[Music] TOP 7 Popular/Nostalgic Songs to Be On Your Playlist


We mostly cover dramas, movies, and variety news, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy some great music. Chinese songs are known to be more ballad like, slower, gentler. As a fan of Chinese songs since a child, I have accumulated an impressive list of favorite mandarin songs (mostly from my favorite dramas and movies). But today, I want to focus on the popular ones! The ones that everyone in China had heard before and that will probably bring to you some real real real nostalgic feelings, like “I remember when that song was really popular!”. Hehe, let’s see if those songs are already in your phone/ipod/music folder.

7. The Little Tiger Band

Composed of Benny Chen, Alec Su and Nicky Wu, those tree formed the Taiwanese boy band Little Tiger! They were hugely popular in mainland and even today, Alec Su and Nicky Wu are often under the media’s spotlight. The only song I know of them is 愛 Love.

6. Nostalgic Teen/College Life Songs

It is no surprise Chinese people have a fascination over first love stories and would love to relive their beautiful college life. In Chinese culture, education is such a strong rite of passage from child to adulthood. Hence, a lot of great songs evolving around this period of life are very popular. I included here Eason Chan’s Shi Nian as well as A-Yue’s GoodBye. Both are gorgeous songs worth listening over and over again! I also added a more teenager one, but I am sure you are familiar with it: Can’t Help Falling in Love by Harlem Yu. Yes, it is the OST of famous TW drama Meteor Garden.

5. Jay Chou

Fist of all, it is essential that you have a Jay Chou song on your ipod. This Taiwanese talent is the most public friendly singer out there, having a strong fanbase for all ages and holding concerts in all country. A real world star. To be frank, most of his songs sound very similar. My favorite of him is Simple Love (it is so simple and sweet to listn to) and CowBoy on the Run (hey! it is a song about milk ^^). I put the link of two of his most famous songs, Faraway and What Kind of Man.

4. Mouse Loves Rice 杨臣刚 – 老鼠爱大米 by Yang Chengang

Let’s be real. How many time did you sing this at KTV night? This was soooo popular in China back then. And really, I was in love with this song. One of the first songs I actually learned the lyrics for. The MV is also very sweet so watch through it. It’s tempo is really smooth, so lovely.

3. Little Apple 小苹果 by Chopstick Brothers

Let’s move away from ballad for one second. This song feels a bit like they are trying to make fun of the ultra popular Gangname Style by kpop super act Psy. The song has some moments in Korean and then has the girl decide to do plastic surgery. But of course, you soon realize that the song doesn’t make much sense. It is such a catchy song and had been the trend in China for the last two years at least! Definitely something you want to listen to when you want to “turn up the beat”! I know it is not so nostalgic now, since it is still overly played, but hey! it is quiet popular :’D

2. Huan Zhu Ge Ge Dang

Everyone in China watched Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Everyone! It is probably the most popular Chinese drama and was even watched in other Asian countries. Dang is for me definitely the most sentimental song out there. It just feels so emotional😛 Another popular song from this drama is 你是風兒我是沙 You are the Wind, I am the Sand. Also worth listening to.

1. Journey to the West OST

My favorite on this list is…. from a cartoon. Hehe, I love this anime so much and I strongly recommend anyone a bit bored to go through the series. It is so much fun and a real part of my choldhood. Both the ending song and the intro are magical. The drawings are really well done and it was the first step of my endless imagination😛 Sun Wukong is my life hero.

So yeah, I think that was a nice way to end the post (talking about Sun Wukong just before the Chinese New Year😉 ). Anyway, if you like the post and want to learn more about Chinese songs, leave a comment!


18 thoughts on “[Music] TOP 7 Popular/Nostalgic Songs to Be On Your Playlist

  1. Amy Smith says:

    YASSS OMG All the memories resurfaced when I heard song number 1,” Journey to the West’s” opening song.

    I was listening to “Shi Nian” and wondered why it sounded so similar and then I remembered– Zhao Li Ying was in a film based on that song; the film is called Our Ten Years 我们的十年 (Days of Our Own). I believe she sang her rendition of that song (linked here in case you or others have not yet seen it https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=JTvBxEwvGsk )

    Speaking of these college youth songs, are you able to figure out the song at the end of the film Youth Never Returns 既然青春留不住 starring Chen Qiao En and Zhang Han? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ejIpCItNNFQ

    This is why I love Chinese songs. They’re incredibly sentimental and evoke nostalgia far better than most English songs. I prefer the ballad-like style and haven’t been able to find many English songs in a similar vein.

