[Movie] Sweet Sixteen with Kris Wu and Han Geng

We have Sweet Sixteen, a movie in preparation since last summer and only recently started their promotion. With a cast lead by Han Geng and Kris Wu, it aims for a release on 29th, April 2016. The main focus of the movie is Xia Mu, played by Kris Wu, a dramatized young man with an unhealthy obsession with his crush and motherly figure, played by Lu Shan.

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In this movie, Kris will be taking the lead role of 夏木 while Han Geng is only a secondary character. 夏木 (Kris Wu) is a child with a disturbing past as he was stuck with his mom’s corpse in the same room for three days when he was young. When he was small, he was taking care by 舒雅望 (Lu Shan), an architecture student six years older than him. Years later, 舒雅望 realizes the feelings of 夏木 for her but it is already too late.

New trailer:

First Trailer:



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4 thoughts on “[Movie] Sweet Sixteen with Kris Wu and Han Geng

  1. Cate says:

    A few corrections – the present day story from the novel is set when they are all adults so it would make sense for adults to be cast in the roles.

    Second, Xia Mu does not seek revenge because the other guy wanted to marry another girl… where did you get this? Xia Mu shot Joo Won’s character because he raped the female lead.


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