Entertainment Update: Greetings Part 2, Legend Of Jiu Guan, Ladders of Love

Which Zhang Danfeng do you prefer? ^^ Haha, we missed out on some Christmas greetings so they are added to this post. Better share those pictures before 2016 arrives! There are also a few casting news and rumors in the post as well as the usual stills release deal.

ps; we are trying different design for the blog these days, but I think I like our current one so it should be stable now ^^Because of some layouting errors, we can’t really do gallery of two columns anymore without them looking really really small. So we will probably just put pictures full size instead…

Drama So Young with Yang Le, Zhang Danfeng, Chen Yao, Ma Ke, Cai Wenjing and Dong Chunhui releases a happy set of character stills in holiday moods:


Mr.Right cast with Chang Jiwook, Wang Xiaochen and Zhang Danfeng doesn’t lose either and shared more of thoses special themed posters. Haha, bonus double Zhang Danfeng!

Talking about festivities, it was the birthday of Shifu on December 26th, 2015. Happy birthday to Wallace Huo!

334 (2)

On the gossip sides, for this beautiful period of the year, Angelababy and loving Huang Xiaoming went back home to see their parents!


New web drama Legend Of Jiu Guan 《传奇酒馆》 starring Jia Zheng Yu, Wang Jia Yu, Wang Long Zheng and Cai Wen Jing. It is quiet a short project, with six episodes of about 13minutes each.



Another new drama! Dab Xian Ya Men 《大仙衙门》 released character stills starring Wang Chuan Jun, Wu Qian, Chen Yi, Fang Lu, and Zhang Xiaochen.

Wine Beauty stars Li Cheng and Mao Zijun.


There are so many Mr.Right out there, did you find yours? New drama Hello Mr.Right 老师晚上好 starring Li Dongjian and Guan Xiaotong released stills.


爱的阶梯 The Ladder of Love starring Zhang Meng, Dili Reba and Zhang Rui.


With the success that is Mi Yue Legend, the team behind the drama is in the work for yet another palace plotting drama. Every year, there must be at least one of those epic stories so I welcome the news happily. The right of the novel 後宮如懿傳   and they are aiming for an 80 episodes series that will start filming next year.


Anyone read the novel 愛情的開關 As Long as You Love Me? It is also getting a drama adaptation! Wallace Chung is confirmed to play the male lead and Ying Er to play the female lead.


Jiang Xin and Hawick Lau are casted for new drama 金牌律师之继承人 Medalist Lawyer Heir! They will start filming next February. Yeah! Jiang Xin is finally getting a lead role. Hope it is a good story! :3

Zhou Xun is working on a new project and her costume looks great!

Zhou Xun

Zheng Shuang and Hawick Lau’s second collaboration together, Chronicles of Life got an air date! It is scheduled for February 1st, next year.


Her other project with Yang Yang, Just One Smile is Very Alluring has some really awesome fans! I love these fanarts so I wanted to share them:

Casting rumor! Zheng Shuang may star in a new drama called Diamond Lover: Emerald Jade Lover with Korean actor Lee JongSuk. I know Chinese audience really like Lee Jongsuk and with such attractive attention, it was just a matter of time before the hallyu star comes to act in mainland.  As for Zheng Shuang, I thought she decided to take a break next year? Let’s just wait and see if it does happen.

Yet two new stills for Flying Daggers!

1 2

Let’s talk about a Sino-America project. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: A Sword of Destiny is a 2016 movie, also known as the sequel to the 2000 classic Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Starring  Donnie Yen, Michelle Yeoh, Harry Shum, Jr., Jason Scott Lee, it is expected to both premiere in theater and on netflix. You can read more about this ambitious project on their wikipedia page.


