Entertainment Update: Yang Rong, Jiang Jinfu Castings, Old Nine Gates, Zhu Xian


Wallace Huo says: “Please read this post…” Hehe, this entertainment update has a lot three casting news and lots and lots of stuff for movies AND dramas! Be ready to roll ^^ Oh and special mention. It took us some time, but we added a new category on the blog called Entertainment Update (instead of always categorizing it in the other sections…) Hope this will help you navigate more easily through the blog!

Casting news: Yang Rong will star in Yu Zheng‘s newest drama production! The story is based on the novel 美人為餡 “Beauty with Fillings (?)” by Ding Mo.


Furthermore, Yang Rong was also casted for another novel adaptation: Phoenix Prisoner 鳳囚凰 Feng Qiu Huang. You go girl!

Phoenix Prisoner 鳳囚凰

Again based on a novel, new drama 回到明朝當王爺 Going Back to the Ming Dynasty to become Emperor (?) is in work. It will star the recently very active Jiang Jinfu as Zheng Shaopeng. It is a story about time travelling.

Also, Yang Zi and Tony Yang were casted for a new drama Half a Lifelong Romance, which is based on a famous novel with the same name. It had already been adapated once in 2003, starring Ruby Lin.

Do you feel nostalgic? Here is a group picture with the cast of It Started with a Kiss, including Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng. They decided to come together and eat a happy family meal. ^^ Heatwarming!

It Started With a Kiss 2005

It is finally the chance for our little sheep, Lay, to shine in Old Nine Gates:

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A behind the scene picture of Wang Junkai for Zhu Xian. From the comments I read for the last entertainment update, a lot of people seems to be frustrated with the casting of this drama. I also hope if they can set everything in stone soon ^^. I personally am anticipating this drama, just for the lovable supporting cast. At least they toned down on the rainbow colors in the actual drama compared to the character stills. Maybe there is still hope?


0067ck9igw1ezpwwxj88uj315o0lhax2 0067ck9igw1ezu7s2wu8oj315o0q2ken

OMG, is that, is that a wild Li Yifeng that appeared out of nowhere? Yes! He started filming this week so we can finally expect some stills of him soon… I am sure he knows who his female lead is…

1 2

Now, small Zhao Liying corner (since we never fail to release update about her ^^)! Here are some adorable gifs on Legend of Zu with William Chan.. did anyone catch the last episode on Happy Camp? I highly suggest it! 50 minutes of goody!

c2098510gw1ezthvbesicg20b805oan8 c2098510gw1ezthv43115g20b805mwo5

Here is a picture of her with (again) William Chan on the set of Old Nine Gates:


Wu Lei on the set of his next drama 奇星记之鲜衣怒马少年时. There is no official English title for this drama, but it is about five hot blood young heroes. What do you think?

006ixfZKjw1eznbh3bzhcj315o0rs46g 006ixfZKjw1eznbh05yawj315o0rs13w

Here is Wu Lei‘s cameo scene this week on Legend of Qin. Did you catch it?


More character posters for Qiao Zhenyu and Ady An‘s Epiphyllum Dream. It is currently airing so you may go check it out😉

Liu Yan‘s new movie 少帅 Young Master released more stills:

704_1827667_755889 704_1827668_724224

And before anyone forgets, here is one additional still for Les Interpretes with Yang Mi and Huang Xuan:


Zheng Shuang, Chen Xiao and Yan Kuan‘s collaboration drama Three Heroes and Five Gallants released new stills. The drama will be airing this February.


Adventures of Love with Jiang Jinfu and Chen Xiang released some unique character stills:


Drama Mr.Right with Chang Jiwook and Zhang Danfeng released more stills starring the male leads:


And Si Mei Ren Best Beauty with Ma Ke and Viann Zhang started filming.

Best Beauty

Remainder for some movies that will come out soon:

The Secret with Wang Luodan and JJ Lin will air this Friday:


On the same day, the movie Three Bad Guys starring Ming Dao will be released:


Inside and Outside with Wallace Huo releases more stills:

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Bonus: Wallace Huo and Hu Ge playing together in the snow ^^

Mermaid 2016 with Deng Chao, Kitty Zhang, Show Luo, and Lin Yun:

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The novel 夏天19岁的肖像 will be adapted into a movie and Tao Huang has been casted as the main actor:


Monkey King 2 with Aaron Kwok and Feng Shaofeng released more posters:

1 2

18 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Yang Rong, Jiang Jinfu Castings, Old Nine Gates, Zhu Xian

  1. intellectualkitten says:

    Thank you Archidisign for tagging all the names and actually creating the Entertainment Update category >< Means a lot to me… I am excited for Mermaid 2016 even though the dialogues are lousy and happy for Jiang Jingfu!


  2. 鳳囚凰 Feng Qiu Huang is a novel I actually read lol. Another time travelling heroine. The story ain’t bad..its reverse harem. Hero is quite the anomaly in heroverse. So I am more interested in the male castings lol since they are going to be mostly the heroine’s “concubines”.


      • Its actually weird because they kinda buck convention here. Ok this is what I recall of the story…the heroine travels back in time to a princess’s body..the sister to the ruling king. Before she inhabited the body, the princess declared it is unfair that only males get to have many wives so the King decrees that she may have as many husband as she wishes. So when the heroine time travels ..she kinda wakes up to a household of husbands lmao. One of the husband is the male lead who is all very amiable but intelligent and cunning. He has a mysterious background and as the story unfolds there is a lot of plotting and counter plotting as the hero and heroine sorta make plans of their own interests. The heroine wants to leave the kingdom..the hero wants to ruin the kingdom..well it gets more complicated and there are many other side characters which should be interesting…esp that of her many husbands vying for her attention.

        Liked by 1 person

      • archidisign says:

        OMG! That legit sounds like so much fun!! :O So excited it will be Yang Rong who will play the female lead, she definitely has the sass to play such a role and totally should have her own harem! haha Thanks for this summary. I will be looking forward for this drama too now!


      • Omg, this legit reminds me of something made up by Yang Rong’s fans called ”Rong Di’s harem” which consists of all the actors she has interacted with, like Chen Xiao, Zhu Yilong, Jin Shijia, Zhang Zhehan and Mi Re… here’s an interesting one they made, hahah


      • archidisign says:

        OMG! This should be send to the producer of the drama so they cast everyone for her harem ^^ I promise the ratings will boost like crazy 8D

        Liked by 1 person

      • archidisign says:

        Because he decided to terminate his contract with Tangren (the agency he is under). His contract is supposed to expire in 2018 so I thought that may be why there is a lawsuit. But again, he is so busy right now with drama airing, going on variety shows and even getting casted in new projects. I wonder if something happened with Tangren even since he announced his decision to leave them..


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