[New Drama] Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang with Angelababy and Wallace Chung


If hubby will film a big budget project, so will wifey! This new drama is also going to be a high budget, highly mediatised project that will start some of the hottest actors of the hour. Starring Angelababy and Wallace Chung, this drama adapted from the novel of the same name is called Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang or A Lonesome Fragrance Waiting to be Appreciated.

Drama information:

  • About 50 episodes
  • Chinese name: 孤芳不自赏
  •  Hatton Media Production Team



Bai Pingting (Angelababy) is the smart and talented servant of He Xia, the lord of Gui Le. One day, because of an attack, Pingting was seperated from her group and woke up in a human trafficking business. Soon, she was sold to a local rich family, the Hua. While playing the qin, she catches the attention of a passerby who turns out to be… the Lord of Zhen Bei and brother of the emperor, Chu Beijie (Wallace Chung). As Beijie fell in love with her melody, he came to the Hua to listen to her play. One thing led to another and after threatning her, she becomes his servant. Hence, her heart starts to go toward Chu Beijie even if her head and loyalty is still with her old master, He Xia. The thing is, He Xia and Chu Beijie are enemy…

This is a very popular Chinese novel. If you want to learn more about this story, here is the shushenbar link so that you can download the Ebook and the audiobook. There are also English translation available on moonbunnycafe. You can finally also read the manhua version up to chapter 12 on Mangafox and they have some nice discussion about it on their forums.

Drama Posters:

7 6


If however you are not a 100% happy about the cast, do not worry! A movie has been announced too so you can keep praying that your favorites can be casted for the big screen version :3

Angelababy as Bai Pingting

4 5

Wallace Chung as Chu Beijie

6 7

Yu Menglong as unknown (maybe He Xia?)


Huang Jingyu as unknown (maybe the third lead?)

[thanks to Lihongkim and Cat for spotting my original mistake…]


I really really like the style of the manhua and the fanarts in general so here are some of them to keep you in the mood for this drama. The manhua drawing is beautiful and really catches your heart❤ Love it and wish they kept translating it…

10 thoughts on “[New Drama] Gu Fang Bu Zi Shang with Angelababy and Wallace Chung

  1. Catd says:

    Lol I’m fine with the cast but oddly putting angelababy and Wallace Chung together…hmm idk doesn’t seem right for some reason lol haha idk maybe I’m bias. Hey oddly I would like to see a drama with Wallace Chung and Zhao Li Ying. I wonder what that will be like.


    • I perso feel like the cast really fit ^^ Angelababy sounds like a good Pingting visually, I am just worried her acting can do justice to such an awesome character!
      Wallace Chung and Zhao Liying would be pretty neat because both of them are chemistry fairies❤


  2. Lihongkim says:

    The 2nd picture of Yu Menglong isn’t really him. I think he’s Huang Jingyu a.k.a Gu Hai (The male lead from Addicted web series).


  3. Lucy says:

    Nooooo!!!!! Angelababy will ruin another novel heroine character for me. I mean one of the main reasons why Pingting is different from you typical heroine is her lack of beauty. The hero falls in love with her based on her abilities and intelligence he even thought she was plain the first time meeting her. Angelababy is way too striking and pretty imo to play Pingting I mean she would be better playing the Hua Manor’s daughter or Yifeng than Pingting. Maybe I still have the horrible aftertaste Yunge drama but I hope she will the role justice because Pingting is an amazing heroine. I would have preferred Ying Er or Song Yi to be Pingting but I guess they want a big name for a big budget project. I would have preferred quality over the raking of ratings and media promotion.

    Oh Wallace is going to be awesome and I just know it. I may only watch for him because only he and Hu Ge popped in mind my this role. Ahh I wish I could love Wallace’s female leads like I love him. Always feel like most of his leading ladies are overshadowed by him or he is the driving force of the drama.


    • Lucy says:

      To add to my post I would have been fine if Angelababy was the movie cast lead but as the drama with 50 episodes I don’t know if she can bring all the emotions needed to be the Pingting. Gosh I wish they would have bought Feng Nong along in the casting and screenwriting process. Production houses should follow Hua Qian Gu and Nirvana in Fire approach of bringing the author along. Tangren does it all the time with Tong Hua. Pretty sure she wanted to kick herself hard when she sold the rights to Yunge to YuZheng complete disaster.


      • I am not sure if they will, but I sure do hope so! Having the author’s opinion for a drama is so important for its success. I mean look at Yumama: his failure is in his inability to work with the original writers.


    • I have no problem with Angelababy visually. I mean, yes she looks gorgeous, but she also has such a down to earth feeling that seems to really fit Pingting’s aura. However, I am more worried that as soon as she starts to act, she starts running the character (like she did with Yun Zhong Ge). Ying Er sounds like a great choice (I find Song Yi too delicate looking for such a role). Yop, big name means big budget so Angelababy at the end of the day makes sense casting wise.
      Wallace Chung also sounds like a perfect fit for the character! I didn’t watch many of his dramas, but he definitely gives out a royal and mysterious feeling to himself. I think it is a perfect fit. Haha, at least charisma wise, Angelababy should be able to match Wallace Chung.


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