[Drama] Stay With Me with Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai


Written by Tong Hua, produced by Meng Huan Xing Sheng and directed by Deng Yancheng,  “Stay With Me” 放弃我抓紧我 is a new romance drama that started filming on December 18, 2015. They will shoot for three months. It stars Chen Qiao En and Wang Kai as the OTP.


  • Chen Qiao En as Du Qiqi
  • Wang Kai as Chen Yidu
  • Kimi Qiao

This is kind of the first official drama where Wang Kai will play the lead. It is also the second collaboration of Chen Qiao En and Kimi Qiao after Cruel Romance and of CQE and Tong Hua after Destinated to Love You. Although we have to wait for the stills before anything can be said, I am pretty sure it will be a teen romance drama.

They released the following pictures/fanarts: Chen Qiao En in her DongFang Bubai attire and Wang Kai as a vampire!! This can be interesting to watch for entertainment values since, based on the feel of these drawings, it doesn’t look like a deeply thought story…😛


First picture of the cast on the set:


5 thoughts on “[Drama] Stay With Me with Chen Qiao En, Wang Kai

  1. I can’t wait for this. Joe Chen and Wang Kai are both so pretty so if the drama turns out too funky at least they’ll still look good. Hehe. But usually Tong Hua dramas start off great which only begin to turn ridiculous around the second half.


    • archidisign says:

      They already look really good on the Red Carpet! :3 I find it weird how much Tong Hua’s style changed in the last few years… From Bubujingxin+DMY+YZG to … Destinated to Love You and Vampire stories? Anyway, still anticipating for the leads!


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