December Air Dates + Mi Yue Zhuan for Nov 30th 2015!


Yeah! It is the end of November, which means… the airing of Mi Yue Legend! It will officially air on November 30th, 2015 (tomorrow!). Go see our gallery created for this occasion here where you can find a lot of goodies about this upcoming drama😉  I first wanted to dedicate this post to Mi Yue, but for efficiency purpose, I decided to put all the air dates too!  Hence, added to this post are other exciting December dramas that are coming so check them out below.

2015/11/30 Mi Yue Legend

  • I think Mi Yue Legend has a high chance of following the footsteps of super popular Chinese drama Zhen Huan Zhuan and even a big part of the old cast is in this new TV series.
  • Cast: Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Huang Xuan, Gao Yun Xiang, Ma Su, Jiang Hong Bo, and Sun Qian.


2015/12/01 面包树上的女人 The Women Under the Bread Tree

  • Cast: Tang Yan, Bosco Wong, Liu Dong, An Xiao Lu
  • With Tang Yan as the female lead, how can this drama not have good ratings?😛

2012/12/08 麻辣变形计 Hot Girl

  • Cast: Ma Ke, Dili Ribat
  • Talk about striking when it is still hot! They just filmed a few months ago and already got an air date. I like both leads, so I may check it out.


大玉儿传奇 Da Yu Er Legend / Legend of XiaoZhuang for 2015/12/17

  • Cast: Jing Tian, Geng Le, and Nie Yuan
  • It will be hard to compete with Legend of Mi Yue, but the trailer looks legit good!


2015/12/22 戴流苏耳环的少女 Girl Wearring Earrings

  • Cast: Gui Gui
  • Based on that trailer, I don’t think I will watch it….
  • Edit: Aired on Hunan TV since 2015/11/06 and will restart airing on Anhui on 2015/12/22


美丽的秘密 Beautiful Secret 2015/12/23

  • Cast: Victoria Song, Peter Ho
  • I know a lot of our readers will be excited for this drama. Finally one of Victoria’s work will be released!!


等你爱我 Waiting for You 2015/12/01

  • Cast: Cai Xiwen, Zhu Gang Ri, Wang Kai
  • Tried the trailer and found it a bit too depressing. Can be interesting for fans of Wang Kai to watch (but I think he plays like the second or third lead role, so not that many scenes).


(Rumored for December) Chang Ge Xing Singing All Along

  • Cast: Yuan Hong, Ruby Lin
  • YES PLEASE! Poor drama had been on hold for such a long time, it is just sad.


As usual, there are a lot of other dramas that will be released for December. I only put the dramas that I think the readers may want to know about.😛 Also, if you want to share your excitement or first impressions about any of these dramas with us, feel free to do so😉

12 thoughts on “December Air Dates + Mi Yue Zhuan for Nov 30th 2015!

    • archidisign says:

      Yes! Hope it airs! If you are curious, I recently noticed that the story was based from a manhua (Chinese manga) called Chang Ge Xin by Xia Da. It is in English translation now and there are already 48 chapters out.


      • I know I have read some chapters, but I also see somewhere that drama based on novel. Seems manhua is also based on novel, but somehow female leads have different names. Whatever, plot is interesting and leads are Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong, which is serious reasons to watch it


  1. So many interesting dramas that I would like to watch. I think Girl Wearing Earrings has already been aired in November though… Anyway, any idea where I can watch Legend of Miyue? I feel like I won’t have time to watch other dramas if I want to keep up with this xP


    • archidisign says:

      I think for Legend of Miyue it will be released on youtube? Most Chinese dramas are… we will have to wait a few hours to know keke Yes! MiYue Legend is like, what, 80s episodes? I wanna watch the first few episodes and then skip through (my watching technique for long dramas). Try youtubing 羋月傳 tonight?
      And you are right for Girl Wearring Earrings! I don’t know how this never caught my attention… It started airing on Hunan since November 6th and will start airing on Anhui TV starting December 22th. Weird how Hunan didn’t promote the drama that much yet though…

      Liked by 1 person

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