Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Rookie Agent Rouge, Miss Unlucky


On Monday 23/11/2015 finally ended the atrocities that was Yun Zhong Ge. It is all good guys, we survived! Maybe I am being cynical since apparently Chen Xiao was good in it. (People on weibo seemed to be mad at the unexpected aired ending since it was rumored to be a happy one and turns out Hunan trolled the viewers again) Next, we have some candy dramas for everyone. There is a new Palace drama in Mi Yue Legend with an all star cast (Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin), a xianxia/wuxia/fantasy drama in Qin’s Moon Legend (Lu Yi, Michelle Chen, Jiang Jingfu, Hu Bingqing and guest appearance of Wu Lei) as well as a cute modern drama called The Women on the Bread Tree with Tang Yang and Bosco Wong. But, while waiting for these dramas to air, let’s look at some new stills:

First trailer for period drama The Love Without a Trace with Tong Liya in the lead role and Tong Dawei as the funny emperor:

New stills for drama Flying Daggers with Yang Rong and Hawick Lau:

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Some more stills for Legend of Zu Season 3. It seems they are releasing ten episodes per segment! I see lots and lots of Zhao Liying and William Chan on weibo. :)

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Rookie Agent Rouge with Lu Yi and Zhao Liying:

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Our Liying was casted for the new JiangSu TV variety show “Your Voice” 看见你的声音 where she will have the chance to collaborate with a various Korean artists:


She is also rumored for new drama that will start filming in March, “Princess Agent” where she will be playing the role of Joe chu. If they attend a press conference, we will talk more about it ^^

Movie Oh My God with Li Xiaolu, Chen Xuedong and Lay releases more stills:

704_1787597_217500 704_1787598_419817 704_1787599_546145

More stills for the drama version of So Young starring Ma Ke:

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Drama Miss Unlucky with Rachel Mo and Yin Zheng releases more stills:

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Never ending promotion for Fall in Love with a Star with Yang Mi and Li Yifeng:

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Wallace Chung is confirmed to star in the movie Hourglass, the sequel to Left Ear.

Zhang Dan Feng was casted as the second male lead for drama Mr.Right (also previously called My Male God). Mr.Right will star Ji Chang Wook with Wang Xiao Chun.

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New movie Surprise starring Bolin Chen, Tong Liya, and Ma Tianyu releases more unrecognizable stills. I watched a prequel of this movie long time ago and it was hilarious, so I hope this movie will be just as fun:

704_1788415_731722 704_1788418_769314 704_1788422_920442 704_1788423_383628

Legend of Miyue will start airing next week!! I am super excited by this drama starring Sun Li, Liu Tao, Ma Su and many recurring actors from Legend of Zhen Huan. Don’t forget to check our offical gallery for this drama here!1440258605AEu_1

Guess, which is the next variety show to be adapted into a film? Yep, it Go Fighting starring Show Luo, Huang Bo, Huang Lei, Sun Honglei, and Lay. Hehe, Lay looks super adorable in these pictures:

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New Stills for Braveness of the Ming starring Park Min Young and Zhang Han.

1 2 3 4 5 6

New series  Dab Xian Ya Men 《大仙衙门》with unknown names (to me at least) Wang Chuan Jun, Wu Qian, Chen Yi, Fang Lu, and Zhang Xiao Chen.

3 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Flying Daggers, Rookie Agent Rouge, Miss Unlucky

  1. archidisign says:

    Zhao Liying is supposed to have a cameo in the Go Fighting movie so I hope she will join the cast when it comes to promoting the movie at the beginning of next year :3


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, SECOND male lead so not the lead lead yet😦 But with the exposure he is getting this year, I am sure no.1 male lead will be his very very soon!

      *edit: I just realized we didn’t put the word second in the article at first. I just fixed it. So sorry we gave you false hope😦 I promise, it was not done on purpose!


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