    Then there’s my list of go-to romance songs for KTV: “Hiroshima, mon amour”; “Because of love” (Yin Wei Ai Qing); 我是不是你最疼愛的人 Wo Shi Bu SHi Ni Zui Teng Ai De Ren; 至少還有你 At Least I Still Have You… And so on. Oldies but goodies.

    Have you guys seen the clip on YouTube where Happy Camp’s Wu Xin duets “Hiroshima” with Li Yi Feng? They are so cute, and Feng Feng is unabashedly flirty with Wu Xin. That same episode also shows Liu Yi Fei singing “Because of Love” with another host of Happy camp, Li Wei Jia.

    Thanks for making this list🙂 I hope we can have more of this feature in the future ^^

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    • YESSS! Isn’t it a magical song? So much emotions when listening to it. I was surprised I even remembered the lyrics for it!
      Shi Nian (translated to Ten Years) is actually a very popular song by Eason Chan. Also, it is interesting that it has some connections to Zhao Liying (it was also used for her drama Best Get Going and during some of her scenes in Up Idol).
      For Youth Never Returns, are you talking about this song? I never heard it before but it is quiet nice. ^^

      I feel the same way. I love how emotional and nostalgic those songs are. They are really easy to listen and since I can understand the lyrics, I get even deeper attached to the song😛
      I love 我是不是你最疼愛的人 and Because of Love. Both are, again, so full of emotions! Those songs are just ageless!
      I saw the Li Yifeng+Wuxin duo. It is cute how she is singing off most of the time, but still goes through it all. xD Yeah, after that episode, there were a lot of Li Yifeng+Wu Xin shippings.

      Welcome! I also have a lot of songs I love that I want to share through the blog ^^

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  2. intellectualkitten says:

    I am so sad you wrote this article without me =3= I have so many songs on my playlist to share too!! Otherwise, really good choice!


  3. Lihongkim says:

    I’m a big fan of Chinese song even I don’t understand a word. Chinese music is beautiful. I really want to know what songs are the most popular for Chinese speaker? But since I can’t read Chinese, it’s very difficult to find it out. I hope I can find more on this blog. Thank blogger, I’m your new fan.


  4. myunggish says:

    i was more like taiwanholic back then, and 5566 songs were my favorite.
    their ‘wo nan guo’ quite popular.
    also jvkv (f4)’s liu xing yu :))


    • When I used to listen to Taiwanese songs, I was crazy over Fahrenheit, SHE, Rainie Yang and Cindy Wang (yes, all actors/singers) ^^ Now, when it comes to listening Taiwanese songs, I mostly listen to Jolin Tsai and Show Luo!


    • It is easily the most trending Chinese song in recent year so I am not surprised if you heard it before. It sounds similar to Jolin Tsai’s style, but it is an original work by the Chopstick Brothers ^^


  5. Ahhhh so much childhood memories. The one song giving me the most nostalgia has got to be Dang from HZGG. Very sentimental indeed.
    Do you remember Fahrenheit’s Only Have Feelings For You ft. Hebe? This is the song that got me into Cpop. Then, I got into S.H.E, Cyndi Wang, Leehom, Jolin Tsai, Rainie Yang, Show Luo, A-mei, etc. although today, I only follow Jolin and Hebe’s music. My mom has a heavy playlist of some of the most popular classic 80s/90s songs and they’re fantastic. Here are some which you might’ve heard of:
    Da Hai

    Peng You Bie Ku

    Wen Bie

    You Duo Shao Ai Ke Yi Chong Lai

    Piao Yang Guo Hai Lai kan Ni

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    • intellectualkitten says:

      See Archidisign? That is why your list is so uncomplete!! >< Seriously though, I love all the MV you chose @visionfjm, I am a die hard fan of the 80s-90s music, so thank you for the suggestion.. I haven't heard half of these!!


      • You’re welcome! All of these are extremely popular and covered by a lot artists, and also heard in singing competition shows like The Voice and I Am a Singer, which is where I heard a large portion of those songs in the first place.


  6. Rei says:

    Hello, some of songs bring back my memories year ago, kindly can u help me find the song of ost youth never returns when Zhang Hans met Joe Chen first time after graduated, when she have a party wit her husband and friends. Really dying to know thats song. Thanks before^^
    PS: I really cant read mandarin so its very difficult for me to find that song(T_T)


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