[Drama][Part 2] Legend of Flying Daggers


I got annoyed with this drama because it basically released one new still everyday and I didn’t feel like always tagging the drama in every entertainment update. So I had patiently collected all the pictures since the last time we talked about this drama. Here they are! You can go check our first article here, about the casting of the leads😉

Story (From wikipedia: page here)

Feidao Youjian Feidao

  • Li Huai (李壞; 李坏; Lǐ Huài; Lei5 Waai6) is the protagonist of the novel. He is Li Manqing’s illegitimate son and a grandson of Li Xunhuan. He inherits his grandfather’s famous ‘Little Li Flying Dagger’ technique and becomes a powerful martial artist. He also uncovers the treasure left behind by his deceased mother and uses his wealth to help the poor and uphold justice with his skills.
  • Xue Caiyue (薛採月; 薛采月; Xuē Cǎiyuè; Sit3 Coi2-jyut6) is Li Huai’s love interest. Her father Xue Qingbi was killed by Li Manqing in a duel. Although she loves Li Huai, the feud between their fathers cause their relationship to become strained. She is forced to settle the feud in a final duel with him.
  • Fang Keke (方可可; Fāng Kékě; Fong1 Ho2-ho2) is Li Huai’s second love interest. Li changes her life from that of a beggar to a rich girl and she feels indebted to him. She is spoiled, arrogant and rude.
  • Li Manqing (李曼青; Lǐ Mànqīng; Lei5 Maan6-cing1) is Li Xunhuan’s son and Li Huai’s father. He is famous in the jianghu for putting his ‘Little Li Flying Dagger’ technique to good use. He is also an influential aristocrat.


  • Hawick Lau as Li Huai
  • Yang Rong as Xue Caiyun
  • Kenny Kwan as Long Tu
  • Gui Gui as Fang Ke ke
  • Huang Ming as Li Zheng

New Stills:


Old Trailer:

Christmas Special ones. [Yop, I had been collecting stills for a while now…]

6 thoughts on “[Drama][Part 2] Legend of Flying Daggers

  1. Presently, why every drama is really made different previous time. My opinion no need to change too much about coat, wearable, adornment, weapon etc…. normally almost the drama the man who play main character they are poor, right? like that it’s not classical as this drama including The Romance of the Condor Heroes 2014, Swordsman 2013…….Of course! i agree, if the drama about Fantasy or Empire can make them. I like the drama during 1990 to 2008, now i just only watch the drama about Fantasy and Empire or previous drama


    • I totally agree. There is just an infinite downfall in the wuxia genre ever since 2008. It as they forgot the essential of what everything should be about. Before, I wished I could go on similar adventure than those people. These days, it just look too colourful to inspire my imagination..


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