Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Adventure for Love, Beautiful Secret


This post is longer than usual. I don’t know why, but there were a crazy drop of new stills in the last two days and we barely caught up with all of them, ouf. Have fun! 

Big project news! Yu Zheng is going to adapt yet another novel to small screen. Hope it is not anyone’s fave: 西宫之燕王的日月 Western Palace’s King of the Sun and the Moon (how do you translate this title? :S ). The producer of Hua Qian Gu is also involved in the project. What a weird combination.


Les Interpretes with Yang Mi, Huang Xuan, Zou Qile, Qing Xunde Wenyi Feng, Ning Wang, Shou Hou, Qian Shou, Xunuo Yan, and Chuchu:

Drama Adventure for Love starring Jiang Jingfu, Chen Xiang, Danson Tang, Sun Xiao Xiao, Wen Xin, and Angela Zhang released some character posters. I am SUPER excited to know Angela Zhang will finally star in a drama since Romantic Princess (a hit drama with Wu Chun in 2007!!):

Beautiful Secret starring Peter Ho and Victoria released a new trailer! A lot of scenes are similar to the last trailer, but it also include a fragment of the OST:

Some more pictures of Victoria in a wedding dress fro the Wedding of My Best Friend

Korean actress Han Chae-young was added to the cast of Revive with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang.

Han Chae-young

Another modern drama that is getting a lot of views these days is Swan Dive for Love starring Zhu Yawen and Ma Yili.  It looks pretty good:

Some stills from Just a Smile is Alluring with Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang. The cast wrapped up filming this week.

To not let us forget about this drama, Princess Weiyoung released a new poster … without any content😛 (this drama is supposed to star Tang Yan for 2016).

Princess Weiyoung

Guess who will guest on Run for Love? Li Xiaolu. Huehue, I am expecting some lovey dovey moment with husband Jia Nailiang. She also appeared on Happy Camp last week to promote with the cast of Oh My God.

The JNL/LXL couple are currently promoting their project A Detective Housewive which is supposed to be aired at the beginner of next year.

This week on Happy Camp will be Yang Mi, Dilribat, and Bao BeiEr.


Sina TV released their pick for Best Actors and Best Actresses of 2015… do you agree with their choice? It seems to be a popularity award:

Talking about Yao Chen, she is starring in a new movie with Chen He and Dou Xiao called Everybody’s Fine.

So I Married my Hater starring Park Chanyeol and Yuan Shanshan and guest starring Seohyun released some more stills:

From the same company, Yoona of SNSD was spotted filming a CF with Li Yifeng:


Talking about SMTown, are you guys following Luhan and Kris‘ projects? Both of them released MVs this month and the setting is pretty similar:

814a4ae9gw1eyeff8a8jyj20p00dw0uf a145ce41gw1eydfgmi1uog20c708ce81

 New drama with Ming Dao and Shang Rong called Mad Money or 私房钱.

Here is the poster for Yan Yikuan‘s new war drama in 战神之血染的青春.


New stills for drama Miss Unlucky with Rachel Mo and Yin Zheng:

Final gossip notes:

  • Today officially marks the Ten years of Chinese Paladin 1! They started filming on November 29th, 2005. Wow, what an exciting decade for Xianxia dramas. The movie version also started shooting today. It will star the original protagonist: Li Xiaoyao, played by Hu Ge!!
  • Chen Xiao was spotted this week drunk and crying at the airport, creating a media fuss about his current relationship. However, at the Qin’s Moon press conference later, Michelle Chen stopped all the bad rumors and says that nothing is wrong with their relationship so far and they are still very engaged.
  • Krystal from Korean girl group F(x) will be starring in a fashion related Chinese drama. More on that later. Lay is rumored to be the male lead.
  • Hua Qian Gu redemption time! Guandong TV bought the rights to re-air the whole drama with no uncut scenes (Edit: but sadly still choses to air their own biased edited version). If that is something you want to watch (Edit: I doubt), it started airing since November 25th. Furthermore, on December 1st, the drama will also start airing on Taiwanese  China TV and Chung T’ien TV (Edit: yes, let’s wait to watch the TW version, sorry guys for the false hope).

12 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Les Interpretes, Adventure for Love, Beautiful Secret

  1. cc says:

    as much as I love Chinese paladin 1 and li xiao yao, Im not sure I want Hu ge to play him again… The character is too young for Hu ge now.. But well see…


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Did you watch the new episode of Qin’s Moon released today? It is similar to Chinese Paladin and I feel like Jiang Jingfu is way too old to play a goody two shoe orphelin… But yeah… I approve your point


  2. Cat says:

    The currently airing version of journey of flower is very edited. Even more so than the so called uncut version from the summer. This is the third version and word in weibo it is the worst.

    So better skip and wait for the t cut version which is coming up on the first.


    • archidisign says:

      Really? That is really disappointing!! Why are the evil TV channels doing this to poor Hua Qian Gu?😦 Hope Taiwan will be able to give justice to the drama then :((


      • Cat says:

        Yeah. But it makes sense cause G TV is still a Chinese station so if it didn’t pass censors the first round then why would it be the truly uncut version this round? As for Taiwan, I am really hoping it will be full full version. I’ve seen enough deleted scenes that I am ready for to see it in the actual series.


      • archidisign says:

        Me too, I just want a proper release of the drama. I thought Hunan made all those cuts so they could put more advertisements in between and annoy the viewers? :3 Do you remember how Empress of China was badly cut by Hunan at first (to remove all cleavages) and then TVB (from Hong Kong) did a marvelous job in comparison? I hope Taiwan will be able to step up and be the savior of Hua Qian Gu too!


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