Entertainment Update: Old Nine Gate, First Love, Princess Jieyou


A new entertainment update! We waited a little longer, hoping more interesting news will come out…. :”) It was not all in vain since Old Nine Gates released tons of goodies… Oh, and I love this look on Guli Nazha!

New novel to drama adaptation in work. This time the novel is 《尋找愛情的鄒小姐》Miss Zou Looking for Love. The production team is Ciwen media and Ci Jia Ying Film.


Whatever Yu Zheng says, the drama he is producing has the name Yang Rong attached to it. Beauty for Filling will start filming in March, 2016. The confirmed cast so far includes Yang Rong as Su Mian and Wang Dong as Han Chen. Xu Haiqiao will play Xu Sibai. It should be aired this year in October on Iqiyi.

Webdrama produced by Iqiyi: Du Shi Yao Qi Tan 《都市妖奇谈》Wang Yijia, You You, Zhang Binbin, and Yang Shihan, it should be released for February 26th, 2016.

Another webdrama that actually looks interesting and popular! Based on an online novel about drug addiction/gay relationships, the new drama Heroin (or Addiction) 你丫上瘾了 which already started airing on January 29th, for three episodes a week.


Omg! New pictures of William Chan to make you drool.😛 I wonder if he will find Li Yifeng if he search hard enough!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12

At the same time, Old Nine Gates is busy releasing all kind of stills for the rest of the male cast:


Fist Love drama with Guli Nezha, Hawick Lau and Sun Yizhou. I love how the long hair looks on Guli Nazha, she is so pretty!

More stills for drama Princess Jieyou. Drama should be released today the February 18th.

Zhu Xian with Li Yifeng


Suddenly Sixteen‘s star Ni Ni on the filming set:


“BTS” of Three World starring Yang Yang and Liu Yifei… sigh, when will they release official stills?


I mean, look at these pictures of Yan Yikuan! This is what I want!! ><

704_1852249_703058 704_1852248_623543 704_1852247_942050

Talking about dreamy male lead, here are some pictures of Ma Tianyu on the set of Ice Fantasy… without the white hair ^^

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Happy Mitan is a new project starring Bao Bei Er and Liu Yan. The posters sure are beautiful and I love the ornaments.

Also, Just a Smile is Alluring wrapped up filming!!


Gossip corner:

Feng Shaofeng is rumoured to be dating Lin Yun. It was announced two weeks ago but I didn’t think too much about it…. until today. With a second date spotted by paparazzi, it seems these rumours is pretty solid. People are saying she looks a lot like Ni Ni


DailyView released a list of the most popular Chinese dramas in Taiwan during the last five years. Interesting to note all of them are period dramas.


  1. Hua Qian Gu
  2. Nirvana in Fire
  3. Empress of China
  4. Zhen Huan Zhuan
  5. Mi Yue Zhuan
  6. Return of the Condor Heroes 2015
  7. Lan Ling Wang
  8. Tian Long Ba Bu 2013
  9. Swordsman
  10. The Four 2015

26 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Old Nine Gate, First Love, Princess Jieyou

  1. OMG! so many hot guys in one update!! *drool* Ma Tianyu should have darker hair. Yan Yikuan is so much more handsome in Xiao Shi Yi Lang than in Five Gallantes (costume and lighting matter!)! I am so excited to watch Old Nine Gates when it gets released although acting wise, it has a high chance of sucking 8D


    • Haha, I put both names because there were different posters using either names. It is good? I checked out the trailer and I am both scared and intrigued about the story! Will definitely check it out when I will be done with my midterms…


      • Yes it’s good. Otp is handsome and cute at the same time and strong chemistry between two leads. Story is not dynamic but not boring as well. It is nice series!


  2. What’s with all these dramas premiering this month? Who has time to keep up with them all? Feb is PACKED with drama premieres. Good for Zheng Shuang and Yan Yikuan as both have two dramas of theirs airing at the same time!

    Huh, I wonder why Gong and BBJX aren’t in the list of popular Chinese dramas in Taiwan? Weird…I remember it was reported that both dramas did extremely well there.


    • I agree! I wonder what the TV channels are thinking. It is just too much for anyone to handle.. Curious if the ratings will suffer because of this.
      I wonder too! But I noticed that, although the list says for the last 5 years, actually, the dramas on this list are at most three years old. So I guess this mean that the consumption of drama over time increased more during the last few years. The same phenomen happened when I was compiling the list of most popular Chinese dramas, where A LOT of 2015 dramas made the list (link if you are curious: https://cdramadevotee.com/ranking-chinese-drama-web-ratings/)


      • All I know is that out of all the dramas currently airing, Legend of Qing Qiu Fox is doing the worst rating wise. But it’s doing a bit better this week. Chronicle of Life is dominating followed by Imperial Doctress. I’m not surprised since Qing Qiu Fox doesn’t have any known cast so far (Guli Nazha, Wang Kai, Jiang Jinfu’s stories haven’t appeared yet), whereas the others do.

        Interesting observation! Maybe that explains it. Gong and BBJX may have been pushed down outside of the top 10….


