Entertainment Update: Old Nine Gates, Ladder of Love, Monkey King 2

4c033d1egw1ez47gm4gy7j20qo0hq76uHappy last entertainment before Christmas! Happy holidays everyone! Hope you are all surrounded by delicious food in a warm bed ^^ (because that is what Christmas is all about xD)! Today, we have tones of stills @_@ Sorry. There are just so many new dramas that decided to release pictures at the same time.

Zhu Xian has confirmed the appearance of Zhao Liying in the drama!! The rumor says she will play the female lead (there are two female leads in this story), but I don’t think it is possible! I mean, the girl is busy filming for Old Nine Gates and afterward, for her movie with Aaron Kwok… She has no time to join the cast of Zhu Xian right now V_V However, it is not sure what role she will be playing. Are you excited? It is so weird how this drama released so many promotional content, but there is still no official poster for Li Yifeng.


Talking about Zhao Liying, here are some cozy BTS from Old Nine Gates of our princess and William Chan. I seriously wonder if these two are dating…

On the other hand, Lay (aka the Third Wheel) has been seen eating alone:


Movie The Monkey King 2 released more stills of Xiao Shenyang who will be playing Zhu Bajie:

More pictures of Yang Yang and Liu Yifei attends the official press conference of Thee Lives, Three World, they look so pretty! Like seriously, Liu Yifei definitely doesn’t age. So flawless *_*

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Chen Xuedong (Tiny Times and Real Hero) and Ying Er (Painted Skin II) are almost done filming Decryption:

Dilireba is going to star in the drama Ladder of Love which will start promoting soon. It also stars Zhang Meng and Zhang Rui.

New novel to be adapted in a drama! Woot woot! It is called 美人為餡 Beauty as Filling (? I am 100% sure this time my translation is wrong..:/ else, it must be quiet a creepy story).


Guess who is never tired of producing dramas? Yu Zheng! Here he is again, working with Mango TV for a new idol drama. Zhang Zhehan will play the lead, along side him are Xu Xiaonuo, Zhang Sifan and Deng Zhuyan. Drama is called 半妖傾城 Half-Demon Allure.


The cast of Everybody’s Fine starring Yao Chen, Zhang Guoli, and Chen He released posters where everyobody is holding a letter to their respective father:

New drama starring Zhao Yi, Chai Biyun, Hu Yajie, Liujia Peng, Xiao Yi, and Guo Rui Xi is called Magistrate Zheng Ban Qiao《糊涂县令郑板桥》. It released a few BTS pictures with the female lead.

Another new drama called Pretty Wife and starring Li Xiaoran, Du Chun, Yu Mingjia, Zhang Luyi, and Zhang Jiayi.

I know, there are so many new dramas! Well, here is another one: There Will be Fireworks. It stars Mao Junjie, Zhu Zixiao (Yeah! he is back!), Zhang Yunlong, Ma Kuideng and Li Xin Ai.

More stills for Flying Daggers:

Roy Chiu has a new drama coming up: Wine Beauty. It also stars Hu Xing Er, Li Cheng and Mao Zijun. Here are some wedding pictures from the drama.

2 5

We never talked about it, but there is a high chance William Chan and Jessica Jung (ex-SNSD member) will collaborate on a movie Love’s Parcel. Actually, maybe they already did film it. I searched really fast and there is indeed a few BTS pictures, but not that many information on the project so far. Also added is a picture of them together on a variety show.

1 2

A rumored project between Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao called 巴黎早安. I was so out of the loop about this news and only discovered it recently (I think it was again aiyusoxin who mentionned the news.. thanks!😛 ). Anyway, thought I could share it!


17 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Old Nine Gates, Ladder of Love, Monkey King 2

  1. Wow! Zhao Liying is soooo busy. I hope I get to watch these shows she’s on.

    Ohmu, Three Lives, Three Worlds is getting live adaptation!? Movie and drama. Wow. That’s a pretty angsty novel to adapt. (Just sad, how the author is implicated with plagiarism with this book~) I might just watch the movie; many prefered the movie cast.

    Ohmu, another Ding Mo’s novel getting adapted!?! Wow, that author’s on a roll~ And yes, you’re translation is correct, it’s literally “Beauty as Filling”, which is weird for a title. However as per this review (http://www.books.shushengbar.com/?p=6534), official english title is “Memory Lost”.

