[Anticipation Post] Rise of a Tomboy


An official post! Here we go! This very anticipated movie of mine is called The Rise of a Tomboy and stars Zhang Han and Zhao Liying after their successful collaboration in Boss&Me aka Shan Shan Comes to Eat.

Story (by me based on the trailer):

The movie is about a Math major student who is a tomboy and who is super funny! Due to various incidents, she will find her new roommate in a musician boy. Both of them will live their life and attract attention of the opposite sex. Our lead girl wants to find the perfect love using a math formula, but learns that nothing is pre-determinated in life.

Character Posters:

Zhang Han


Zhao Liying


Jung Il Woo


Kimmy Tong



1 2 3 4 54

Guest Apperance by Song Yi




Trailer 2:



Zhao Liying with the lovely dog:


Another collage:


Fan Arts:


8 thoughts on “[Anticipation Post] Rise of a Tomboy

  1. Ohmu!!! Can’t wait!
    Hope this get english-subbed right after its release over the web~ Are you able to watch this on cinemas???

    So that’s what the story is about?
    Hahaha. I thought Zhao Li Ying is some genius hacker targeting Zhang Han because of that computer scene with Zhang Han and that other dude on focus. I was just assuming cause the trailer wasn’t subbed. Thankies for that info!


  2. Justiffa says:

    Any news about a release date?? I check the net almost daily for any latest update.. i love watching the 2 of them together and this long long wait is killing me😦


  3. Can’t wait for this to come out! Not to mention it’s in ma home-town, SYDNEY!!! Yeah, the pride you feel, when a movie is partially set near you.


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