[Drama] Zhu Xian Part 2


A new official post for Zhu Xian with many many (many) character posters and setting pictures, brief… everything except pictures of Li Yifeng, Angelababy, and TFBoys T^T…

Here comes our second official post for Zhu Xian, one of the most anticipated projects of 2016! We already talked about the synopsis and casting news in the previous post here. so don’t forget to check it out for old pictures ^^. In the mean time, please enjoy the pictures below!

The drama’s name is《诛仙·青云志》or Qing Yun Zhi or Legend of Chusen (in Chinese, Zhu Xian). On this blog, we just call it Zhu Xian for less confusion. The story is based on a video game and I guess that’s why there are so many characters. The filming will officially start filming on December, the 5th, 2015.

Leading the cast is Li Yifeng and Yang Zi.

Cast so far:

(list is longer than usual: we put all the names attached to the project)

  • Li Yifeng as Zhang Xiaofan
  • Yang Zi as Lu Xueqi
  • Tang Yixin as Tian Lin Er
  • Qin Junjie as Ceng Shushu
  • Cheng Yi as Lin Jingyu
  • TFBoys  Wang Jun Kai as younger Lin Jingyu
  • TFBoys Wang Yuan as younger Zhang Xiaofan
  • TFBoys Yi Yang Qian Xi as Xiao Qi
  • Zhang Ruoyun
  • Liu Xueyi
  • Pu Shuo
  • Mao Zijun
  • Li Qin
  • Zhang Luyi
  • Che Xiao
  • Xiong Naijin
  • Wei Wei
  • Zhong Hua

Synopsis from Wikipedia:

  • Zhang Xiao Fan (portrayed by Li Yifeng and Roy Wang): One night, when he was eleven years old, everyone in his village was killed, leaving only his childhood friend Lin Jin Yu and a villager Uncle Wang survived. They were later adopted by the Qing Yun faction, the leader of the righteous and good.
  • Lu Xue Qi (portrayed by Yang Zi): The female protagonist of the novel. She is from the same faction as Zhang Xiao Fan, the Qing Yun. She is said to be a “fairy from nine skies” for her beauty that can enchant the entire country.
  • Bi Yao (portrayed by Zhang San): She is the daughter of the archlord of Gui Wang faction. Very energetic and arrogant, she loves Zhang Xiao Fan.

New setting posters:

New Character Posters:








Other BTS:

24 thoughts on “[Drama] Zhu Xian Part 2

    • archidisign says:

      Because Zhao Liying confirmed her participation in the drama last week, there are all kind of reports saying she will play the female lead. But then, a bit later, there were pictures released of Angelababy in costume (when people already thought she passed on the project). Sincerely, I am confused too. :S I know ZLY is so busy these days as she will have ceremonies to attend, movie with Aaron Kwok to film, Old Nine Gates cameo to finish, singing variety show filming, promo for Legend of Zu, etc. I would rather she stays away from Zhu Xian.


    • Actually, Zhao Li Ying is fitter than Angelababy who plays as Bi Yao it’s not beautiful but it’s character. According novel, Bi Yao character should be Zhao Li Ying or Tiffany Tang


      • archidisign says:

        Oh really? Like a bit mary-sue and innocent like? Well, you will be happy cause she will be playing Bi Yao!! Although we still need official posters to really confirm the news. But based on reports, it is said she confirmed already.


    • archidisign says:

      Yes it is! She is also a confirmed cast member, but we aren’t sure who she will play …😦 So far, two BTS styled pictures of her were released.


      • Sweetstrawberry says:

        I was able to see an enlarged picture of Angelababy in bts costume. From the color (green) of her dress and the lotus like flower bracelet she wore, that’s the character of Bi Yao. I read the book and that’s her magical weapon her dad made for her and Bi Yao is known for wearing green. I read a rumor that Ab accepted the role of Bi Yao so that’s why we get a few pics of her in costume but then she drop out to do the movie Your Smile is very Alluring. So now ZLY will play the role if Bi Yao. Again, this is all rumor.

        Liked by 1 person

      • archidisign says:

        Yop, that’s why all this sounds very confusing. Rumors of AB bailing out came out when they released the stills for all the characters, but not hers or Li Yifeng’s. But because those “leaked pictures” came out, it is assumed she is again in talk for the drama. Personally, I think it would be a good idea for her to play Bi Yao since Liying is definitely too busy to take anything now :S


  1. Hagu says:

    Yangzi potrayed as beauty?? Its OK with Angela Baby and Zhao Liying but for Yanzi?? She is not that beauty (no offense), well she have a good acting but I just don’t feel right the role of beauty for her. And for Baby I thought she already turn down this drama. For ZLY there’s no confirmation from Liying side, so basically I am not sure if ZLY ever accept this role. She is so busy now. Well we can Just wait for the official news. Maybe the producers just use Liying’s name for promotion. Even its still not clear for Liyifeng, is he really will play in this drama. No Pict of him in this drama..


    • intellectualkitten says:

      You are right, it is so annoying how the production has still not released any pictures of Li Yifeng, Angelababy, or even Zhao Liying. At this point, it seems they are only using their names for marketing purposes… and the actors themselves are bailing out of the project. Yang Zi is indeed not the most beautiful actress of the C-Ent world, but she is breathtaking in the leaked BTS pictures, so I am not too worried😛


    • archidisign says:

      Haha, I really like Yangzi’s acting, but it is true that she mainly gives a tomboy vibe. Is Yangzi’s role a beauty? I didn’t know! Whatever we say, she is casted for sure so nothing can be changed about that anymore v_v
      Yeah, both AB and ZLY’s casting do not sound very credible so far, so I wouldn’t be surprised if all that is noise marketing and they may even bring in a third party in this casting… Li Yifeng having no character poster is also super weird. Right now, it feels like a big budget drama full of people, but with no leads to carry it on. Not sure if we can anticipate a project so easily…


  2. Firstly, when i read spoil i like character of Bi Yao. But that felling was changed instead by Lu Xue Qi since i started to read the novel and when i deeply read more until finished i have really liked character of Lu Xue Qi very much……. but it’s good because the main character got two girls.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      I think Lu Xueqi has a lot more fans than Bi Yao, so it is totally normal. She is one of the most iconic characters in the xinxia world!


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