Chinese Xianxia Dramas OTP List


First Christmas gift from Cdramadevotee! Short post of all the eye candy couples in Xianxia dramas😉

白子畫 + 花千骨 Bai Zihua + Hua Qian Gu


李逍遙 + 趙靈兒 Zhao Ling er + Li Xiao Yao (Chinese Paladin 1)


陳靖仇 + 撻拔玉兒 Chen Jing Chou + Tuoba Yu Er


百里屠蘇 + 風晴雪 Baili Tusu + Feng Qingxue


丁隱 + 玉無心  Ding Yi + Yu Wuxin


徐長卿 + 紫萱 Zi Xuan + Xu Chang Qing


景天 + 唐雪見 Jing Tian + Tang Xue Jian


Poll Time!

9 thoughts on “Chinese Xianxia Dramas OTP List

  1. I dunno which one pick, so many favorite otps there. I like Bai Zihua + Hua Qian Gu for their tenderness and vagueness.Chen Jing Chou + Tuoba Yu Er are so childish and funny when they are fighting. Baili Tusu + Feng Qingxue are desperate and heartbreaking. I can’t choose one they are all so precious.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Agree… Zi Xuan and Xu Chang Qing are definitely among my favorite couples in Xianxia dramas whereas Chen Jing Chou + Tuoba Yu Er where just as attaching ><


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