Entertainment Update: Red Carpet, Go Fighting!


Another entertainment update!

Who is excited for Ode of Joy? *Raise both arms*


Who is excited for Go Fighting? *Raise arms and legs*




Trailer for Night Peacock with Liu Yifei and Liu Ye:

More pictures for Precious Youth with a MV

Get excited for the drama I am Du Lala starring Qi Wei!

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Lin Gengxin for For a Few Bullets

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There is a new BL (bromance) webdrama called A Round Trip to  Love Web, adapted from a popular c-novel. The trailer is interesting but screams plastic surgery and typical romance:

Fan Bingbing for a car CF


Pictures from the Beijing Film Festival

MBA Partners with Tang Yan, Yao Chen


Bounty Hunters


Tik Tok


Tang Wei for Finding Mr. Right


Wang Luodan for This War of Mine


Jessica Jung with Stephen Murry


Natalie Portman


7 thoughts on “Entertainment Update: Red Carpet, Go Fighting!

  1. Jo says:

    Haha *raises both hands* so excited for Ode to Joy. Precious Youth looks so pretty and I totally agree with your comment on A round trip, it looks too idk how to put it “very pretty ?”


    • intellectualkitten says:

      Gonna watch Ode to Joy today ^^ My task of the day xD loool
      I realized I don’t like BL dramas, but A round trip has a good follow up on tumblr😛


  2. A Round Trip leads had the same surgeon I guess I can’t define who is who, they looks like pair of bjd-dolls.

    Night Peacock looks promising, I definitely need some psychedelic drama.


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