Photoshoot Special: Liu Yifei, Luhan, and Victoria


A lot of pictures of Liu Yifei this time! I love our Gu Gu🙂 Also, the new pictures of Victoria and Angelababy are simply breathtaking ^^

Lu Han


Liu Yifei

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Li Bingbing



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Song Jihyo and Chen Bolin


Liu Shishi

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Wallace Huo

005yYQOngw1f1twjshlbfj30qo0hsjsm 005yYQOngw1f1twjspzzmj30qo0hsgn4

Tang Yan

005yYQOnjw1f1yqw91vb2j30xc18g16w005yYQOnjw1f1tci3zd5jj30rs15o7lf 005yYQOnjw1f1tci4y50vj315o0rs12b

Zhang Tian Ai

005yYQOngw1f1w9kzszl6j31kw23wwzc 005yYQOngw1f1w9l43i5sj31kw23y4h8 005yYQOngw1f1w9gcds79j31kw23ykgd

9 thoughts on “Photoshoot Special: Liu Yifei, Luhan, and Victoria

  1. HJ says:

    Within just 6 months, Vic landed covers for all small4 mags. After she set up her studio and started to be more active in C-ent, her fashion resources have been stunning. I looooove her recent Femina photoshoot here🙂


  2. Alt says:

    So far my favorite c-actresses in terms of looks (not in order): Liu Yifei, Liu Shi shi, Angelababy, Yang Mi. The ones I recognize so far. And ofc my bae Song Qian. These women have the looks I like – sexy and mature.


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Is Yang Mi on these pictures?😉 But agree, they are all beautiful ><Love this photoshoot of Victoria <3<3 and the ones of LYF


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Oh, I think there is more, but Gao Yuanyuan is definitely on the list. I had a major girl crush on her during her Heavenly Sword era😛


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