      • I am surprise because although I decided to give up on Legend of Qing Qiu Fox (the story is boring and annoys me because those fox spirits are just causing lots of problems where ever they go), I would still put it higher than Chronicle of Life when it comes to quality. This week Jiang Jinfu’s character came out, but I am frankly more curious about Guli Nezha (this is technically her first acting project after her bad performance in Xuan Yuan Sword I think)


      • I agree, Chronicle of Life is the most boring, but they are lucky that they have Zheng Shuang’s fandom power to keep it the most relevant online (and also her haters watching the show just to criticize her).
        Actually, Jiang Jinfu’s didn’t come out this week. It was some other unknown actors. JJF so far acts as a side character, but he’ll be the focus with Guli Nazha in one of the following stories (they are one of the OTP), so I’m only looking forward to them, plus Wang Kai and Gina’s story.


      • To be honest, despite the beautiful set and clothing, as well as good looking actors (and the legendary Mi Xue!), I can’t get on board Chronicle of Life. The stills of Zheng Shuang’s perpetual sad face fail to allure me in, and I am probably so over historical dramas that I only watch the wuxia ones. I was pleasantly surprised with the Legend of Qin, and I’m now hooked on Xian Shi Yi Lang — both remind me of TVB wuxia dramas in the 80s and 90s. But I’ll still have my historical dose in Princess Jie You, which should be a great return of Yuan Hong to my screen😉

        Regarding The Legend of Qing Qiu Fox, I suspect many are like me — waiting for Gina and Wang kai’s part. So I expect a surge in viewership when their episodes air😀.


      • Me neither. Haha, the story is just so dull. I read the recaps on deerdrama to keep up with the story, but even her recaps can’t save this drama from being boring. Haha, I can never be over period dramas, but I am becoming more and more picky. I want to try out next when I have time: Addiction/Heroin, Xiao Shi Yi Lang, (maybe a few clips of 5 gallantes) and finally Princess Jieyou.
        xD I hope so! Unless Legend of Qing Qiu Fox is so bad by then that nobody cares… seriously, this week was even more disappointing than last week..


      • intellectualkitten says:

        Yes, we need a new version of Jin Yong’s books (and not a romance oriented one like the one starring Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen)! I miss good wuxia dramas. I liked Qin’s Moon too, but I didnt get the time to finish it :”D


  3. I saw Qing Qiu first 2 episodes…have to say it’s kind of boring even if I disregard the CGIs. Kinda disappointing considering how much I was drawn in by their trailers and promotional materials. I am just waiting for WangKai’s story so that I can be done with it.


    • same for me! I love short fantasy stories when they are written well. Here, we are thousands of miles away from Hua Xu Yin quality wise. It is just so.. boring and predictable. Like if it was filmed for twelve years old. With everyone curious to watch Wang Kai, I feel like I shouldn’t miss his performance😉 Will definitely check that part out when it will be released.


  4. Jo says:

    First Love looks pretty 😀 I love the Old Nine Gate stills👏 and finally, Princess Jieyou is being released! I feel like I’ve been waiting for years ☺


  5. Llmoreno says:

    I dont know if you are watching addicted but if you dont you have to watch it Haahah its really good its a sad thing they cut kisses and confession scenes but the chinese official website gift the fans with the chapter uncensored
    When you can watch it maybe they already finished the first season
    Its highly recommend it

    Liked by 1 person

    • intellectualkitten says:

      Thank you! I got into jdramas recently due to the lack of interesting c-projects to watch, so I hope this project will bring me back to the mainland world… the stills look really nice too


  6. Old Nine Gates still makes me unexcited.

    Agree about fox legend, beginning was very disappointing. I think they would be better bring one or at least two stories and develop them rather than make many different arcs.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Yep, knowing Old Nine Gates is the sequel to Lost Tomb, I am a little worried about the storyline. However, I am curious about Lay’s acting, he did an average job in Oh My God, so I hope to see some improvement!

      Lets hope the remaining episodes are better :”D


  7. Alt says:

    Hey guys, off-topic, but I found time to watch some newly released chinese movies. “Ghost Blows Out: The Nine-Story Demon Tower” and “Mojin: The Lost Legend” with Shuqi and Angelababy. My impression – chinese movies have messy plot lol


    • intellectualkitten says:

      looool! I watched the one starring Yao Chen but couldn’t go past the first 15 minutes because of lack of interest, is it bad? I know the c-novel is wildly popular. And I agree that C-movies are not very interesting :”D I planned to write a review of 2015 movies but never got the time. From the highest grossing movies of 2015-2016, a lot have bad plot development and I was extremely disappointed😦


  8. I’ve just binge-watched “Princess Jie You” from maplestage.com. The story is so riveting. The lead actor and actress have amazing on screen chemistry (probably since they are dating in real life!). The lead girl is natural. The plot is good and I dare say it’s way better than Imperial Doctress. Things got a little too ridiculous in ID for me that I switched to Princess Jie You. So glad I did.
    You’re all welcome to checkout my episode reviews of Jie You – sherpu.com

    Hope you will love that drama too!


    • I love Princess JieYou. There are some refreshing elements, such as the tribe costume (definitely imaginary, since the Wuxun tribe had gone extinct for centuries), a sassy female lead character, and of course the location (real steppe!) which helps providing great cinematography. The OTP are a real life couple, though I read they actually didn’t start dating until their second collaboration (the modern drama Through The Mystery). But the standout of the drama is Yuan Wen Kang, who plays Jun Xu Mi (Kun Mi), the Wuxun king. I finished the drama getting obsessed with him LOL. Fun trivia: he also has a secondary role as the Mongolian prince who fell in love with Liu Shishi in Imperial Doctress. I didn’t follow ID, but I definitely went to watch those episodes where he appears!🙂


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