    Thankies for this news update again~


    • archidisign says:

      Three Lives also has a movie adaptation with Yang Mi and Mark Zhao. Me too, I will probably want to watch the movie more since the eye candy is just too much to resist *_* Especially Liu Yifei. I expect something similar to ROCH 2006!
      Ding Mo is getting so many adaptation offers! His stories are not really my genre so I didn’t check anything yet. But probably will very soon. The tile is so weird!!😦 Next time we will cover things about this story, let’s just call it “Memory Lost”😛

      Liked by 1 person

    • archidisign says:

      All those new dramas sound so interesting! I really like the posters for Pretty Wife! Although I am worried for the health of these actors, I am so excited to see all my faves working hard😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. coffeenlucia says:

    Aw I really hope Zhao Li Ying takes a break soon. She’s been too good to us fans… I seriously worry for her health. How does she manage to film so many projects at once?! And then there’s also Rookie Agent Rouge coming out soon. T_T Hope she stays healthy.


    • archidisign says:

      Yes:/ I feel like she is already full pack for the next 12 months.. Girl seriously need a break. I bet everyone is sending her love calls and casting offers and knowing her, she just couldn’t resist. I wish she could concentrate and take her time one project at a time instead of always been on schedule for all these @_@ I am excited for Rookie Agenr Rouge though (looks like so much fun!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. They probably not caste ZLY in Zhu Xian, it’s like promotional course to get more attention to drama. She is so busy, so many shows and dramas I hope she wont overwork.

    Little Dough is so adorable, he stilled my heart ha ha ha

    I hope rumor about CX & MC film is true. I like their couple, they was very adorable in roch, I would like to see them again on screen.


    • archidisign says:

      Really? But there are quiet a few articles about that so I believe she will at least have a cameo role. They know everything with her name will get clicks from fans like us (haha, I personnally can’t resist… v_v) and that’s why this year, there are so many articles putting her name out there even if it is just a cameo role. She has so many projects going on. I am worried too.
      Little Dough? the kid for 3lives? I agree! He looks so cute!! ><
      CX+MC in a movie … As long as it is not produced by Yu Zheng again, I may try it too😛


    • archidisign says:

      I ship her with… EVERYONE! haha, no, but I still can’t decide between the two. She seems really close to William Chan, but I fear that their relationship is going the Chen Xiao road (being shipped together by the media and on Happy Camp and her cameo-ing in his projects afterward). There seems to be a bit of age difference between Liying and Wallace, but they are so cute together! And I notice how she seems really close to him on their past Happy Camp appearance. They seem closer in BTS videos, hiding from the media 8D


      • I thought CX and ZLY have been really dating since I saw many bts photo but sadly it was just like the case with FSF and Victoria. Actually I like Wallace and ZLY couple, they were so tender in Hua Qia Gu and on promotional events too. They seems to be close I think, I also remember in one interview she said that Wallace is her guru in acting field *Forever Wallace Shifu* хD I hope to see them again as otp somewhere.


      • archidisign says:

        I think they really did (don’t call me delusional on this one pls!) Chen Xiao did mention her multiple times even after Lu Zhen and Palace movie, and she came to see him on the ROCH filming set! I don’t know for FSF and Victoria, but if I really have to ship her with someone, it would be Yang Yang since he looked so cute when he said he likes doing projects with Victoria the most :3
        I hope so too!! Make Liying and Wallace Huo do lots of projects together 8D (after this year of course since she really needs to slow down…)


      • I know, it looks like he obsessed with ZLY, even until now, isn’t it ? I remember post here about Chen Xiao liking her post on weibo recently, I guess or maybe I mistook something again…
        I was always ship Victoria with Zhou Mi from SJ-M, so another ships makes me a bit indifferent ha ha.Yes another huge project with Wallace and Liying like Hua Qian Gu was!!


  4. Hagu says:

    I ship Liying with Wallace..
    I like to see how close Liu Yifei and Yang Yang, so different when Yang Yang partner with Zhen Shuang they look so awkward.
    And about zhu xian drama to many rumour about the cast but not officially confirm yet from the actress/actor. Such as Like Yifeng or Liying, both of them are busy now


    • archidisign says:

      Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang both filmed Diva Hits the Road this year (the variety show), so they should be close friends. However, I agree, they do look really awkward as a couple. But at least, since it is a first love story, it makes sense that they look a bit awkward I think. On the other hand, Yang Yang and Liu Yifei couple together is like looking at the most beautiful thing ever. *_* pretty pretty pretty x infinite.
      Yes, Zhu Xian is such a mess… So many actors involved and so many posters that came out, but we are still uncertain on the fate of the lead roles!


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