite good. Can’t believe I never thought to read these classic wuxia novels!


    • archidisign says:

      I know! I have so many anticipated projects that I hope will air in 2016! Really? I realize I never actually watched any drama under the Xiaoli Feidao series so I hope I will have the motivation to watch this one :3 I need better stills to convince me!
      I did watch other Gu Long dramas I really liked: Proud Twins, Meteor, Butterfly, Sword, and The Magic Blade.


  5. Cat says:

    Same here. I haven’t watched any of the flyin dagger series. I will read the books first since I am enjoying border town so much. I am going to rewatch journey of flower once then start the full version and ZIL in legend of muye. I heard he is does a cameo in run for times but not sure which episode yet. I’ve watched the three so far, haven’t seen him. He is just so purty.


    • archidisign says:

      Isn’t Border Town Prodigal some kind of prequel to the Xiaoli Feidao series? ZIL is Zhu Yilong, right? I didn’t know! He is definitely a rising star in the entertainment world so it wouldn’t surprise me if Hunan tries to cast him in their variety show.


      • Cat says:

        Yup. Yup. ZIL is our boy. I was wondering about some of the references in border town to daggers but I haven’t completed it. I need to find that post again where someone did a full timeline of all the Wuxia characters or something so from birth to death and stuff. I remember it was amazing cause all major players were on that list and some I didn’t even know about. It was very well done.

        I hope he gets air time for his wrapped dramas and recognition for his role in legend. It’s got so much hype but he is just one of the many supporting characters but since he plays her son, he will at least get decent screen time I hope.

        It’s a small cameo in run for times. he isn’t a runner but a cameo cast character. Not much details but saw a pic of him in costume.

        One last note. Can’t stand his hair in border town. Can’t. Can’t. *sad face*

        Hope all is well with your break and school. Fighting!! (I always wanted to say that). Ha.


      • archidisign says:

        That post sounds like the Wuxia bible *_* all characters or only the ones involved in the Gu Long novels? Everytime I watch a wuxia drama, I am so into it that I search for list/graph like that to get as many spoilers as possible! Sounds very useful.
        Zhu Yilong did get some recognization last year from his drama with Yang Rong, but sadly not enough to be pushed out as an IT actor yet. I thought he was the male lead in Border Town Prodigal? He is in a lot of the stills, so we can keep our hope high for his scenes :3 Haha, his hair is not THAT bad! At least it is short😛
        I don’t watch Run for Time, but it is nice that Hunan is paying attention to him!
        Thanks for the studying wish! Yes, finals are coming so close and I am getting nervous. I have so many chapters to read, exercises to do!!!


  6. Cat says:

    I want to say it is all wuxia cause it was insane. I need to find it one way or another. I’ll link you if and when I do.

    He was named one of the four up and coming it boys by the Chinese press. I am not familiar with the rest named. I will have to link you to that as well. He wrapped up quite a few and yes he is lead 1 for border town. But in reading the book, the character he plays doesn’t seem like the main lead. I need to finish the book (I got distracted with another time travel girl in palace court book that’s ongoing and very long) and see how it all wraps up.

    Let me see what else. He’s been quiet on weibo and haven’t had any news of him recently. I am hoping it all changes once he gets exposure in LoM in latter part of that series. 90 episodes. Oy. Hope he gets decent airtime.

    Rock on. You well do well on your exams. Reward yourself with dramas when you’ve wrapped it all up.🙂


      • Cat says:

        Found it, it’s actually timeline for 金庸’s works, nonetheless, it is a good read for sequence. Hahaah. http://www.mianfeiwendang.com/doc/ae030852723b3201049a8c4f

        I finally finished reading Border Town Prodigal. I liked it lots. I can see why the remake is “New” Border Town Prodigal cause based on the stills and the emphases they put on who are the leads, it’s different from the book. Curious to see how it all pans out. It’s relatively happy ending for most of the folks (meaning, big love for the world wins, the individual love stories are pretty much meh, dead or left it open ended) but hey big love!

        Still looking for the link for YIL. I read it, I thought I bookmarked it. Still looking.


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