[Ep. 8] Run Brother with Sun Li


Such an adorable episode!! Here comes my fast opinion:


Luhan: He impressed everyone during the acrobatic game by successfully succeeding the thrown on his first try. As for the final game, he stayed till the very end! Luhan is definitely a soft hearted person and I thought it was a shame he got eliminated first. Luckily, he was resuscitated by Deng Chao. Unluckily, he teamed up with Chen He and… did some less gentleman-like things. For example, the TWO boys elimintated Angelababt TOGETHER… ><


Angelababy, Zheng Kai and Wang Zulan: Their performance was not spectacular in this episode, but they did participate a lot. I thought it was a shame when Wang Zulan got eliminated and AB… well, that was unfair xD I love the moment when Chen He tried to kiss Zheng Kai, thinking it will make him laugh, he actually answered back the KISS! Fanfic moment everyone! ZK also helped a lot Sun Li and played super well today…


Deng Chao: Happy to see him been caring! Despite acting tough, it is easy to see that he didn’t want to eliminate Sun Li and… I really appreciated the scenes where he was goofy and stupid, trying to be tag along with Sun Li, since I knew he did it to make his wife more comfortable xD.  Oh, and his continuous promotion for their movie, Devil or Angel, made everyone smile xD

704_1808683_196434 (1)

Chen He: Chen He was been oblivious as a Devil and it is funny because everyone was expecting it xD… He did well on this game but did not play as clean as Li Chen and Deng Chao (like he asked Luhan to help him take out AB, did not give an advantage during the dual to Sun Li despite her been a girl,… ). Nonetheless, he was quite funny this episode ^^, so I shall forgive him.


Li Chen: Li Chen always love to do silly things which he think is funny… but for a watcher such as myself, it just feel weird xD Huehue, he is definitely not the funniest out of the cast, but I love to see him so hardworking and sometimes act cute or funny. I loved the scene where he encountered Chen He and Lu Han and asked for a dual. Despite been only one man, he SUGGESTED to do a 2 VS 1… very manly!


Sun Li: Finally, OUR GUEST! She was so adorable this episode. Despite Deng Chao trying to tease her EVERY chance he get (look at how happy he is to have her on the show!! >< That is relationship goals), she completely ignores (aka hit him at moments) and is very concentrated to do the mission. Nian Nian alsoo has good instinct since she successfully turned this mind game into a battle between Angel and Devil. I like how she says “No, no, no…!” or “You are bad” to the crew whenever they do something wrong, because that just shows that; indeed, she is a mother! As to the question all the viewers must be wondering, it is confirmed: Deng Chao is definitely below Sun Li in the household ranking😛

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