New movie starring Chen Xiao, Du Tianhao, and Liu Rui Lin called Who Sleeps My Bro. I can’t believe I never noticed this project before (saw that on avirtualvoyae’s blog). Chen Xiao looks so perfect for his role *_*



12 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Greetings Part 2, Legend Of Jiu Guan, Ladders of Love

  1. Lee Jongsuk isn’t enough manly looking for period drama. Well for modern maybe, but period…Long hair with his kind of face?…hmmm

    Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is classic wuxia movie with great atmosphere, I’m afraid they made trivial action-movie. I don’t know what is this novel about, but I guess American production will be as worth as Yumama’s shity adaptations are.


    • archidisign says:

      New update!😛 Intellectualkitten just told me that the drama is supposed to be a sequel to Diamond Lover and hence is supposed to be a modern drama. Ouf! (ps; I totally agree, long hair on that face would be totally totally weird…)
      I agree! Most American works that are trying to use Chinese cultural elements fail miserably, sometime even more than Yumama’s works. At least most of the cast is Asian and it is a coproduction so they don’t have 100% controle over it.


      • Really ? I just saw in another sources that it is halph-period/sci-fi drama like Bu Bu Jing Xin. If it’s modern so there is no problem.

        Screen-writer is American so I think it will be slightly trashy ha ha. I’ve see trailer and it doesn’t impress me.


      • archidisign says:

        Oh really? @_@ I am confused now. Well, guess we will have to wait for the official news to know who is casted for what.. v_v
        Oh no, I wish Crouching Tiger could be good to make more people interested in the awesome Chinese martial arts😦


  2. Yah, I agree… There are lot of Asian works adapted in America that turned out trashy (Dragon Ball, Blood: The Last Vampire, Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc.) so I don’t have high hopes on that (Crouching Tiger sequel) project either… They tend to “oversensationalize” and add exaggerating stuff to the plot.

    Ohmu, happy birthday, Wallace Huo~ (♡○♡)


    • archidisign says:

      My poor Dragon ball v__v clean my eyes by rereading the manga :’D Yes, a lot of “Asian works” by American production teams end up being white-washed and a mess. I am more worried for upcoming Disney Mulan live adaptation (which by the way we didn’t hear about for a few months now)…
      Wallace Spend his birthday with Yang Mi (as they are filming their movie in Korea) and he even shared pics on his cie’s weibo. Awwn

      Liked by 1 person

      • I feel you. Childhood ruined with that one.. Disney Mulan live-action!?! I didn’t know. Tho I first adored Mulan on their classic animation, however a live action is just too ambitious… Maybe that’s why there’s no update yet.

        Man, why doesn’t Wallace Huo have IG~ I wanna see the pics.


      • archidisign says:

        Yes, me too. I still have faith in Disney, but their live action movies always ends up less good than the animated verion. Plus a lot of its success will depend on how (white-washed) their cast will be. HAHA. Maybe, Disney earlier this year announced all their projects for the next few years so it feels like they are planning for long term movies…
        About Wallace, I know!😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hope Mulan’s cast will be Chines and not Korean or Japanese like they always thinking “all asians are the same nobody will notice”. Anyways we have great movie like Mulan with Zhao Wei and disney’s Mulan good only like cartoon. I can’t imagine what are they going to do if it’s based on cartoon. I hope they won’t sing in the movie

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Julianne says:

    Ewww no! Not “As long as you love me”. Go check out the summary of the novel on shushengbar; that novel is so angsty and it’s definitely categorized as a bad-ending novel. Haven’t read it myself, but apparently the girl is the guy’s step/non-blood-related little sister. Apparently the girl’s mom tried to kill the guy’s dad. They grew up together and used to be close, but afterwards he hates her and vents all his anger and frustration on her. You can see why this would make for a very very “dog-blood” drama. Like, very angsty and plot-ridiculous and super melo. Esp. since drama adaptations enjoy taking melo novels and making them even more exaggerated and angsty.



    • Thanks for the link! Wow, that was way darker than expected O_O A part of me still want to watch it because mafia story can be very passionate and exciting, and another part of me is repulse at the sibling love idea…:/ I think I will have to pass because I hate starting a drama that will give me nightmares


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